Bitcoin Price Prediction and Forecast

Bitcoin Price Prediction and Forecast
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The average support level for Bitcoin as on 12th June stands at $ 30,436 and average resistance for the same day is $ 38,461.

Average of 3 analysts

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Current Prices

The current price of Bitcoin is $ 35,514 which is 5.18% lower in the last 24 hours. Click for the latest price here. CNBC: Here is why Cryptocurrencies crash on the weekend

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Technicals

Support Resistance
DailyFX $ 36,695 (S3) $ 37,363 (R1)
Inside Bitcoins $ 20,000 (S3) $ 40,000 (R1)
FX Street $ 34,613 (S3) $ 38,020 (R1)

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Short term predictions


Daily FX: Positive sentiment continues to remain in place

Negative/ Neutral

JP Morgan: Bitcoin slide not over yet

Another Bitcoin crash this weekend?

Coingape: Bitcoin in a cool off phase

Bitcoin Price Prediction: 2021 Predictions

Target for December 2021 Date When Predicted
Pantera Capital $ 115000 by August 2021 14th Jan 2021
Kinetic Capital $ 100000 14th Jan 2021
Morgan Creek Digital $ 100000 14th Jan 2021
Citibank (Not official) $ 318000 November 2020

Bitcoin Price Prediction: News Updates


Pymnts : Cannabis eCommerce Platform American Green To Accept Bitcoin Payments

CNBC : Square buys $170 million worth of bitcoin

Amazon is working on Digital currency solutions

ExpressUK: Bitcoin would surge of more companies accept it as payment

Uber CEO: Will consider accepting Bitcoin from customers

Morgan Stanley may bet on Bitcoin

Deutsche Bank: To offer crypto custody

Grayscale: Institutional demand for Bitcoin is up

Twitter considering adding Bitcoin to its balance sheet

Mastercard to support Bitcoin on its networks later this year

Bitcoin ETF could be listed this year

Traditional Investment Giant BNY Mellon reveals Bitcoin plans

Seeking Alpha analysis: Bitcoin is not a Ponzi scheme

Yahoo: 7 Companies with exposure to Bitcoin


Bookies: 60% chance of bitcoin sliding to $10,000 this year

Coindesk: Bitcoin sentiment mixed

GM: Not interested in Bitcoin

Bank of Canada: Bitcoin is speculative mania

UBS once again warns against Crypto

Reddit User: Tesla did not buy $1.5B worth of Bitcoins (Unverified report)

JP Morgan: Big companies unlikely to invest in BTC due to volatility

Japanese Investors view Bitcoin quite negatively

Australian Central Bank says Bitcoin is really not money

India may ban Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to introduce their own Cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin Price Prediction: Experts Voices


MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor Says Bitcoin’s Market Cap Will Reach $100 Trillion

Allianz’s El-Erian: Musk’s Bitcoin move a game changer

Mexican Billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego puts Bitcoin on his twitter bio

Jack Dorsey of Twitter is setting up a bitcoin node

Microstrategy CEO: Over 1000 join Bitcoin Corporate webinar

UBS: Crypto Has Fundamental Flaw, Bitcoin’s Fixed Supply Could Cause Its Value to Collapse

Well Bull CEO Anthony Denier predicts Bitcoin price to surge $55,000 by the end of 2021.

Ray Dalio: Bitcoin one hell of an invention

Raoul Pal: Bitcoin could hit $50000 in February

S&P: Bitcoin has become mainstream

JP Morgan: 3 reasons why BTC should be in your portfolio

Tyler Winklevoss, cryptocurrency investor and co-founder of Winklevoss Capital Management has retweeted that Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are decentralizing money, giving more power to the people in regard to investing.

Willy Woo, a popular BTC analyst has tweeted that Bitcoin is essentially too small to be correlated as of now. He recently called BTC a ‘tradeable digital religion

Negative/ Neutral

Trump: Bitcoin is a scam

Roubini: Bitcoin is not a hedge against Tail risk

Billionaire: I own Bitcoin like a play thing

Wall Street Hedge fund CIO Guggenheim says that Institutional demand not enough to keep BTC above $ 30K

Lloyd Blankfein, Ex-Goldman Sachs, Regulators will get involved if BTC continues to grow.

BIS Chief: Bitcoin is a speculative asset

Blackrock CEO Larry Fink: Bitcoin is an untested asset

NASDAQ: Bitcoin vs Gold Comparison

Societe Generale: Bitcoin lacks commodity aspect of Gold

Bank Of England Governor: Bitcoin’s days are numbered

UBS: Bitcoin will disappear like Myspace. Switzerland’s largest bank UBS provides guidelines for Bitcoin investment. The bank cautions its customers about investment in Bitcoin. As per them, the investors should limit their investment amount to a limit that they can afford to lose.

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Stocks. Please consult a registered advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. 

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