Crypto Price Rallies Are Back – Which Ones Are Next to Pump for x20 gains?

Crypto Price Rallies are Back: Here are some top picks. 

It is no secret that the Global economy is facing challenges. This economic situation is affecting the crypto market as well, as more and more investors are reluctant to invest in cryptocurrencies. However, the situation has changed in the past couple of weeks, and the crypto prices are rising again. It would be good to know which coins are likely to surge next. Here are some top picks: 

  1. Tamadoge – Best performing crypto in the last few days
  2. Battle Infinity – New exciting play-to-earn game,
  3. Lucky Block- One of the best NFT competition platforms,
  4. DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Good for long-term investments, 
  5. Bitcoin – Excellent for big investments.

The Crypto Market Is on the Rise Again 

Even with the increase in interest rates imposed by central banks in the last couple of days, the price of Bitcoin rose again, which influenced the entire crypto market. According to CoinGecko, BTC has risen from $18.9k a week ago to $20.1k today. The Global Crypto market is trading at $963 B. It is unclear if this is sustainable but Bitcoin prices have not fallen below the June 18th level which is the lowest for the year

Tamadoge – Surging Crypto over the last few days

Tamadoge is the first meme coin that has actual token utilization at the launch itself. The platform native token called TAMA can now, after presale is over, be bought on OKX and the OKX Dex. On the Tamadoge platform, users can use TAMA tokens to grow, breed, and battle their digital NFT pets. The game has a huge potential to draw millions of users as it is fun to play in the long run. 

But the strong use case TAMA token has is not its only advantage. Unlike other popular meme coins, Dogecoin, the TAMA is a meme coin with a high deflationary design. According to the road map, 5% of all TAMA tokens used will be burned each month. Also, 65 % of tokens used during the month will be distributed to the players who have earned the most Dogepoints. 

Overall this meme coin has a bright future, according to many experts. It is predicted the coin will hit 10x growth by 2023. Currently, the price of TAMA is $0.08, and it is listed on OKX and OKX Dex. Those who were fast enough and both TAMA on presale can now claim their coins on the Tamadoge website. It can also be purchased on OKX

Battle Infinity Is a New, Exciting Play to Earn Game

Battle Infinity is a new Play-to-earn game and exciting metaverse project where players can earn money while playing their favorite games. This fantastic Indian initiative will even outperform the Polygon (MATIC) project. The platform has a native token called IBAT you can use to get access to different products. The most exciting product in the Battle Infinity ecosystem is IBAT Premier League, a sports fantasy game where players can create and compete with their own virtual teams that are based on real-life players. Aside from this, users can stake their IBAT coins, trade them in the marketplace, buy NFTs or explore the virtual metaverse. 

Lucky Block is one of the Best NFT Competition Platforms 

It is no secret that the gaming industry, even nowadays, is seeing an increase in profit, so it is no wonder so many crypto-gaming platforms have seen success in the last couple of months. One of the unique games where users can compete and win prizes is Lucky Block. This is a global NFT competition platform where users mint NFTs for each prize draw. Even if you don’t win a prize in each draw, you will still earn money since each NFT holder gets to share 1% of the profit made in the competition pool. 

The platform’s native token is LBLOCK, which users can also use to enter the main prize competition. 

DeFi Coin (DEFC) – Best for Long-Term Investments

DeFi Coin DEFC is a native coin of the most popular decentralized exchange called DeFi Swap. On this exchange, one can swap crypto coins quickly and without any third party interfering. The exchange charges each transaction in DEFC and rewards those users who hold their DEFC for a longer period. There are several staking options one can choose from depending on how long one wishes their DEFC to be unavailable. Also, the exchange sets aside 10% of charged fees to give as a reward to each DEFC holder in two ways: 5% is distributed among each holder, and the other 5% goes to the liquidity pool.

Bitcoin – Excellent for Big Investments

For large investors, investing in Bitcoin is always a good option. This is the most popular and stable crypto coin on the market. Nowadays, we can see that the price of BTC is on the rise again. Bitcoin is a coin that will most definitely see its former glory, and now, when the price is low, is the best time to invest in it again. On the other hand, if you don’t have that much money, you can always buy a fraction of BTC.  

Is It a Good Idea to Invest in Crypto?

One thing is for sure, and many excerpts will agree that the current winter we can see on the crypto market is caused by the economic situation in the world. When inflation is high, it is only natural that people are afraid to invest. That said, there are numerous newly launched cryptocurrencies like Tamadoge that are rising despite the Crypto winter ( Buy Tamadoge on OKX Now).

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