About Us

About Us

CrowdwisdomLIVE is a Global Tech Based decisions platform that delivers Unbiased, High-Quality data and insights to enable you make better decisions. We are often quoted by leading Magazines around the World for our short term and long term forecasts.

Should you Trust us?

There are two elements in our approach to making decisions easy

  • Operating with a Framework that is standardized and repeatedly tested and upgraded for accuracy
  • Hiring Talent that understands our neutral role

While standardization is fairly common across many platforms, we are building towards standardization that delivers accurate outcomes. Accuracy is not just about coming close to the the predicted outcomes. Accuracy is also about understanding how close a prediction can come to the actual outcome. Take stocks for example, the average analyst keeps revising their estimates every quarter and here you are being told that you have to invest in the long run. To know therefore, the probably flaws in a forecast before you take a decision is extremely important.

Our approach is to hunt down fundamentals, and they are not just about fundamentals of the company or the economy. They are much more deeper like for example how the number of children per household are falling at a rapid rate globally, how platforms like Instagram and YoutTube are driving a different consumptive culture than most can even imagine.

Lastly, we make no claim we are financials advisors, we are not. If you are thinking of putting in substantial money behind something, we would strongly recommend you to talk to a financial advisor. Every seasoned investor will tell you, it is not just about how much profit you can make in an investment. It is also how loss you can avoid in one.

As a team, we are adept at numbers and understanding causality. Causal frameworks are not easy to build and they need repeated testing and that is what we are doing on a daily basis. Over 2023, you will see more and more transparency on our forecasts and methodologies and the accuracy.

We work really hard to simplify your decision making cycle.

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Please write to us if you have concerns at editorial@crowdwisdom.live