DigiToads price Prediction: Is DigiToads Legit?

Latest Digitoads Presale News

  • At the present “Lilypads 10” stage, the project has raised $6,920,297 with 95.36% of tokens sold. Each token is priced at $0.05 USDT. The next stage will see the price rise to $0.055. Buyers have multiple cryptocurrency options for purchasing, including BTC, ETH, BNB, and more. The presale is nearing its end with just over one day remaining. Active participants in the presale also stand a chance to win various rewards, including a grand prize of $50,000.
  • For a limited time, using the promo code “30POLES” provides buyers with a 30% bonus. Interested individuals can sign up on their platform, providing basic details, and must agree to the platform’s terms and conditions before purchasing.
  • Potential investors are reminded to update their receiving addresses before the 15th of August to successfully receive their tokens.
  • TOADS will initially be launched on Uniswap V2.

Digitoads price Prediction: Is Digitoads a Good Investment?

What is Digitoads?

DigiToads (TOADS) is a meme coin that offers both play-to-earn and stake-to-earn opportunities. It is also developing its own metaverse called ‘The Swamp’.

DigiToads is a web3 game where users can collect, care for, and engage in battles with Toad NFTs.
The DigiToads game lets players collect, care for, and engage in battles with unique DigiToads. These special NFTs can be obtained through purchases, trades, or winning them.

Features of Digitoads

  • Digi-Toads has a built-in token burn feature that creates immediate deflation. This means its fixed maximum supply gradually decreases, resulting in a limited number of TOAD tokens available forever.
  • With each transaction, 2% of TOAD tokens are added to the staking rewards. These rewards are distributed to staked TOAD NFTs.
  • It has a Treasury contributing to the staking pool, supporting TOAD’s deflationary model, advancing development, and maintaining sufficient liquidity for users to freely participate in and exit the swamp.

Utility of TOADS Tokens

  • $TOAD will serve as the governing token for the DigiToads ecosystem.
  • $TOAD will be accepted for purchases across various parts of the ecosystem, including the DigiToads store and staking platform.
  • $TOAD will be the primary token used for transactions within the DigiToads ecosystem, offering convenience and accessibility for users.

Furthermore, DigiToads has undergone a comprehensive audit by Coinsult, a trusted blockchain auditing firm. This verification ensures that the code powering DigiToads is highly secure and has been thoroughly examined to identify and address any potential vulnerabilities.

Overall, DigiToads seems to be a moderate investment opportunity.

DigiToads Price Prediction: Is Digitoads Legit?

DigiToads audit by Coinsult

Audit Scope & Methodology:

  • Automated tools & manual review assessed vulnerabilities.
  • Risk classification ranges from informational to high-risk.
  • The SWC attack analysis was conducted, with only one failed test.

Key Findings:

  1. Maximum Fee Limit: Owners are restricted from setting transfer, buy, or sell fees to 25% or more.
  2. Contract Pausability: Owners have the capability to pause the contract, stopping trades.
  3. Max Transaction Amount: Owners can’t limit transaction amounts.
  4. Exclusion from Fees: Owners can’t exclude certain addresses from fees.
  5. Minting Abilities: Owners are barred from creating new tokens.
  6. Blacklisting: Owners can’t prohibit specific addresses from engaging with the contract.
  7. Other Privileges: Owners can withdraw tokens, ETH, and control auto liquidity.

Security Concerns:

  • Reentrancy Attacks: The contract might be exposed to reentrancy attacks.
  • Numeric Notations: Numeric values are hard to read.
  • Missing Arithmetic Events: Crucial calculations lack event triggers.
  • Redundant SafeMath: Unnecessary use in Solidity 0.8.0+.
  • Supply Centralization: Initial assets are solely with the deployer.
  • Third-party Dependencies: Reliance without constant verification.
  • Owner’s Token Swap Control: The swapTokensAtAmount can be altered without restrictions.
  • Dividend Distribution Issues: Comes from holder deposits instead of fees.

NOVOS has confirmed the identification of the owner (their contact for the DigiToads project). The individual has successfully completed the KYC (Know Your Customer) process. For security, NOVOS has stored this information on two devices that aren’t connected to the internet.

DigiToads Reddit Conversations Summary

“Digitoads” has garnered attention due to concerns about its operations. A particular concern stems from a discrepancy between the project’s official social media channels and a Telegram group that was linked by the official Twitter. The Telegram group contains messages that have caused confusion and suspicion among users. While some members of the community vouch for Digitoads’ legitimacy, others have reservations.

Digitoads Roadmap

It includes the following six stages:


  • Ensuring token integrity
  • Launching its website
  • Beginning of Pre-sale
  • Creating the foundation of the tokens


  • Offering a glimpse of their unique NFTs
  • Igniting the marketing efforts
  • Partnering with influential voices


  • Expanding the reach on Uniswap
  • Creating and releasing captivating NFTs
  • Empowering the community to stake tokens


  • Unlocking farming opportunities on various DEX platforms
  • Unveiling the exciting alpha version of their NFT battle mechanics
  • Providing a seamless in-house swapping experience


  • Expanding its network across different blockchains
  • Building bridges for seamless interoperability
  • Empowering the users with educational trading classes


  • Initiating exciting battles among treasury traders
  • Unveiling the vibrant ToadMerch shop for fans to explore

Digitoads Price Prediction: How to Buy Digitoads?

Users can purchase TOADS tokens from Digitoads’ official website during the pre-sale period. The following are the four steps to make a purchase:

  • Create an account to track purchases and view your $TOADS balance.
  • After registering, select “Purchase Tokens” and enter the desired amount in US Dollars and the cryptocurrency for payment. Confirm your order by clicking “Pay using cryptocurrency”.
  • Once your order is confirmed, you’ll receive a payment wallet address (valid for 24 hours).
  • Complete the payment using your chosen cryptocurrency to the provided address. Your customer account will reflect the updated purchase and token quantity.

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