Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction: Does the Copy-trading platform token have real utility?

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction: Does the Copy-trading platform token have real utility?

Dash 2 Trade is an excellent proposition with a good use case. Dash 2 Trade Tokens on the other hand have usage limited to the platform itself for now. The Tokens will perform well if the platform grows in users.

Dash 2 Trade is a social trading and crypto analytics platform that helps investors to make their investment decisions wisely. The following are the crucial features offered by the platform:

  • It provides trading signals for buy and sell opportunities in the market.
  • The network generates alerts for crypto listings to benefit the users.
  • Dash2Trade provides the social sentiments for spot-trending coins.

D2T is an ERC-20 token that gives users access to the platform and its features.

With this platform, traders can get in-depth insights into the market and create their strategies for investing and trading. One of its crucial features is the on-chain analysis and social insights. With the help of this feature, users can spot specific coins with significant price movements.

Is Dash2 Trade a Good Investment?

As per the Dash 2 Trade whitepaper, D2T’s value is linked with the number of users of the system and not with the activity of the traders i.e., its value will increase with the increasing number of users on the platform. Moreover, according to the whitepaper, the D2T token will always be tax-less.

Following are the use cases of the D2T token:

  • D2T tokens can be to pay the subscription fee to access the Dash 2 trade ecosystem.
  • These tokens can be used to participate in trading competitions to get rewards within the platform.

Positioning: The primary audience for the D2T platform is the traders, which is reflected by its features and products as per the whitepaper.

Model: D2T’s model is subscription-based where the fee can be paid using D2T tokens.

With the increase in popularity of digital assets, there has been launched many crypto analytics platforms as well. Reports say that the cryptocurrency market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 31.3% by the end of 2023 and is predicted to reach a value of 46.2 billion US Dollars. Therefore, there will always be a need for crypto trading platforms. However, there are plenty of trading platforms in the market that have gained the trust of the users and are performing pretty well.

But what makes Dash2Trade more unique in itself is its native token D2T. Note that D2T is a utility token and hence provides many advantages to the holders. D2T will help access different features of the dashboard. Moreover, the users can participate in various competitions to get rewards in the Dash2trade ecosystem. Therefore, unlike, its competitors, Dash2Trade provides numerous benefits to users with the help of its native token.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction: Competition analysis

Two of the notable competitors of Dash2Trade are eToro and Pionex.

Pionex– It is a crypto exchange platform with built-in trading bots. Here, the users can access the trading bots without any additional fees. Therefore, users can automate their investing strategy without continuously monitoring the market.

eToro- It is a platform that provides its users with access to 2000+ various financial assets such as cryptocurrencies, stocks, ETFs, etc. In simple words, eToro is a social trading company majority focussing on investment and copy trading services.

Both are not listed on exchanges, so it is a new entrant in the DeFi category.

Overall, Dash 2 Trade is a promising new platform that appears to add value to the lives of investors. The Token has guaranteed usage inside the platform and the limited supply and growth of the platform itself can deliver healthy returns. However, the pricing of the token in the ICO will be a critical factor. Should it be priced very low (say a market cap of less than $10 Million), the token would be valuable. If anything above that would make the token less valuable.

D2T Tokenomics: Explained

D2T operates on the Ethereum blockchain and the D2T token is an ERC-20 token. D2T is a utility token and offers numerous benefits within the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem.

Note that the total supply of the tokens is capped at 1 billion D2T and hence, no more tokens can be created once the maximum limit is reached.

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Roadmap of the D2T platform

In order to build the trading experience of the future, Dash 2 Trade has shared its roadmap in five following phases:

Phase 1: This phase includes the foundation of the D2T ecosystem and the development of a highly experienced team. It also includes the presale launch of the D2T token.

Phase 2: Phase 2 includes the beta testing launch by the Dash 2 Trade ecosystem and the D2T token’s listing on centralized and decentralzie4d exchanges.

Phase 3: It includes the development of additional Dash 2 Trade features in the analytics dashboard and the launch of the “Ask Me Anything” ecosystem within the platform. This phase will further enhance the D2T’s partnerships and integrations.

Phase 4: Phase 4 will include the launch of “Auto-trading” within the D2T platform where the traders can enable selling and buying in an autonomous manner.

Phase 5: This phase will include the launch of the platform’s social trading features. With this, the Dash 2 trade token holders can share market insights and trading strategies with the community on D2T platform.

Dash 2 Trade Price Prediction: Recent buzz on Twitter

People are actively talking about Dash2Trade and $D2T on Twitter and there can be seen more than 100s of tweets in the last hour for Dash 2 Trade.

The primary reason for the increased activity is that the users are not able to claim their D2T tokens purchased during the pre-sale period. As the pre-sale is about to end in a few hours and hence, users are in a rush to know a way to claim their tokens.

The majority of the users are claiming that the Dash2Trade team is asking for their Metamask wallet keys to help them get their D2T tokens. The recent Twitter sentiments indicate that the Dash2Trade platform needs to provide more clarity to the users regarding a way to claim their tokens once the pre-sale period is over in a few hours.

~Charu Taneja

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Charu Taneja

Charu Taneja