Bitcoin Use Cases: Where to Use Bitcoins?

Bitcoin has progressed from a currency used only by the technically smart to a favored means of settling transactions worldwide due to its acceptance and widespread usage. Despite regulations making it difficult to use digital currency in some areas, e-commerce websites have quickly accepted bitcoin as a payment method. Nowadays, many businesses and their retail outlets are accepting BTC as a valid payment method. They cannot generate invoices in BTC as it is not a legal tender, but you can use your bitcoin wallet to make payments online. Read here –Bitcoin Up

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Online Shops Accepting Bitcoin:

  • The Best Online Retailer: Overstock

Online shoppers may now use bitcoins to make purchases at Overstock, one of the first retailers to accept the cryptocurrency. Bitcoin should be taken for instant purchases, including gadgets, home furnishings, jewelry, and bedding.

The e-commerce site accepts Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, and Bitcoin Cash, among other cryptocurrencies, as payment options. You can use your virtual currency online to book your hotels and travel plans.

  • Booking Your Trip: Expedia, CheapAir, SurfAir, Virgin Galactic, AirBaltic, Webjet

Those constantly on the move should visit Expedia to book their next trip. Guests can use Bitcoins to pay for their hotel stays on the website. Only hotel reservations can be paid for with Bitcoin at this time. Some travel booking services that accept Bitcoin are CheapAir and Surf Air.

After finalizing your flight selections, CheapAir will offer various methods of payment, including Bitcoin. Both domestic and international flight bookings can be done with bitcoins. Bitcoin is accepted as a valid payment gateway for flights, hotels, cruises, and car rentals on AirBaltic and Webjet. Those with a sizable bitcoin holding can now pay for their space travel with Virgin Galactic.

  • Use eGifter or Gyft to Purchase Gift Certificates.

Regarding accepting Bitcoin for Gift Cards, EGifter and Gyft have already beaten out industry giants like Amazon and Best Buy. Gift cards purchased with Bitcoin at either of these stores can be used at hundreds of other major retailers, including Amazon and Best Buy.

  • To Buy Video Games and Movies, Use Microsoft

Microsoft is one of the few major technology companies that openly accept cryptocurrencies. Customers can fund their Microsoft accounts with bitcoin and then use those funds to purchase software from the Windows and Xbox stores.

When Microsoft starts taking these payments on its online store, it will be able to elevate the service to a whole new level. You may spend your Bitcoin on Xbox, Green Man Gaming, Humble Bundle, PlayStation Network, and Zynga’s mobile and online games.

  • Reimbursement of Satellite TV Expenses

Dish, a satellite television supplier, has accepted bitcoin payments since 2014. In addition to traditional payment methods, customers can now use Bitcoin to pay for their preferred TV bundles from the network mentioned above provider.

One-time payments on can also be made with Bitcoin for DISH customers.

Donations and Tips

Donations in Bitcoin can be made on a variety of online platforms. One such group that accepts Bitcoin payments is the Wikimedia Foundation, whose efforts to create and disseminate free, multilingual educational resources are supported by these funds. There is a growing list of Bitcoin-accepting charities on the Bitcoin for Charity List.

Bitcoin’s Real-World Applications

Unfortunately, the number of offline establishments accepting Bitcoins is now relatively low. However, the coin can be used in traditional markets and for some services.

  • Restaurants and Bars

Many restaurants and bars worldwide have accepted Bitcoin as payment for some time. Pizza can be purchased with Bitcoins at PizzaForCoins in California, USA. However, Bitcoin is received at the London pub Pembury Tavern.

  • Buy Taxi Rides

Taxi services in some parts of the world accept Bitcoin as payment, albeit this varies by country. Cooperativa RadioTxi 3570, a prominent Italian taxi service, now accepts Bitcoin as payment.

  • Merchants

Over the past several years, businesses worldwide have begun taking Bitcoin as payment in their physical stores by installing special software. For example, over 260,000 restaurants, pharmacies, and shops in Japan accept Bitcoin as payment. Comicap, Anshin Oyado, and the Bic Camera are some of the popular retailers where you can use your coins.

  • Cost of Education

Even though Bitcoin hasn’t entirely broken into the mainstream, the University of Nicosia in Cyprus is the first university that started accepting BTC for its Master of Science in Digital Currency Course.


Although Bitcoin offers some novel advantages over more traditional payment methods like cash and credit cards, it still has some ways to go before it can fully replace them. There is a noticeable lack of adoption among businesses, retailers, and e-commerce sites compared to traditional currencies.