Bitcoin Poised for 5th Super Cycle  – Why This is Good News for These Rallying Cryptos in 2022

Bitcoin is poised for its 5th cycle. Find out in this article why it is good news for these rallying cryptos in 2022.

Bitcoin, the unlikely king of cryptocurrencies, reached its all-time high of $65,000 in November 2021, further increasing the industry’s prospects. You can imagine the impact created in the crypto community, with many sourcing for low-cost alternatives to profit. However, the coin has lost 50% of its value and is still struggling.

2022 has not been a good year for many altcoins, with some phasing out of existence. That has caused a drop in market interest, as many believe investing now would be worthless. Nevertheless, if the 5th supercycle goes by, there will be a resurgence or even an explosion in value.

New developments in utilities like NFTs have sparked renewed interest in cryptocurrencies. Once touted as decentralized payment solutions, these coins are doing more than just making transactions happen. As a result, many now see them as assets worth holding for the future.

The Bitcoin Super Cycle and What It Means for Other Coins

Bitcoin has had a poor run in 2022, struggling to maintain much of its previous worth in 2021. Despite the bearish trend, it still ranks above all altcoins, with the closest rivals being Ethereum and Binance Coin.

A super cycle refers to a long-term bullish commodity market lasting several years. During this period, the commodity’s price increases and maintains steady growth. While you might not regard BTC as a commodity, the crypto has witnessed four cycles, with the latest resulting in its all-time high.

The first super cycle for Bitcoin began in 2009 through 2011, while the second went from 2012 to 2015. Soon after, the third cycle continued until 2019, when it gave in to the fourth cycle that had just ended. Bitcoin’s biggest price jump came in the fourth bullish run, clocking a surprising $65,000.

During these cycles, the coin passed through two phases, speculative and accumulation. The speculative saw the coin as a high-risk investment, while the latter saw investors buying it for the hold.

After completing its fourth super cycle, BTC is now more likely to begin the fifth. Although predictions are still fuzzy as the crypto market is highly volatile, Bitcoin could jump back into the buy zone. That will spur a rush on its acquisition, as many expect to profit in the coming year.

What it Means for Other Altcoins

Bitcoin is already expensive, and you will need significant capital to invest in it. The super cycle will bring renewed interest in altcoins as people seek low-cost alternatives to BTC. Moreover, you are better off spending less money in this highly speculative crypto market.

Even among altcoins, not all have the potential to make a bull run following Bitcoin’s 5th super cycle. As a result, you must carefully consider your options before investing in them.

Fortunately, a few still hold many promises. Two cryptocurrencies readily come to mind: TAMA and IMPT. These projects have been touted to be the next big thing in the crypto industry. That is no surprise as the community moves towards environmental sustainability and token utility. Let us see evaluate these tokens amid the Bitcoin 5th super cycle in 2022.

TAMA – Meme Meets Utility

This appealing meme coin rallied over $15 million in presales, and experts believe it will hit 10x in the future. Those who bought at its presale value of $0.01 have already raked in 400% in returns. Of course, many more will want to profit from this disruption in the ecosystem.

Tamadoge combines a play-to-earn (P2E) metaverse game with NFTs and a meme coin. This combination gives it a strong position and drives it toward environmental sustainability. As seen, it is not only a payment-centric token but a complete ecosystem.

The P2E game uses NFTs as digital pets, with the official currency being TAMA. Bring these together, and we have the bubbling Tamaverse that allows users to hang out and compete.

The game takes inspiration from the Tamagotchi digital pets, which Bandai, a Japanese toy manufacturer, created in the late 1990s. Users buy or mint them in infancy and train them until they are battle-ready. Also, wins from the game give Dogepoints, which users can redeem for TAMA tokens.

It is a pretty exciting setup that could fly with Bitcoin’s 5th super cycle. The low cost and growth potential in the coming months presents a unique opportunity. Currently, the token is available in various exchanges, including LBank, Uniswap, OKX, and BitMart. (Click here to Buy Tamadoge Now)


IMPT –  An Eco-friendly Project

IMPT is unlike other cryptocurrencies in the market. Although still in presale, which presents a perfect opportunity to profit, the coin aims to solve a real-world problem. It ranks among the best eco-friendly cryptos and offers the potential to ease the global climate crisis.

IMPT works with thousands of businesses and organizations worldwide to help them reduce their carbon footprint. Such a strategy will generate ripples in the crypto community, resulting in increased interest.

Ethereum’s “Merge” resulted in the reduction of energy consumption by 99.5%, an impressive feat if you ask us. You might wonder why we mentioned ETH and how it relates to IMPT.

This eco-friendly project comes from the Ethereum blockchain and stands to benefit from the network’s change to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism. Its presale will last until November 25 or until it sells out its 600 million tokens at $0.018.  

There will be a second phase with 660 million tokens for sale and a third with 540 million tokens. IMPT is a strong competitor in Bitcoin’s 5th super cycle because it is cheap, helpful, and good for the environment. (Buy Impt Now)

Bitcoin’s 5th Super Cycle – Final Thoughts

As Bitcoin prepares to enter its fifth super cycle, there may be renewed interest in cryptocurrencies in 2022. Those who do not have enough to invest in Bitcoin’s expensive yet speculative market can opt for low-cost altcoins. Among them, TAMA and IMPT stand out.

Both coins have utility value that will see them outlive many payment-centric options. So, if you are looking for viable alternatives for 2022, these low-cost options might be the perfect fit.

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