3 Reasons Analysts are Bearish on Shiba Inu Price and Bullish on Dash 2 Trade and IMPT

3 Reasons Analysts are Bearish on Shiba Inu Price and Bullish on Dash 2 Trade and IMPT

With Tokens like Shiba Inu struggling, new projects like Calvaria, Dash 2 Trade, and IMPT may be more attractive.

Shiba Inu (SHIB) has been in a free-fall this year. Year-to-date, the crypto coin has lost 70.33% of its value, dropping all the way to a value of $0.00000993 as of October 24. In the past, a token like SHIB could have provided great returns, but it seems that those days are gone for many cryptos, including this one.

Because of the very low price, many crypto investors are wondering whether Shiba Inu could be poised for a return to glory. With the price so low, opportunists are thinking it might be the right time to buy.

Many analysts, though, are very bearish on Shiba Inu for the future, and there are many reasons why. Below, we’ll dive into three of the top reasons why analysts are bearish on Shiba Inu, and what is the opportunity in new projects such as Calvaria (RIA), Dash 2 Trade (D2T), and IMPT.

Lack of Use Cases

One of the big things that give crypto projects long-term value is use cases. When a crypto project can prove that there are multiple use cases for it, then it can become known as a utility token, which then gives it long-term value. 

In the case of Shiba Inu, there is really a dearth of these use cases. While there are numerous plans in place, there is not a lot of utility for the coin outside of its own ecosystem. SHIB has its own exchange known as the ShibaSwap, but the popularity of the coin came from the backing it received on social media.

How are RIA, D2T, and IMPT different?

Calvaria is bridging the gap between crypto Play-to-Earn (P2E) gaming and regular gaming so that those who aren’t familiar with crypto can become familiar and interested. It’s “on-boarding” users, for instance, by offering a free-to-play game and a blockchain version of it. This creates long-lasting value and interest in RIA.

Dash 2 Trade is a brand new trading insights platform specifically geared toward crypto investors. It’s a service that didn’t exist before now, and one that crypto traders desperately needed. It gives great trading signals and insights, including social signals that are huge in the crypto investing world.

IMPT is revolutionizing the carbon offset market by bringing it onto the blockchain. The decentralized nature makes it fully transparent, preventing fraud and double counting that is everywhere in today’s market. In essence, it’s directly contributing to helping the world lower its carbon footprint (Buy IMPT Pre-Sale here).

Is Shib losing its charm?

Experienced crypto investors love to see the potential. And while they won’t shy away from negative returns — since periods of falling value are inevitable with any investment — they don’t want to see continued failure.

While there certainly was a time when Shiba Inu showed tons of potential, it’s been quite a while since that happened. It’s been on a steady decline for all of 2022, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to make a bounce back any time soon. It’s another reason so many analysts are bearish on Shiba Inu.

RIA, D2T, and IMPT, on the other hand, are all new crypto projects that are showing potential. Due to the high use cases that they have all made, they are attracting loads of interest in the early stages. All three projects are in Presale mode right now, which provides a great opportunity for investors to get in on the ground level before the price rises steeply.

3. There Are Too Many Tokens

Another factor is that there are 589 trillion SHIB in circulation right now. This means that a huge fluctuation in price is highly unlikely to occur. Sure, it could experience some bumps in value here and there, but getting to a level anywhere close to $1 is unrealistic.

If it were to do that, it would mean that SHIB would have a total market value of roughly $589 trillion. Putting that in perspective, that would equal more than all the wealth in the world that’s recorded currently ($431 trillion). So, it’s just never going to happen.

On the flip side, the three new projects of Calvaria, Dash 2 Trade (Buy here), and IMPT don’t have that problem. There isn’t an overabundance of tokens on the market already, and there isn’t a very clear limit to where it can rise because of it.

Savvy crypto investors and analysts don’t want to see that there’s a hard cap to how much they can make. They especially don’t want to see it if the hard cap is relatively low compared to their buy-in point. With Shiba Inu, that hard cap exists and is very real. With RIA, D2T, and IMPT, it doesn’t.

Buy RIA, D2T, and IMPT in Presale Now

There are many more reasons why analysts are so bearish on Shiba Inu and positive on Calvaria, Dash 2 Trade, and IMPT. All three of these new crypto projects are currently in their Presale stages — and they’re all performing very well so far. This means that their current stages of presale are likely to end before the original projections.

The price for each token is set to increase with the next Presale stage, making now the best time to invest if you want to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities they provide.

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