Bitcoin Analysis and Prediction

Bitcoin Analysis and Prediction

Read our comprehensive Bitcoin Analysis and Prediction for the last 24 hours. Also, read about the latest news analysis and the discussion about Bitcoin on Reddit and Twitter

The last 24 hours have been better for Bitcoin and the rest of the cryptocurrencies. The overall crypto market is once again over $1 T and the price of Bitcoin has breached $23,000.

24 hours ago, the price of Bitcoin was slightly over $21,000 but the market condition started to improve and Bitcoin’s price started to surge. In the last 24 hours, Bitcoin has gained nearly 10% in its market cap and the overall trading volume of Bitcoin is up over 30%.

Almost all the indicators have turned favorable for Bitcoin. The technical recommendation for Bitcoin for the next 24 hours is Buy. The social media sentiment for Bitcoin is Positive and the overall buzz is higher. Bitcoin is currently well-positioned to breach $24,000 with the current momentum. The Google search volume for Bitcoin has surged indicating more pump in the price of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin’s dominance is currently 41.75% of the total crypto market cap. It is up nearly 1% in the last 24 hours.

The last 24 hours chart clearly shows the price movement of BTC. After almost falling below $21,000, BTC started the recovery. Currently, Bitcoin is trading for just over $23,000.

Bitcoin Analysis: Last 24 Hours Key Conversation on Twitter and Reddit

The Reddit discussion for Bitcoin in the last 24 hours has been around the bottom that BTC would reach. One user with the name Kcarmstrong pointed out that the Bitcoin bottom is yet to be hit. As per the user, the recent drop of Bitcoin price to $17,500 was not the bottom and the user blamed the ponzis and the scams built around crypto to be the main reason for the current market situation.

The other user talked about the Bitcoin price going below $20,000 today. The user quoted, ” We may go below 20K today, boys. Don’t fear, in fact, 10-12K is possible and likely. Just stack sats, short, and do what you need to do. We’ll still see mid-6 figure BTC in 5 years.”

On Twitter, Binance’s CEO talked about the current price of Bitcoin and the price of Bitcoin when Binance was launched. He tweeted,

Barchart on Twitter shared an MLIV Pulse Survey on Bitcoin Price. As per the survey, the investors think that Bitcoin before hitting $30,000 will retreat below and hit $10,000 first. The tweet read, “According to a recent MLIV Pulse Survey, investors think #Bitcoin will likely hit $10,000 first rather than $30,000.”

Bitcoin Analysis: Last 24 Hours News Analysis

Here are few news related to Bitcoin Analysis in the last 24 hours:

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