Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2023-2030: Will Cyber Reach $10?

Latest CYBER Price

MetricLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment11.4%Higher

Article Coverage: Price Performance, Crowd By/Sell Poll, Latest Cyberconnect News, Technical Analysis, Price Predictions (Today, Tomorrow, Week, 2023-2030), Is Cyberconnect a Good Investment?

Cyberconnect Price Performance so far

All-Time High: $20.03, August 15th, 2023 All-Time Low: $3.54, August 26th, 2023

  • Last 7 days: +2.9%
  • Last 1 month: +30.2%
  • Since Launch (2023): -74.5%

Cyberconnect Cyber Crypto, Buy or Sell Poll

Net Buy Rating = Buy%-Sell%

  • August 15th: +24.0% [Listing]
  • August 31st: -8.0%
  • September 24th: +51.4%

Latest Cyberconnect News

  • Season 1 of Community Rewards ended with over 130k wallet addresses claiming 2.2M CYBER tokens. The unclaimed 97,243 CYBER has been added to the community treasury.
  • Season 2 has commenced, introducing a new CyberPoints system in CyberAccounts. The FanClub and Mystery Box programs are no longer available, and going forward, all user activity and CyberPoints will determine the rewards in upcoming seasons.
  • Support for CyberAccount on Arbitrum, a Layer 2 scaling solution for Ethereum, was rolled out last week. This expansion means CyberAccount now supports five major blockchain networks, marking its dominance as a leading smart contract wallet in adoption and flexibility. Over 500k CyberAccounts have been established, with special rewards for early adopters.
  • Mocaverse, a partner of CyberConnect, recently announced a successful $20M fundraising, and a collaborative launch between the two entities is in the offing.

Cybertrek Updates

CyberTrek has now arrived on Arbitrum. The arrival of CyberTrek on Arbitrum is a major milestone for the project. This makes it an ideal platform for CyberTrek, as it will allow users to enjoy the benefits of Web3 without having to pay the high gas fees of Ethereum mainnet.

DackieSwap has collaborated with CyberConnectHQ to offer 10,000 whitelist spots for the #CyberTrek campaign.

Cyberconnect Technical Analysis

The current technical analysis for CYBER USDT leans towards a Bearish sentiment, with a majority of the specified indicators pointing toward selling.

The Technical oscillators present a predominantly neutral stance. The Relative Strength Index, Stochastic %K, Commodity Channel Index, Average Directional Index, and the Ultimate Oscillator all signal a neutral position. However, the Awesome Oscillator, Momentum, and MACD Level indicate a selling bias.

Moving averages further emphasize a bearish trend. For both the Exponential and Simple Moving Averages across 10, 20, and 30-day periods, the recommendation is to sell. The shorter-term Hull Moving Average also suggests a sell, as does the Volume Weighted Moving Average.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction: Updated Crowd Forecasts

  1. CoinF_io predicted a price of $15. This target was met.
  2. Coimetrika predicted a price of $10. This target was met.
  3. (@AltbriMarius) believed that $Cyber, having secured $25 million in funding from 22 VCs, is undervalued at its current price of $5. He planned to invest and average down his entry till it reached $4, with a short-term target of $10. This target was met

The average Crowd Forecast on Twitter was $9.1

Cyberconnect Price Prediction Today, Tomorrow and Week

UTC: Sep 25th, 2023 06:32 PM

  • Cyberconnect Price Prediction in the next 24 hours is between $4.96 and $5.15
  • Cyberconnect Price Prediction this week is between $4.93 and $5.08

UTC: Sep 25th, 2023 01:06 PM
Overall OutlookNeutral
1. Market's WisdomPartially Bearish
1a. Market DataNeutral
1b. Technical RecommendationSell
2. Crowd's WisdomBullish
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentHigher

