Can CRO reach $100, $50, $10 or $1?

Current Market Cap$1.3 BHigher
Trading Volume$4.9 MHigher

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Before we get into Forecasts, let us quickly look at the latest news and understand if CRO is a good investment

Latest Cronos CRO news And Statistics

  • Cronos Blockchain Explorer
  • CRO NFT Data (30 days)
    • Rank: Cronus: 18th, Ethereum: 1st
    • Sales, last 30 days: Cronus: 208kEthereum: 167M
    • Sales Growth, Last 7 Days: Cronus: Zero SalesEthereum: -1.1%
    • Sales Growth, Last 30 Days: Cronus: -51.7%Ethereum: -43.4%
  • Gaming[Top 3 Cronus games vs Top 3 blockchain games]
    • UAW: Cronus: 10.5KTop 3 blockchain games: 989k
    • Volume: Cronus: $989kTop 3 blockchain games: $2.6M
  • CRO DeFi
    • Rank: Cronus: 10th, Ethereum: 1st
    • TVL: Cronus: $286.1MEthereum: 21B
    • Last 7 days: Cronus: +0.4%Ethereum: +3.1%
    • Last 1 Month: Cronus: -0.9%Ethereum: -2.4%
  • Cronos just announced the launch of an IBC channel that connects Cronos and IRISnet. This channel makes it easier to transfer IRIS tokens between these two blockchain networks. Since its inception, Cronos has supported the IBC protocol and now has four bridges:
    • <> Cronos (CRO tokens)
    • Cosmos Hub <> Cronos (ATOM tokens)
    • Akash <> Cronos (AKT tokens)
    • IRIS <> Cronos (RIS tokens)

Is CRO coin a Good Investment? Looking at both usage stats as well as price performance stats, CRO is not a good investment

CRO Cronos, Buy or Sell, Crowd Poll

Net Buy Rating = Buy% – Sell%

  • September 5th: +81.0%
  • September 27th: +78.4%
  • October 3rd: +77.5%

Can CRO Reach $100?

To reach $100, CRO will need to rise 1200x. At $100, the Market Cap of Cro will be $2.5 Trillion which is the same as the Market Cap of Apple. If CRO were to rise at the pace of 50%, it would take Cronos 18 years to reach $100.

Will CRO Reach $50?

Given the analysis so far, there are numerous Token and Liquidity factors that are barriers to CRO’s ability to reach $50. The only realistic scenario is if more than half of CRO Tokens are burnt. This would then increase the chances of CRO’s ability to reach $50.

Can CRO Reach $10?

CRO will have to rise 100x to reach $10. In the past, this was not unrealistic. Also, because the price currently is below 10 cents, 10 dollars does not sound like an unrealistic figure. Lastly, at $250 Billion, the market cap may not be unrealistic if one were to consider the size of the Global Economy 10 years down the line. In theory, therefore, CRO can reach $10. However, lack of competitive advantage, absence of speculative cash, and regulatory factors may be a huge barrier to CRO’s ability to reach $10.

Even if we were to consider a growth of 50% per annum, the earliest CRO could reach $ 10 in 2034, this is quite a far-off forecast and hence unreliable. Compared to $1, the chances of CRO reaching $10 is relatively lower.

Will CRO Reach $1?

There are multiple factors to consider regarding whether CRO could reach $1.

  1. Use Cases and Competitive Advantage: Looking at CRO’s market share in NFTs, Gaming, and DeFi, it is at best a moderate case of Investment. Therefore, it is unlikely to rise beyond 25% per annum in normal circumstances. This is an area that the Cronos team is working on by encouraging a large number of Dapps to operate on their platform. If one or more of these Apps take off, Cronos’ numbers could look very different.
  2. Macroeconomics and Liquidity: It is highly unlikely that we will have another COVID-like event anytime soon. In that case, it is unlikely that liquidity will reach the levels of 2020-21. Therefore, Cryptocurrencies are unlikely to grow at logic-defying levels in the future.
  3. Regulatory factors: It is highly likely that as cryptocurrencies consolidate, regulation will rise. Tokenomics which has been a grey area will have more oversight which also means that growth could be more moderate and realistic.

That said, CRO almost reached $1 in November 2021. Even assuming a conservative (Cryptocurrency standards) rate of 25% growth, CRO could take 10-12 years to reach $1.

Have Tokens grown 1200x?

Yes, numerous Coins and Tokens have grown 100x (BTC, Doge and Shib for example)

Do any Tokens have a market cap of $2.5 Trillion?

The Market cap of Cryptocurrencies is about a Trillion. Apple which is a B2C business is a market leader and millions of consumers buy the product has a Market Cap of $2.3 Trillion after 40 years of business.

Is it possible to grow at the rate of 50% for 20 years?

Unfortunately, there is no such precedent.

Looking at the above data and considering the fact that Cronos is not a market leader, one can say with a high degree of confidence that Cronos will not reach $100. However, the odds will rise if Cronos were to burn 70-90% of the Tokens

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