Best Exchange Coins: Best Exchange Coins to Buy (July)

Best Exchange Coins: Best Exchange Coins to Buy (July)

Best Exchange Coins: Read our analysis on Best Exchange Coins to Buy

Coin NameLast 24 Hours Change in Market CapLast 7 Days Change in Market CapCurrent Market CapLast 24 Hours Traded Volume
BNB-2.7%+6%$37.6 B$896 M
UNUS SED LEO-5.3%-6.43%$5.24 B$3.37 M
FTX Token-3.9%+5.3%$3.43 B$49.85 M
Cronos-4.5%+4.6%$3.95 B$18.28 M
KuCoin Token-4.2%+10.9%$892 M$2.04 M
OKB-2.8%+0.8%$745 M$5.78 M
Huobi Token+0.4%+0.2%$671 M$26.29 M

Best exchange Coins: Binance

Binance: Launched back in 2017, Binance Exchange has come a long way. The Exchange Platform processes more than 1.4 million transactions per second, while also executing, on average, $2 Billion worth of trades every day. Binance has its own wallet, known as the trust wallet which is said to be a secure, decentralized wallet where users can send, receive and store their coins.

Best exchange Coins: UNUS SED LEO

UNUS SED LEO: It is the utility token of the iFinex Ecosystem. The sole purpose of launching this token was to buy it back or burn it. It was launched as a remedial measure when the government seized a sizable chunk of the company’s funds. The company decided to issue LEO to those who lost their money first and then issue more to the public. The company plans to gradually buy them back to make up for the lost money of its investors.

Best exchange Coins: FTX Toxen

FTX Token: FTX Token is the utility token of the FTX Ecosystem. It is the 3rd biggest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap for an Exchange Token. FTT holders can get upto 60% discount on trading fee.

Best exchange Coins: Cronos

Cronos: Cronos is the native coin of the ecosystem. It is built on Ethermint that allows apps and smart contracts to switch within blockchains. Cronos like many other cryptos is interoperable and can communicate between its blockchain and those that support the Inter Blockchain Communication Protocol.

Best exchange Coins: Kucoin

KuCoin: If you’re wishing to obtain passive income, this is the coin to go for. One becomes eligible if they hold more than 6 KuCoins, they can start earning dividends. Apart from being the native token of the KuCoin Exchange platform, it can also be used to pay trading or transaction fees. KUCOIN has various levels to assign to its holders based on their stake, which allows them to become a part of their VIP programme. KCS holders can use the currency to make payments for their hotel or shopping bills.

Best exchange Coins: OKB

OKB: OKB is the global utility token issued by OK Blockchain Foundation. OKB is another cryptocurrency exchange token to provide passive income to its holders. OK Foundation has tiers in place to give discounts on trading fee to stakeholders based on their OKB holdings.

Best exchange Coins: Huobi Token

Huobi Token: Token holders are classified into tiers which enables certain benefits based on their tiers. Benefits such as Reduced Transaction Fee | Bonus Coins | Investment Protection | Decision Making.

Best Layer 1 Crypto Coins: Best Layer 1 Blockchain Crypto to Buy

Best Exchange Coins: Read our analysis on Best Exchange Coins to Buy

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