PM vs CM, who is ahead in each State?

PM vs CM, who is ahead in each State?

We use Google Trends to check whether the PM is ahead or the local CM is head and by what margin. We look at last 30 days data

Andhra: CM Jagan ahead by 1.2 times

Telangana: CM KCR ahead by 1.1 times

Kerala: PM Modi ahead by 1.2 times

Delhi: PM Modi ahead by 1.8 times

Bengal: PM Modi ahead by 2.4 times

Maharashtra: PM Modi ahead by 4 times

MP: PM Modi ahead by 4.1 times

Odisha: PM Modi ahead by 4.3 times

Uttar Pradesh: PM Modi ahead by 4.4 times

Tamil Nadu: PM Modi ahead by 5 times

Karnataka: PM Modi ahead by 8.5 times

Rajasthan: PM Modi ahead by 9.4 times

Assam: PM Modi ahead by 10 times

Bihar: PM Modi ahead by 10.7 times

Gujarat: PM Modi ahead by 13 times

Only in the two Telugu States, the CMs are ahead (last 30 days). Vijayan, Kejriwal and Mamata perform relatively closer to the PM than most other CMs.

Both the Telugu States CMs are ahead

The BJP CM who performs the best versus the PM is Shivraj Chouhan, CM of Madhya Pradesh.

The big news for BJP is PM’s performance in Tamil Nadu where the PM is massively ahead. However, one must note that this is one the weakest State for the PM and him being ahead is a function of the local CM Edappadi Palaniswami’s weakness. This does not augur well for the AIADMK next year.

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