Can XRP Reach $100 and $50 and What is the XRP Price Prediction This Year?

Can XRP Reach $100 and $50 and What is the XRP Price Prediction This Year?

Can XRP Reach $100: Yes, XRP Can Reach $100 before 2035 under certain assumptions

XRP Price Prediction $500: XRP can reach $500 before 2040 if the price of XRP rises 50% a year from now.

Can XRP Reach $50?Yes, XRP can reach $50 if there is an improvement in the market condition.
The earliest time frame calculated by us is in the next 12.5 years. Therefore, XRP can reach $50 in 2035 if the price surges 50% every year.

XRP Price Prediction: The aggregate XRP Price Prediction for the end of 2022 is $0.45. However, However, XRP Price can go over $1 if it manages to gain 20% a month from now. If XRP gains 20% a month then the XRP Price Prediction 2022 is $1.14.

XRP Price

The current price of XRP is less than $0.50 and considering the current market condition, it is unlikely for Ripple XRP to reach $100 this year. But can XRP Reach $100 in the Future? The answer is Yes, but to know how XRP can reach $100 in the future let us first understand what is XRP and Ripple.

Can XRP Reach $100: Some Facts About XRP

  • XRP is the native token of Ripple which was launched in the year 2021.
  • After struggling for the initial few years, the year 2017-2018 turned out to be the best years for XRP and during this time frame, XRP was the second most capitalized cryptocurrency just after Bitcoin.
  • The all-time high price of XRP was 5 years again on January 4, 2018. XRP was valued at $3.84 back then.
  • However, after the US SEC accused Ripple the developers of XRP of selling XRP in unregistered securities to investors, the price crashed and there was a mass sell-off.
  • Ripple is focused on financial services and more likely serves as a payment protocol that fuels transactions worldwide.
  • Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Ripple is more centralized as it is a more privately-owned network while the former allows the validators to take control of the transactions.

XRP Price Prediction: How is XRP Different from others?

Ripple is focused on financial services through XRP Ledger and collaborates with traditional financial services companies. XRP is the cryptocurrency that fuels the transactions (Just like Eth or Matic)

Transaction Speeds and Costs that are competitive. Traditional overseas payments take days as compared to Ripple which takes seconds.

XRP uses a consensus protocol with validators swiftly approving transactions. Validators could be Banks and Financial Institutions

Can XRP Reach $50: Factors that can Influence the Price of XRP

The factors that can influence the price of XRP are:

Acceptance of Ripple As a Key Mode of Payment Protocol: Ripple Lab the developers of XRP have been working to be recognized as a key payment protocol that can enhance international money transfers. Many crypto experts are of the opinion that Ripple in the coming future could revolutionize the transaction process worldwide. If so happens, the price of XRP the native of Ripple could skyrocket.

Limited Supply: Unlike many cryptos, the supply of XRP is limited. XRP was designed to be finite in supply. Only 100 billion XRP tokens were created and no new coins can be created now. This means that XRP token will only decrease as after every transaction there is a decrease in the number of XRPs.

Government Regulations: Government Regulations around the world has been a key factor influencing the price of cryptos. If the regulations are tightened, the price dips and if there is some favorable decision, the price skyrockets. There Government regulations will be one factor that could influence the price of XRP.

Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit: The Ripple vs SEC Lawsuit is one factor that has been an obstacle to the rise of XRP. Since 2018 when the Securities and Exchange Commission accused Ripple of selling XRP in unregistered security offering to investors in the U.S. and worldwide, XRP has been crashing and there has been decreasing in investor interest in XRP. If the lawsuit ends, the XRP price may skyrocket again as it did in 2017-2018.

XRP Price Prediction $100: Some Utility of XRP

One of the primary aims of Ripple, the developers of XRP is to become a Global payment platform and also facilitate transactions between cryptocurrencies and banks.

