Decred Price Prediction: DCR Trades Lower as Outlook Worsens

Decred Price Prediction: DCR Trades Lower as Outlook Worsens
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April 27th, Decred Price Prediction 2022: For the Next 24 Hours the Momentum of DCR Coin is likely Bearish.

The current outlook is Negative (Positive: 0% Negative: 100%)

The current Price of Decred (DCR) Coin is:

Decred Price Prediction: Performance Chart

The Decred chart has been mostly red in 2022. In the first week of January 2022, DCR was trading at over $70 but the price of DCR retreated and went below $50 in mid-March. The mass sell-off resulted in the price decline of DCR.

Decred YTD Chart

image 389

Decred in the last 24 hours breached $62 but quickly retreated. On the 24 hours chart, Decred has been mostly bearish. There has been a recovery attempt in the last few hours, the price of Decred has once again breached $60.

image 462
5 Days
Decred Performance 2022

DCR is one of the best-performing cryptos in the last 5 days.

Decred Price Prediction 2022: Technical Recommendation

Latest Decred (DCR) Analysis Video

Google Search Trends for Decred Coin

The Google Trend search for Decred Coins is lower than yesterday’s level at the same time.

[Move the cursor over the chart to see the latest values and compare them with the same times yesterday]

Decred Price Prediction: Social Media Data

LunarCrush Statistics

Decred Price Prediction: Cronos Social Media Sentiment

7 Days
24 Hours
Social Media Net Sentiment (Decred)

Decred Coin Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Market Cap Rank
Goggle Search (24 Hours)
Trading Volumes
Social Media Sentiment
Social Media Buzz

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Decred Price Prediction: Market Cap and Volume Data

Market Cap Rank
Current Market Cap
$ 839 M
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value
$ 5.96 M

Decred Price Prediction 2022: Latest Tweets

Originally tweeted by JAVON⚡️MARKS (@javonnnm) on April 22, 2022.

🔥#DCR‘s 1d chart returning with STRENGTH and is positioned to show MUCH MORE! $DCR is positioned to climb over 150% to reach the target at $182.0 and has shown recently it can move QUICKLY! #Decred may be ready to go…


Originally tweeted by Jim T 🦬 (@JimktJim) on April 21, 2022.

#Decred price spikes mid month each of the last 5 months. 4 major spikes & 1 minor spike (right before the War). Credit to @DCR_Uncle for putting a spotlight on this. Credit to @Applesaucesome1 for the chart. A $DCR thread…


Multiple theories abound & obviously no one knows for sure. I believe these spikes are a big entity building a big position in Decred. My reasons for are as follows…

1) $DCR has strong legitimate fundamentals as an investment. I was drawn to it as a level headed experienced investors

2) The staking rewards are increasing dramatically

3) Ease & amount of profits scales up with size. Bigger entity can use its clout & voting power to steer the $DCR treasury to work with the entities own assets. Marketing, programming, consulting & legal assets.

Entity gets paid to build up its own investment

4) Low current entry price provides huge upsides with very limited downside risk. Crypto prices can never go negative because there is no disposal or holding costs

5) #Drecred is hard to get in bulk so these spikes are an efficient way accumulate semi fast

6) and lastly, it has already been proven that some big investors are aware of $DCR

In my mind, it’s reasonable to say the simplest explanation is a large entity motivated by future profits.

How to Buy DCR Coins?

Step 1: For Investing in Decred first you need to find an exchange offering Decred Coin for Trade

Step 2: Creating an account with the Exchange

Step 3: Verify your Identity

Step 4: Fund the Wallet

Step 5: Make Purchase

Where to Buy Decred Coins?

The exchanges offering Decred coins for trade are:

  2. Coinbase
  3. FTX Exchange
  4. Binance
Decred Price Prediction

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