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2023-2030, Aggregated

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2023: In 2023, Cyber’s minimum price is projected to be $3.5, with an average price of $10.6, and a peak at $20.0.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2024: For the year 2024, the predicted minimum price for Cyberconnect stands at $13.3, an average price of $13.1, and a maximum price of $13.6.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2025: In 2025, the price of Cyber is anticipated to range between a minimum of $18.8, an average of $18.0, and a high of $19.3.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2026: The projections for 2026 indicate a minimum price of $19.0 for Cyberconnect, an average of $20.6, and a peak price of $21.3.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2027: For 2027, Cyberconnect’s price is expected to hit a low of $22.1, an average of $22.9, and a high of $23.6.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2028: In 2028, Cyberconnect is predicted to have a minimum price of $33.9, average out at $31.6, and reach a maximum of $31.9.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2029: The year 2029 might see Cyberconnect’s price touching a low of $47.7, averaging $42.5, and peaking at $44.1.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction 2030: Lastly, by 2030, Cyberconnect’s price is forecasted to range from a minimum of $65.1, an average of $60.7, to a high of $60.8.

Cyberconnect Price Prediction: Is Cyber a Good Investment?

Founders: Wilson Wei (CEO), Ryan Li (CTO), Zhimao Liu (VP of Engineering) & Shiyu Zhang (Head of Product).

CyberConnect is a decentralized social network protocol. It allows developers to create social applications that connect users directly, ensuring ownership over their digital identities, content, and interactions. This shift is part of the Web3 movement, moving control to users.

CyberConnect V3 is the next-generation upgrade to the CyberConnect social network protocol, designed to advance Web3 social networking into a multi-chain era. It emphasizes hyper scalability for web3 social dApps and mirrors the web2 user experience. The core components include CyberAccount, an ERC-4337-compatible identity system; CyberGraph, a censorship-proof database for user content and connections; and CyberNetwork, a gas-efficient, scalable infrastructure to globalize CyberConnect.

CyberAccount enables users to engage in multi-chain Web3 social experiences. The ERC-4337 Account Abstraction allows users to manage gas payments across networks using CYBER on a specific network. CyberID serves as a user’s identifier within the protocol, similar to usernames on other platforms. Represented as an ERC-721 token, it provides identity within the CyberConnect ecosystem. W3ST, a non-transferable NFT, indicates a user’s position within their digital community.

CyberGraph employs smart contracts to link user identities with their content and social connections. Its middleware design stores social data on blockchain databases, enabling new social networking opportunities and token-driven monetization models.

CyberNetwork CyberConnect V2 users paid over $2M in gas fees in just 11 months. To address this, upcoming upgrades to CyberConnect will aim to significantly reduce the costs of social interactions/transactions.

Cyberconnect Ecosystem

Some notable projects and their details include:

  • Plant Crossing: A project in the Games and AR categories.
  • AllsTo: Focused on Payments.
  • MemeBook: Categorized under SocialFi.
  • CyberTune: Operating in the Social, Creator Economy, and Music sectors.
  • Link3: A project encompassing Social, Profiles, and the CyberConnect Ecosystem.
  • Atem Network: A Social, Creator Economy, and Publishing Platform project that raised $3M in funding from GSR.
  • Gabby World: A Social project backed by SevenX Ventures.
  • Superhero NFT Wars: A Social project supported by GeekCartel.
  • Huddle01: A Tools and Lens Ecosystem project that secured $2.8M in funding from HashKey Capital.
  • Flappy Moonbird: A Games project that raised $8M from FBG Capital.
  • Wonderverse: A DAO Solutions project with an additional two tags, which raised $2.5M from Spartan Group.
  • GalxeGAL: Spanning multiple categories like Appchain, DID, BNB Sidechain, and Digital Credentials, it raised $9.97M from Coinbase Ventures.
  • Aspecta: Categorized under Infra, AI, and DID, it garnered $3.5M in funding from HashKey Capital.

Cyberconnect has officially begun the Cybertrek on Optimism Mainnet. Now a user can set up their first ERC-4337 powered smart account on Optimism and start their abstraction journey. This will also allow the users to earn rewards. CyberTrek will be running from July 26 to September 24, 2023, offering participants reward opportunities.

