From Classrooms to Crypto Markets: 3 Ways Students Are Embracing Cryptocurrency and Trading

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Cryptocurrency has been emerging rapidly in the past years. Currently, the global crypto market cap has reached $1.15 trillion, and it is not about to stop there. Given such immense popularity and rapid growth of the market, there is no wonder why this field attracts a lot of people, including college students.

Starting in 2021, students have been on the cryptocurrency bandwagon. A recent Pew Research study shows that overall, 17% of U.S. adults have invested in cryptocurrencies. The banking giant Goldman Sachs in their recent survey found that 32% of family offices across the globe have exposure to digital assets, NFTs, or DeFi, while 26% have explicitly invested in cryptocurrencies.

In 2023, the crypto market is still trending among young people. Students of all ages delegate their academic matters and have professionals use services like “write my admission essay” or do other assignments for them and spend their free time exploring the possibilities in cryptocurrency. Here, we will tell you about the key ways students embrace crypto these days.

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1.   Studying Cryptocurrency Themselves and Encouraging Such Programs in Schools

The first way students welcome cryptocurrencies with open arms is by seeking education in this matter on their own. Blogs, YouTube channels, and other digital resources related to crypto are highly popular now. Also, students willingly take crypto-related online courses on platforms like Udemy, Coursera, etc. Many young people invest a lot of time and effort to learn about cryptocurrencies on their own. Even if it interferes with their college studies, they find professionals to use services like “write my speech” or do essays just to have more time for their self-education.

On top of educating themselves on this matter, students also actively support the incorporation of such education into a formal curriculum. A 2022 survey performed by revealed that 67% of recent grads believe that cryptocurrency should be an integral part of mandatory education.

2.   Investing in Cryptocurrency and Trading

Apart from educating themselves on this matter, students also embrace cryptocurrency by investing in it themselves. Despite understanding all the risks and volatility of this market, a large number of young people decide to try investing to create a safety fund for the future. A recent report by Intelligent reveals that as many as 41% of college students have invested $10,000 or more from their college funds. Young people try to build their own diversified portfolios in advance to have more stability in the future.

Apart from seeing it as a potential investment, many young people find cryptocurrency a good chance to earn income right now. They engage in trading instead of building long-lasting portfolios. As was mentioned earlier, a large share of exchanges’ users are students. Thus, a lot of all trading activities are performed by them.

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3.   Creating New Projects and Solutions

Not all students take an interest in crypto to trade or invest. Recognizing what a huge and promising market it is, many ambitious young people prefer to get into this field as professionals.

If you study reports from the world’s top schools like Imperial College London, the Ivy League, and many others, you will see that students are actively participating in and creating their own crypto and blockchain projects. Some of them go beyond school projects and introduce their innovative solutions to the world.

For example, one of the popular cryptocurrency exchange platforms, BuyUCoin, was developed by three ambitious engineering students. Friends created their own crypto exchange back in 2016 in an attempt to get into a promising market, and now their platform is one of the leading ones in India, with over 130 currencies supported, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and many others. This story can’t help but inspire.

So if you are a student too and have a crypto-related idea, this is your sign to start acting. You can reduce the load with essay writing services to carve out more time. And if you are lucky, you will not only graduate from college with excellent grades but also with a viable crypto business or product.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, cryptocurrency has become so huge today that it drives not only professional investors and finance specialists but also young students. Indeed, these days, young people take a significant interest in the crypto market and willingly enter it themselves.

Now you know that there are many ways how students embrace cryptocurrency, and you might be excited to join in too. If so, go toward your goal. But most importantly, don’t neglect proper education in a rush to gain quick profits. It’s better to enlist the help of paper writing services to save more time and educate yourself on crypto before you get into it. Otherwise, the risks are too high.