• Cardano is a decentralized Proof of Stake blockchain founded in the year 2015.
  • The main aim of Cardano was to solve problems related to scalability, interoperability, and sustainability.
  • Like all the blockchain protocols, Cardano helps in building smart contracts and which adds up in creating decentralized applications and protocols. However, the main goal of Cardano developers has been to position itself as the Internet of Blockchains.
  • Cardano aims to provide developers with seamless interchangeability between different blockchains.
  • Cardano aims to remove the problem of slow network and high gas fees due to the increase in the transaction.

Every blockchain positions itself as different from others but in turn, most of the features turn out to be similar. however, Cardano is trying to differentiate itself from the rest of the blockchains. Here are some of the unique features of the Cardano blockchain:

Unlike other blockchain networks, Cardano provides an open roadmap of its future plans. One can easily get an idea about the developments taking place within the Cardano network. Added to it, Cardano has a peer review system when making any changes to the network.

Cardano is a decentralized PoS blockchain that was founded in 2015 and launched in 2017. It has positioned itself as an alternative to PoW blockchain like Bitcoin mostly because it is more energy-efficient as it does not rely on crypto mining. The plans behind Cardano’s development are ambitious.

 has a five-stage roadmap outlining its progression. It also has a peer-review system when making changes to the network, and all of the technology behind the blockchain is based on peer-reviewed research. The Cardano team work with academics to review their research and guide blockchain development.

Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum where a transaction is completed by the involvement of a miner, Cardano uses staking to complete the transaction. This means a participant needs to deposit a certain amount of crypto to have the right to participate in the staking operation.

ADA is the native token of the Cardano blockchain. ADA is used for the completion of all the transactions on the Cardano network.

Cardano’real aim is to become the “Internet of Blockchains,” however, based on historical facts, the investment in Cardano can be a profitable one if one is ready to have a long-term stake in it.

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Despite much hype about the development of the Cardano network and the peer review process used, the overall Cardano development is very slow. Cardano is directly in a fight with Ethereum and the Ethereum blockchain in terms of development is way ahead of the Cardano blockchain.

As the crypto world is expanding, Cardano is set to face competitors. From Shiba Inu to Bitgert, all the cryptos are gradually developing their own blockchain. This increasing competition may hurt Cardano as the development remains very low in Cardano.

Several projects have been created using the Cardano blockchain. One of the successful projects is the payment solution providing app COTI.

Not only this, Cardano blockchain has been used in Defi, to NFTs to Wallets and also creating social tools. Some of such projects are:

DEX running on Cardano protocol are:

  • SundaeSwap
  • AdaSwap
  • CardanceSwap

Crypto Wallets Designed on Cardano Blockchain:

  • Typhon Wallet
  • Nami Wallet
  • ByNet Wallet

Defi Apps:

  • Spectrum
  • Atomic Swap
  • Indigo Protocol

Lending and Borrowing Apps

  • MELD
  • Ardana
  • Aada
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The Google search volume for Cardano has been declining in the last one year.

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Currently, the overall crypto market is affected by Geopolitical events also the US Feds’ decision to raise the interest rates again. The growing inflation worldwide has been a major concern. These factors have kept the price of Cardano and other cryptos down. However, once the economic condition around the world improves, the crypto market is expected to rise again and Cardano may attain a higher price limit as we have already seen the developers of Cardano are working to expand the Cardano ecosystem.

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