  • CyberPoints: There are 300,000 CyberPoints available. By topping up gas credit, participants can claim 2 CyberPoints. A total of 140,000 CyberPoints are currently available for this action.
  • CyberWallet Early Access: Participants can obtain early access to the CyberWallet app by minting the CyberWallet Early Access NFT on their chosen blockchain.
  • Launch Partner Events and AMAs: Events like CyberTrek x Particle Network and CyberConnect x Phaver AMA are scheduled, offering various engagement points.
  • Twitter Sharing Rewards: Participants can earn 150 CyberPoints by sharing about CyberTrek on Twitter. 20 winners will be chosen at random from this pool.
  • Mini-Shards: On topping up gas credit, participants can claim 2 Mini-Shards. There’s a total pool of 300,000 Mini-Shards available for this.

Alchemy, the web3 developer platform, powered a significant airdrop event for CyberConnect, a web3 social network. Through Alchemy’s Account Abstraction infrastructure, over 100k users effortlessly claimed their $CYBER governance tokens without spending gas. This collaboration marked a major milestone in promoting user-centric digital identity in the web3 space, with CyberConnect amassing 1.4 million users since its launch.

CYBER: CyberConnect’s Native Utility & Governance Token

CYBER is the core utility and governance token of the CyberConnect protocol, designed to shape the framework for CyberDAO, a body that directs community growth and protocol expansion.

  • Token holders use CYBER to vote on ‘CyberConnect Improvement Proposals’ aimed at the protocol’s long-term viability.
  • Proposals may cover aspects like fee adjustments, accepted payment tokens, protocol extensions to other blockchains, and funding for community and developer initiatives.
  • CYBER is the primary currency for buying a CyberProfile, including premium usernames.
  • In CyberWallet, CYBER will facilitate gas payments across EVM-compatible chains like Ethereum, Optimism, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, Base, and Polygon.

Since its debut on August 15, 2023, at a price of $19.91, CyberConnect’s CYBER token price witnessed significant fluctuations.

Initially, $Cyber price soared to a high of $20.03 before sharply receding to lows of around $3.54. Trading volume initially peaked at $154.9M but fell substantially in the subsequent days. By August 28, 2023, the volume had reduced to $24 M, suggesting a diminishing trader interest.

However, a dramatic turnaround began on August 29th, with trading volumes surging to $359M. This momentum reached its peak on September 2, 2023. On this day, CYBER’s price skyrocketed by an astounding 740% over the past week and 230% in just 24 hours on the Korean Upbit exchange against BTC. The trading volume also peaked at a massive $846M. This surge is primarily attributed to Korean traders, notorious for their weekend “pump and dump” strategies.

Cyberconnect token experienced a substantial price decline from September 2nd. The peak Cyber Token price during this period was $14.2 on September 2nd, while the lowest was $5.3 on September 8th. In terms of trading volume, the period’s peak was $846 M on September 2nd, contrasting with its lowest was on September 7th, at $51.3M. Following its peak on September 2nd, the CYBER token demonstrated a trend of decreasing prices, trading volumes, and market capitalization, suggesting a potential market recalibration or dwindling trader enthusiasm.

In theory, Cyberconnect appears to be an excellent protocol. However, the ecosystem is still a work in progress. It is currently a high-risk trading opportunity.

Where to buy Cyberconnect $CYBER?

  • Binance began trading for CyberConnect (CYBER) at 12:00 (UTC), introducing pairs such as CYBER/BNB.
  • To commemorate the listing of $CYBER, Bitrue is hosting a Deposit Rebate Event, allowing participants to earn up to 10% cashback on $CYBER deposits.
  • Bybit also revealed its intent to list $CYBER on its Spot Trading platform on the same date, with features like the Spot Grid Bots function and a hinted grand prize pool.
  • WOO X announced its listing of $CYBER, generating significant engagement in the crypto community.
  • Meanwhile, MEXC and Coinstore have also highlighted $CYBER in their upcoming trading schedules.

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