EOS Price Prediction 2022, 2025 and 2030: EOS continues to Underperform the market with High Volumes

EOS Price Prediction 2022, 2025 and 2030: EOS continues to Underperform the market with High Volumes
  • EOS Price Prediction 2022 is $1.9
  • EOS Price Prediction 2025 is $4.7
  • EOS Price Prediction 2030 is $23.9
  • EOS Price Prediction Today is Marginally Negative. There is an increased buzz in the Crowd but the conversations are also trending in a negative direction
  • EOS is currently 47th on Market Cap but 23rd on Trading Volumes

Latest EOS USD Price

EOS Price Performance in 2022

Last 5 days-2.2%-0.3%

EOS has been underperforming Ethereum since 2020 and has been on a downward path since September of last year. EOS trended lower much before other cryptocurrencies.

EOS is characterized by unusual volumes and repeated attempts to return to 2021 levels have failed and the crypto appears to be on a downward spiral.

EOS Price Prediction 2022, June 9th

Predicted Price
EOS Prediction 2022$1.9

EOS Price Prediction 2025, June 9th

Predicted Price
EOS Prediction 2025$4.7

EOS Price Prediction 2030, June 9th

Predicted Price
EOS Prediction 2030$23.9

EOS Prediction Outlook

Overall OutlookNegative
1.Market’s WisdomNegative
1a. Market DataNegative
Market CapLower
Trading VolumeLower
1b. Technical RecommendationSell
2. Crowd’s WisdomNeutral
2a. Crowd’s BuzzMarginally Positive
Google Search VolumesSteady
Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentLower
3. Bitcoin ForecastSell

EOS Prediction Chart Today

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EOS Prediction today: Market Cap and Volume Data

Market Cap Rank46thNA
Current Market Cap$ 1243 BLower
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value$ 229 MLower

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EOS Prediction: Google Search Trends

The interest level on Google for EOS is the same as yesterday.[Please move the cursor on the chart to see the latest interest levels and compare them with 24 hours ago]

EOS Price USD Prediction: Social Media Buzz

LunarCrush StatisticsVolume/ RankTrend
Social Mentions658Higher
Social Engagement874kHigher

EOS Forecast: Social Media Sentiment

Last 7 DaysLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment ($EOS)+3.5%+0.6%Lower

Why EOS was a FAILURE… (My Contrarian View)

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EOS Price Prediction


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