Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds

Denver Nuggets is predicted to win Game 4 of 7 games conference semi-finals against Phoenix Suns as per latest Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds

Phoenix Suns lead the 7-games conference semi-final series against Denver Nuggets by 2-0 and on Sunday night the two teams will be up against each other once again for Game 4 of the series. Before the two teams play the Game 4, they will clash in Game 3 of the conference semi finals on Friday night.

On Wednesday night it was Chris Paul who destroyed the defense of Denver Nuggets. He chipped in 17 points had massive 15 assists and 5 rebounds. Devin Booker chipped in with 18 points and ten rebounds. Phoenix Suns dominated the game from first quarter itself by taking a lead of 4 points in first quarter. By the end of 3rd quarter, Suns had a lead of 19 points and by the time final whistle was blown, Suns lead the game by 25 points, final score being 123-98.

On Friday night, Phoenix Suns will travel to Ball Arena, home to Denver Nuggets. Suns have suffered a bit in their away campaign this season while the Nuggets have had a better home campaign than the away record. If Nuggets is successful in defeating Suns in Game 3, then the series will be wide open with Game 4 playing an important indication for future of both the teams in this season.

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Predictions and Betting Odds

The Game 4 of Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns will be a home game for Nuggets. FiveThirtyEight gives Nuggets advantage over Suns. The latest Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds are yet to be updated.

The latest Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds will be updated on game day.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds: Game Details

Phoenix Suns vs Denver Nuggets Game 4 of Conference Semi Finals

Scheduled Date and Time: June 13, 8PM EST

Host Team: Denver Nuggets

Where to Watch: The national broadcast partners of the NBA are ABC, TNT, ESPN and NBA TV.  For out of market or online viewing use NBA League Pass.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds: Recent Form

Phoenix Suns have had an excellent season as of now. They ended their regular season on a high note with 51 wins and 21 losses. They were 2nd among the Western Conference teams. Their Conference was best among all the Western Conference teams as they won 30 of the 42 games and had just 12 losses. On roads they did have more number of losses than against the teams at home. They away record was 24-12 while at home they had 27 wins and just 9 losses. They entered the playoffs which three games winning streak.

Post season, they were up against the toughest challenge, defending champions Los Angeles Lakers. They started off with a win in Game 1 but Lakers were quick to equalize in the very next game and by the end of 3rd game, Lakers were ahead in the series by 2-1. However, Phoenix Suns bounced back strong and won 3 consecutives games thereby ending the 7 game series in just 6 games.

Denver Nuggets on the other hand ended their regular season just below Phoenix Suns with 47 wins and 25 losses. They started their NBA 2020-21 campaign run with back-to-back two defeats but were able to pull up their socks and improve their performance. They had an average Conference record with 26 wins and 16 losses. At home they were 27-9 but on roads they lost 12 of the 36 games that they played. Nuggets lost the last game of the regular season before making into playoffs

Nuggets were up against Portland Trail Blazers for 7 games playoffs. In very first game they faced a set back with Trail Blazers registering a win, however, they bounced back in very next game to level the series. They won the Game 3 but lost the Game 4. The 7 games series ended by six games as Denver Nuggets registered two back to back wins. The Nuggets currently are 2 game down against Phoenix Suns in the semi-finals

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds: Head-to-head

In 2020-21 NBA season, Denver Nuggets have played Phoenix Suns 5 times as of now. With victory in last game, Phoenix Suns is now 3-2 against the Nuggets this season.

Overall, the two teams have played 182 regular games against each other. Denver Nuggets have won 84 games while Phoenix Suns have won 98 games.

In the post season games between Phoenix Suns and Denver Nuggets, Phoenix Suns have 8 wins in 11 games while Nuggets have won only 3.

Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds: Predicted Winner

With two victories in first two games, Phoenix Suns will certainly be the favorites to win the Friday night clash against Denver Nuggets. However, with home advantage and Phoenix Suns’ less impressive form on roads, FiveThirtyEight predicts a win for the host, Denver Nuggets. As per them Nuggets have 56% probability of beating the Suns while for Suns to this on road game, the platform places its chances at mere 44%.

The latest Denver Nuggets vs Phoenix Suns Predictions and Betting Odds will be updated on game day

Looking at the outright prediction, according to Oddschecker and SMarkets, Brooklyn Nets is the favorites to win this season’s NBA. Phoenix Suns is 5th favorites as per both the platforms while Denver Nuggets is 7th favorite as per Smarkets and 6th favorite as per Oddschecker.

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