Prediction Strategies: Liverpool vs Brighton

Winner: Average Entry Value for YES: 31.4, Average Exit Value for NO: 19.7, Accuracy Rate: 76%

Second Place: Average Entry Value for YES: 34.2, Average Exit Value for NO: 17.1, Accuracy Rate: 65%

Third Place: Average Entry Value for YES: 42.9, Average Exit Value for NO: 29.9, Accuracy Rate: 74 %

This match was quite closely fought with the 1st and 3rd place with almost same accuracy rate while the second and 3rd place appeared had almost same entry value. 

Finally, the winner managed to tick all the boxes, low entry value, medium exit value and high accuracy rate.

The third place player scored high on exit value which means the player was trading even on accurate predictions upto the very end. A high risk strategy that at the end failed. High risk strategies must always be extremely nimble particularly in sports events where one good kick or one good ball could change the complexion of the game.

Hope you all enjoyed the game and if you did not play, join us in the coming weekend.

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