Ethereum Prediction: Can Ethereum reach $50000?

Ethereum Prediction: Can Ethereum reach $50000?

Ethereum has pumped above below $1500, so can Ethereum reach $50000? Yes, Ethereum can reach $50,000 if it rises at a rate of 30% per annum as well as on the assumption of 3-5% deflation after the Merge

Can Ethereum reach $50000? Let us do the Math

Price as of July 24th$1555
How many times will the price have to rise to become $50,000?32
Market Cap as of July 24th$189 B
How much is 32 times $189 B?$6077 B
If ETH were to rise 30% a year, how many years will it take to reach 50,000?14 years
Assuming ETH Deflation of 5% per annum7-10 years

Ethereum Prediction: How long did it take Bitcoin to rise from $1500 to $50000?

It took Bitcoin 4 years to rise from $1500 in 2016 to $50,000 in 2021. Therefore, an estimate of 7-10 years is fairly conservative given that Ethereum is under continuous development and improvement.

Can Ethereum reach $50000? Ethereum Performance

After struggling for most of the Year, Eth’s fortunes improved soon after the Merge.

10 Days+27.1%+7.6%+7.7%+7.8%

Can Ethereum reach $50000? ETH Holders Data

  • As per the data by IntoTheBlock 35% of ETH holders are within a 1-12 months time frame while 4% of the ETH holders are less than 1 month old. There are 61% of ETH holders older than 1 year as of now as per the data.
  • As per the data by IntoTheBlock 48% of holders are making money at the current price and 49% are losing.

Can Ethereum Reach 50000? Conclusion

Currently, ETH is at a very important level and it could see a major upward or downward movement in 2022. Also, it should be kept in mind that ETH has one of the highest market capital and ETH itself has great value and is a unique blockchain token based on proof of work. So maybe this can be a time to buy at the lowest and expect a significant rise in the near future. But for all practical purposes, investors should not be disillusioned that ETH will touch 50,000.

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Can Ethereum reach $50000?

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Vipra Dhariyal

Vipra Dhariyal