Algorand Price Prediction: Algo Price Prediction for 2022 is $0.93

Algorand Price Prediction: Algo Price Prediction for 2022 is $0.93
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May 2022, Algorand Price Prediction: ALGO Price Prediction for 2022 is $ 0.95

The current outlook of Algorand is Positive (Positive: 86% Negative: 0%)

How is Algorand Performing in the last 24 Hours?

Algorand has been one of the best-performing cryptos in the last 24 hours. When the crypto market is down ALGO price is soaring. The main reason behind the rise of the price of Algorand is Algorand becoming the first official sponsor of the upcoming FIFA World Cup. Since the announcement of the partnership between FIFA and Algorand, the price of the ALGO coin has soared.

Alogrand has gained over 20% in market cap in the last 24 hours. Added to it the trading volume is up which is directly leading to a surge in the price of Algorand.

Before the announcement of the partnership, ALGO was trading slightly over $0.60 but in the last 12 hours, ALGO has added an additional value of over $0.10 taking the price of ALGO over $0.70. If the current momentum continues, we may see Algorand rising over $1 in the next 24-48 hours.

The latest Price of Algorand is:

Algorand Crypto Price Prediction: Technical Analysis

Algorand Price Prediction: Google Trends

The Google search volume for Algorand is higher as compared to its last 24 hours volume.

[Please move the cursor to the chart to see the latest value and compare it with the same time yesterday]

Alogorand Price Prediction: Momentum Summary

Technical Indicator
Google Trends
Market Cap Rank
Social Media Sentiments
Social Media Buzz

Asif Burhan on Twitter: “FIFA have announced an agreement with @Algorand in which they will become “the official blockchain platform of FIFA and provide the official blockchain-supported wallet solution” and an official sponsor of the 2023 @FIFAWWC / Twitter”

FIFA have announced an agreement with @Algorand in which they will become “the official blockchain platform of FIFA and provide the official blockchain-supported wallet solution” and an official sponsor of the 2023 @FIFAWWC

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Algorand Price Prediction 2022

Average Algorand Price Prediction 2022
May 3rd, 2022
May 2022
May 2022
May 2022

Algorand Crypto Price Prediction 2025

Average Algorand Price Prediction 2025
May 3rd, 2022
May 2022
May 2022
May 2022

For 2025 end, the Average Algorand Price Prediction is $1.93

Market Cap Rank
Current Market Cap
$ 4.88 B
Total Volume Traded in Term of $ Value
$ 577 M

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Algorand Price Prediction and Forecast: Algorand News and Tweets

Originally tweeted by Isaac Penrod – artist (@isaac_penrod) on May 3, 2022.

#ALGO broke down from this channel and reached the technical target in 10 hours! Now it’s shot back up 30% breaking the upside of the channel. That’s major volatility in a short period of time.
Target $0.765 (^9% from current)

image 53

Originally tweeted by Altcoin Fear and Greed Index (@AltcoinFGI) on May 3, 2022.

#ALGOrand Fear and Greed Index is currently 36 – FEAR

24h technical analysis index: 100 – EXTREME BUY
Relative Strength Index: 70
Current #ALGO price is 0.7272407959673011 usd

Custom #crypto analyzes for $ALGO and 10000 other #altcoins available.


Algorand Prediction and Forecast: Social Media Sentiments

Last 7 Days
Last 24 Days
Net Sentiments ($algo)

Algorand Price Prediction: Social Media Data

Social Volume
15.4 K
Social Engagement Rank
57.1 M

Algorand Price Prediction 2022: How did ALGO Perform In 2021?

In 2021 Algorand like the rest of the cryptos, had a fruitful year. On January 1st, 2021 ALGO was trading just over $0.30 but by the end of the year, Algorand was trading at over $1.50.

In September, Algorand closed on $2.31, crossing the $2 mark in 2021 after ranging between $0.3-and $1.9 since January 2021. Algorand reached an ATH (All-Time-High) of $2.83 on November 18, 2021. It was the highest price of Algorand in 2021. The highest volume was achieved on September 9, 2021, amounting to $4.8 billion.

Algorand Price Prediction 2022: Some Facts

Algorand is often compared with Ethereum and is a promising contender to many other cryptocurrencies. It is looked upon as a potential investment in 2022. Here are some reasons why Algorand is a good investment:

  • It uses a decentralized and secure mechanism.
  • It has superior technology with reduced risk and low execution costs.
  • Valuable collaborations with prominent organizations demonstrate Algorand’s position in the crypto market.

Algorand Price Prediction 2022: Historical Data to Support Algorand Investment

$ 0.33
January 1, 2021
$ 0.51
January 7, 2021
$ 0.74
February 4, 2021
$ 1.01
February 9, 2021
$ 0.93
May 20, 2021
$ 1.04
August 20, 2021
$ 2.30
September 10, 2021
$ 1.89
December 3, 2021
$ 1.73
December 31, 2021

How to buy Algorand?

Here are some general steps to follow if you wish to buy Algorand:

  • Finding a crypto exchange that has XRP listed.
  • Create an account with the Exchange.
  • Verify your identity.
  • Fund the wallet.
  • Make the purchase.

Where can I buy Algorand?

Some of the platforms where you can purchase Algorand are:

  • Coinbase
  • Kraken
  • Binance
  • Uphold
  • Bitpanda

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