XRP ledger is used to create cryptocurrency wallets and XRP ledger can also be integrated to create a stablecoin.

XRP provides access to financial products and it working to create a borderless payment system.

Some of the projects running on XRP Ledgers are:

Bitpay Payment Processing
Exodus Wallet and Apps
BitGo Assets Custody
Forte Online Gaming

Can XRP Reach $50: Google Search For Last 12 Months

The search volume for XRP in the last 12 months has declined and there has been no improvement in the search volume.

Can XRP Reach $100: Social Media Sentiment

Ticker: XRPLast 7 Days

XRP Price Prediction $100: Calculation

The different platforms predicting the future price of XRP have predicted the maximum price of XRP to be below $10 even by the end of 2030. However, we believe that XRP has the potential to reach $100 in the future. Here is our calculation when and how XRP can reach $100:

The earliest time frame for XRP to reach $100 is in the year 2037 and to attain this feat XRP price has to rise 50% a year from now.

Can XRP Reach $100: Video Analysis

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Can XRP Reach $100: Latest Tweet

XRP Price Prediction $500?

With a market cap of over $23 B, XRP is the 6th largest cryptocurrency in terms of market cap. XRP has failed to rise higher due to the SEC case against its parent company Ripple. Many bigger exchanges have not listed it due to the ongoing SEC vs Ripple case.

However, XRP has the potential of rising higher and it will be able to reach $500 provided the market condition improves.

Here is a simple calculation to show XRP Price Prediction $500:

ConditionTime Period for $500
If XRP Rises 20% a YearIn the Next 38.5 Years
If XRP Rises 30% a YearIn the Next 27 Years
If XRP Rises 50% a YearIn the Next 18 Years

XRP will reach $500 in 24 years if it rises at the rate of 35% per annum. With a small burn of 2-3%, this timeframe could reduce to 12 years, i.e 2034.

Can XRP Reach $50: Simple Calculation

Ripple Lab the parent company of XRP has been tangled in the legal fight against SEC and even after a couple of years, there has been no end to the case. However, the XRP developers have been working to place them as leaders in the payment system, and moving one step closer to this, Ripple will present new XRP payment solutions at Apex Dev Summit in Las Vegas. With this development Ripple will provide pay with anything to deliver what the store owner wants to receive. It will also have a refund function integrated into it.

All these factors show how Ripple and XRP have a bright future ahead. Therefore, there are chances of XRP rising higher in the future. Here we will discuss how and when Will XRP Reach $50:

XRP Price Prediction: What is the XRP Price Prediction for 2022?

The XRP price prediction for the end of 2022 is also not at all motivating. XRP is predicted to be below $0.5 by the end of 2022.

Average XRP Price Prediction 2022$0.45

However, XRP Price can go over $1 if it manages to gain 20% a month from now. If XRP gains 20% a month then by the end of 2022, XRP price will be at $1.14.

Additionally, if XRP gains 30% a month, the XRP Price Prediction for the end of 2022 is $1.57.

XRP Price Prediction: How to Buy XRP?

Here are a few steps to buy XRP:

Choose a Crypto Exchange

Choosing an XRP exchange is quite tough as most of the exchanges have deleted XRP after the lawsuit.

Create your account with the Crypto Exchange

Once you have decided on the exchange, you will have to create an account that will require your personal details along with banking information. In most cases, you’ll deposit money from a bank account, like your personal checking or savings account. You can also generally complete wire transfers, use a debit card, or deposit money from PayPal.

Fund Your Wallet

Once you have created your account, the next step will be to fund your wallet.

Buy XRP:

Once you have funded your wallet, you can now use the wallet amount to buy XRP.

XRP Price Prediction $100: Conclusion

The crypto market is very volatile and none of the possibilities cannot be ignored. XRP reaching $100 this year is unlikely but in future, if things turn favorable and the SEC lawsuit ends, there are chances for XRP to reach $100.

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Can XRP Reach $100

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