New BinaryX Price Prediction 2023-30: Can BNX reach $100 again?

Read about New BinaryX Price Prediction 2023-30 and whether BNX (New) can realistically reach $100 again in the next few years.

Latest Binaryx Price

Performance in the last 1 Month

  • Last 7 days: -0.2%
  • Last 1 month: -63.6%

BinaryX has announced the upcoming release of Project Matthew, a space-building simulation game where players take on the role of landlords in outer space and build their own extraterrestrial cities. Beta access is available here

BinaryX Price Prediction: Is BinaryX a Good Investment?

BinaryX is a platform for GameFi development, similar to Cyberdragon, which is a play-to-earn game powered by Binance Smart Chain. With a focus on creating communities for gamers, BinaryX aims to incorporate a variety of stakeholders, such as players, developers, 3D modelers, artists, competent contract developers, and gaming engines. All next metaverse initiatives will be based on this technology.

There are several possible use cases, including:

  • Gamers can come together and discuss new game concepts.
  • Game creators can start new initiatives, for instance, through IGO.
  • Real-time communication between the community and the developers will foster community engagement.

How is BinaryX different from others?

With multiple cryptos being created every day and a number of blockchain platforms coming into existence, every platform is working to focus on one feature to differentiate it from others.

BinaryX has positioned itself as a blockchain for GameFi development. The platform is unique in that it attempts to draw more players by offering a game with minimal entry barriers, basic terminology, and many game situations that allow its participants to acquire property. The BinaryX system has produced several problem-solving improvements, including in the GameFi sector, which focuses on gaming. Players can acquire tokens by participating in the game, and if they succeed in taking down the game’s boss, they will be awarded a significant reward.

In addition to this, BinaryX is being developed by professionals with extensive expertise. Although the creators of BinaryX remain anonymous, it has been reported that they have experience managing $100 million worth of derivatives in their portfolio.

Who are the competitors of BinaryX?

The users of BinaryX can take advantage of a very special function. Owing to its distinctiveness, BinaryX presently has no direct rivals in its industry, which is centered mostly on community development in the game creation sector.

However, some developments are going on to compete with BinaryX in its field. A few of such developments are:

  • My DeFi Pet: A virtual pet game called My DeFi Pet mixes DeFi, collectibles, and your own personality. My DeFi Pet is run on a supported network that uses KardiaChain and Binance Smart Chain.

BinaryX has a governance token called BNX. Token governance is based on community voting, and the event payouts are determined by a significant amount of the BNX tokens that players spend on the game, which are then distributed to all players.

Overall, BinaryX appears to be a Good case for Investment.

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BNX Price Prediction: Can BNX reach $100 again?

Binaryx recently split its coins in a ratio of 1 is 100.

To reach $100 again, Binaryx will have to rise 65 times. At $100 BNX’s Market Cap would be $29 Billion. If BNX were to rise at the rate of 25% every year, it would take 19 years to reach $100.

Looking at the above data, it is possible for BinaryX to reach $100 only if 50-75% of the Tokens are Burnt. Even if BNX were to perform well, without Burn, it is unlikely to reach $100.

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BinaryX Price Prediction 2023-30 (Aggregated)

  • BinaryX Price Prediction 2023 is $2.88
  • BinaryX Price Prediction 2025 is $5.32
  • BinaryX Price Prediction 2030 is $24.5

Long Term Forecasts tend to be unreliable, please use them with caution

BinaryX Price Prediction Today

Overall OutlookNeutral
1. Market's WisdomNeutral
1a. Market DataPartially Positive
1b. Technical RecommendationSell
2. Crowd's WisdomPartially Positive
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentNeutral

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