Can Cardano Reach $100?

Can Cardano Reach $100?

Can Cardano Reach $100: It is unlikely for Cardano to reach $100 in 2022. Cardano Price Prediction 2022 is below $1. However, if ADA manages to gain 30-50% a month from now, ADA may be above $100 by the end of 2022.

When and How Can Cardano Reach $100: The earliest calculated time frame for ADA to reach $100 is by 2035, provided ADA gains 50% a year from now. If ADA gains only 20% a year, it will reach $100 by 2051.

Can Cardano Reach $100: Some Facts

  • Cardano is one of the decentralized blockchains which uses Proof-of-Work consensus for the functioning of its blockchain network.
  • Like ETH and Solana blockchains, Cardano provides a platform for the development of a wide range of dApps, games, DeFi projects, and also the creation of new cryptos.
  • The Cardano blockchain platform was founded in 2015 by Charles Hoskinson. It was launched in 2017.
  • Unlike Bitcoin which uses Proof-of-work consensus and virtual miners, Cardano came up with a unique way of validating the transaction. Cardano uses proof-of-stake consensus where the participants in the network are the validators instead the miners.
  • Ouroboros is the first proof-of-state protocol that was created by the Cardano developers in its foundation phase.
  • Cardano uses this protocol to validate the transaction. Cardano blockchain is divided into two parts, Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) and Cardano Computing Layer (CCL). 
  • CSL is where Ouroboros consensus comes into play and the transaction is validated while CCL is where the computations for apps running on the blockchain are executed.

Can Cardano Reach $100: How is Cardano Different From Others

In September 2021, after the Alonzo upgrade, the smart contracts on the Cardano network went officially live. Since then Cardano has gone under various upgrades, the recent one will be Basil Hard Fork.

However, in order to differentiate itself from rest of the blockchain, Cardano is aiming to become the most secure platform to provide long-term blockchain applications designed for real-world use cases.

Early this year, IOHK, the parent company of Cardano partnered with the Ethiopian Ministry of Education to provide 5 million teachers and students with blockchain-based digital identity. It became the biggest blockchian deal as of now.

IOHK in order to attract more developers to build dApps on the Cardano platform and also to lure more entrepreneurs to use the Cardano blockchain came up with the Catalyst program which provides innovation funds to propose and vote on ideas for platform alterations and features.

Can Cardano Reach $100: Utility of Cardano

ADA, the native token of Cardano is the 8th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap size. However, its price has been sinking and now it is below $0.50. Despite ADA trading lower, Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano blockchain is least concerned about the price of the token. His main aim is to increase the utility of the Cardano token as in the future, the utility of the blockchain may play an important role in determining the price of the crypto.

Cardano blockchain may not be as diverse as Ethereum or Solana but gradually the acceptability of Cardano blockchain is growing. From NFTs to Defi Cardano blockchain has been adopted by various apps. Many projects are running on the Cardano blockchain successfully.

Some of the projects created on the Cardano network are:

1. ERGO DEX: Ergo Dex allows users to trade interchangeably on exchanges sitting on either the ERGO or the Cardano network. It provides a liquidity pool that helps in the swapping of the cryptos.

2. MELD: As per the Meld platform, it is designed to be the first decentralized protocol that incorporates fiat loan capabilities into the crypto ecosystem.

3. SundaeSwap: Sundae Swap is the Uniswap of the Cardano network and it functions like AMM (Automated Market Maker).

Can Cardano Reach $100: Google Search for Last 12 Months

The search volume for Cardano in the last 12 month have declined and there has been no improvement in the search volume.

Can Cardano Reach $100: Social Media Sentiments

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Some Calculations for Can Cardano Reach $100?

How much Will ADA Have to Rise To reach $100?230 Times
If Cardano Gains 20% a year, ADA Will Be $100 InNext 30 Years
If Cardano Gains 30% a year, ADA Will Be $100 InNext 21 Years
If Cardano Gains 50% a year, ADA Will Be $100 InNext 13.5 Years

Can Cardano Reach $100: Video Analysis

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Can Cardano Reach $100: Tweets

Will Cardano Reach $100 in 2022?

Therefore, it is unlikely for Cardano to reach $100 this year. Even if Cardano gain 50% a month from now, the price of ADA will be below $3.

Can Cardano Reach $100: Factors That Could Influence the Price of ADA

Vasil Hard Fork: Vasil’s hard fork is to improve the Cardano network for all of its users, and also upgrade the development experience for Cardano. It is expected that this upgrade could help in the surge in the price of Cardano. This upgrade is scheduled to go live this month that is September 2022.

Latest Breaking News: The news regarding crypto and some non-crypto news have influenced the price of cryptos massively. Any positive crypto news, have always sent price skyrocket and a piece of slight negative crypto news like hacking or network issue has resulted in a price crash. Non-crypto news like geopolitical events like war, climate change, government policies, and taxes have also affected the price of cryptos massively. Any event in any part of the world has either led to a surge or a complete market crash.

Increase in the Long-Term Holders: One of the major concerns for Cardano has been a high rate of dump rather than hold. In search of short-term profit, many a time the Cardano investors dumped ADA coins soon after they made some profit out of it. Therefore, for ADA to rise higher, more investors will have to hold rather than dump.

Can Cardano Reach $100: Conclusion

It is unlikely for ADA price to reach $100 this year. However, if the market condition improves and all the factors turn in favor of ADA, we may see a surge in the price of Cardano. In order to reach $100, the surge needs to be huge. Therefore, ADA price can reach $100 but in order to gain such feat, it will have to rise around 10-50% a year.

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Can Cardano Reach $100

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