NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Early Voting for NYC Primary Election Begins

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Early Voting for NYC Primary Election Begins
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As per latest NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021, Kathryn Garcia and Eric Adams are Moving Up in Democratic Candidate race.

After the November 2020 US Election, US city of New York prepares itself for next electoral battle, the New York City Mayoral Election 2021. The current mayor of New York Bill de Blasio is barred from contesting the upcoming election as he has already completed his two terms.

The primaries to elect Democrat candidate for the upcoming election will be held on June 22. However, the early voting for NYC Primary election began on 11th June.

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Latest Update About the Polls

In latest poll of 570 likely Democratic voters conducted by Emerson College and PIX11 News found 21% had selected Ms. Garcia as their top choice while a poll by Fontas Advisors and Core Decision Analytics showed Andrew Adams leading, with 18%.

As per the mid-May poll of likely Democratic primary voters conducted for the Manhattan Institute Eric Adams is narrowly winning on the final ranked-choice ballot. As per the survey, Yang is edging Adams by a single point (19 percent to 18 percent) when primary voters are asked to rank their first choice.

A poll conducted by Schoen Cooperman Research shows that Yang is first choice of voters’ as next New York Mayor. The poll was released on 12th of May 2021. A total of 1,003 people were surveyed. 21% of the people surveyed preferred as first choice. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams with 17% support was second while Comptroller Scott Stringer and Maya Wiley both clocked 10% support.

Survey by Data for Progress which was conducted between March 21 and April 5, found that 26 percent of likely primary voters would back Yang. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams is placed second with 13% preference. The survey also found Yang leading among both college- and non-college-educated voters and even topping Adams among the city’s black voters by a narrow 25-22 percent margin.

The election to elect the new mayor of New York will be held on 2nd November, 2021 and the primaries for both Democrats and Republicans will be on June 2nd 2021. The primaries will be the first New York City mayoral election primaries to use ranked-choice voting.

Ranked Choice voting is used when there are more than two candidates. Instead of voting for one single candidate, the voters can rank the candidates as per their preference. If a candidate has more than half of the vote based on first-choices, that candidate wins. If not, then the candidate with the fewest votes is eliminated. The votes of the defeated candidates is then added to the total votes of their next choice. Process continues until  a candidate has more than half of the votes.

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Latest News

CBS News: Eric Adams takes heat in final NYC Democratic mayoral debate before early voting starts

NY Daily: Rudy Giuliani endorses Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa for NYC mayor

NYC mayor’s race: Ocasio-Cortez, Bowman endorse Wiley ahead of Dem primary

Yahoo: Community leaders demand action as violent crime surges in NYC

NYDaily: Andrew Yang, hoping to troll Mayor de Blasio at YMCA, is chased away by protesters

HuffPost: New York City’s Rising Left Is Losing The Mayor’s Race

NY Daily News: Friday, May 28 is final deadline to register to vote in NYC primary election

Pix11: Most NYC mayoral candidates would not rule out re-electing Gov. Cuomo

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Important Dates

New York City Mayoral General Election Date: November 2nd 2021

Deadline to register to Vote: May 28, 2021

Early Voting: June 12, 2021

Deadline to request for absentee ballot: June 15, 2021

Primary Date: June 22nd 2021

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Who are the Candidates for Upcoming Election

New York is a city with 8.4 million population and it is the largest city in United State. This year for the Mayoral election there are around 2 dozens of candidates running. Here are the list of candidates running for upcoming New York Mayoral election from both Democrats and Republican.

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Democratic Candidate

1 Eric Adams

60-years old Eric Adams is former New York City police officer and is currently Brooklyn borough president. He has a deep ties in city and experience in government.

2. Maya Wiley

Maya Wiley is former counsel to current Mayor Bill de Blasio and former chairwoman of the Civilian Complaint Review Board. She has also worked as an analyst in MSNBC.

3. Shaun Donovan

Shaun  Donovan is a veteran of the Obama administration and the Bloomberg administration in New York City. He was also former White House budget director.

4. Kathryn Garcia

Kathryn Garcia is former New York City sanitation commissioner. She is running as an experienced manager who can lead the city during a crisis.

5. Raymond J. McGuire

64-year Raymond J McGuire is a former vice chairman at Citigroup.

6. Carlos Menchaca

Menchaca is a progressive councilman who helped defeat a rezoning proposal to expand the Industry City complex in Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

7. Dianne Morales

Dianne Morales, a former non-profit executive is running her campaign focused on improving the lives of poor and working class of New York residents.

8. Scott M. Stringer 

The 60-year old Scott M. Stringer  is New York City comptroller and former Manhattan borough president. He has worked in government for years and has suggested that his brand of being a capable, experienced manager is what New York needs.

9. Loree Sutton

Loree Sutton is Retired Army brigadier general and former head of the city’s Department of Veterans’ Services. She is centrist and has never ran for office before.

10. Andrew Yang

Andrew Yang is former presidential candidate and former nonprofit executive. During his presidential election run he had proposed for universal basic income for all. He wants to do the same in New York too by giving $2000 each to around 500,000 low income New Yorkers.

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Republican Candidate

1 Fernando Mateo

Restaurant operator and former leader of a trade group for cabdrivers, Fernando Mateo was born in Dominican Republic and has good ties with city’s Latino community.

2. Sara Tirschwell 

55-years old Sara Tirschwell  is former Wall Street executive. She is running as a moderate and believes Democrats have moved too far to the left. 

3. William Pepitone

William Pepitone is former New York City Police. He is a nephew of Joe Pepitone who is an ex-New York Yankee.

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021: Who is ahead among the Democrats?

With more than dozens of candidates, the race to win the candidature of Democratic candidate has become interesting.

In recent opinion poll conducted by Core Decision Analytics between 20th to 25th January 2021 show Andrew Yang to be ahead in the race. As per the polls, follow candidates are currently ahead in Democratic race:

Andrew Yang: 28%

Eric Adams: 17%

Scott Stringer: 13%

Maya Wiley: 8%

On 1st February, first 2021 New York City mayoral election Democratic primary debates took place. These candidates were part of the debate:

NYC Mayoral Election Opinion Poll 2021
Source: Wikipedia

There are couple of months when New York City residents elects new mayor for their city. However, one should remember New York is the worst hit city by the Coronavirus pandemic. The city residents will expect their upcoming to devise ways to keep the city safe or minimize the dangers from any sort of natural calamities in future.

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