Flasko Price Prediction: Is Flasko Legit?

Is Flasko a Scam, Is Flasko Legit?

Flasko Reddit Discussions

In a Reddit discussion, users are discussing whether Flasko.io is a scam or not. Let us analyze the discussion briefly.

One user wrote that Flasko.io is a 100% scam because 50% of the tokens are distributed to developers only. Another user commented that Flasko.io is Registered with GoDaddy and only for one year; hence it can’t be legit. While, one user wrote that many businesses are registered with expiration dates and thus, it should not be a cause of worry in the case of Flasko.io too.

One of the Reddit users commented that the company asked for his MetaMask seed phrase for verification of the wallet and hence it is definitely a scam. Another user even wrote that Flasko’s team is the same as that of coin Uniglo (GLO) and hence, it’s a big scam.

As per the discussion, we can say that there are very few Reddit users that believed that Flasko.io cannot be a scam and hence, overall Reddit sentiments are negative about this project.

What is Flasko Crypto and Flasko Investment Platform?

Flasko is a protocol aiming to be the first vintage wine, champagne, and whiskey investment and trading platform. Here, every investment will be represented as a fractionalized non-fungible token (NFT). The NFTs can be fractionalized, meaning that the users can easily invest in premium whiskeys (for example) with a small investment. Moreover, users can trade their investments with Flasko’s unique investment platform.

Furthermore, Flasko aims to partner with high-end beverage start-ups to help them enter the market as well.

The Flasko Investment platform is a specialized investment platform where all the NFT investments will be made available. Simply put, users can convert their investments into NFT through the Flasko platform.

Note that the Flasko Investment Platform will charge a 0.5% platform fee on all investments and trades.

How is it different?

  • Flasko is unique in itself because it has introduced a very easy method for crypto investors to invest in wines, champagne, and whiskeys.
  • On the platform, NFTs are underpinned by vintage whiskey, wines, and champagnes.
  • Moreover, users can even purchase and trade fractionalized NFTs, allowing even common people to invest.

The prices of wines and whiskey rise as per their vintage and hence such a platform has an excellent use case. And given the high price of such spirits, the fractionalization of the NFTs by Flasko is a great concept to allow everyone to invest in it.

How does Flasko work?

Flasko’s working mechanism is summarised in below mentioned five points:

  • The analysts at Flasko track the market and identify the products with the best potential for the long term and then all the wines, champagnes, and whiskeys will be stored in insured and license-bound warehouses.
  • Every NFT will represent an individual investment in wine, whiskey, and champagne or even a basket of the aforementioned products.
  • Every non-fungible token will be tradable through the Flasko platform where the users can sell and buy the investments.
  • Moreover, the users can stake the tokens to cast governance votes and make decisions on the platform.

Is Flasko Crypto a Good Investment?

Flasko has been developed around investments in wine. Therefore, let us understand wine investments in great detail.

  • Vintage wines and other spirits grow in price as they age, hence, it is a kind of passive income for investors
  • Investors own something tangible while investing in wine and whiskey
  • Anyone can purchase NFTs with even smaller investments because of the fractionalization of NFTs.
  • Being an alternate investment, it can provide stability in high and low-inflationary markets.

Flasko’s Roadmap

Flasko has launched its roadmap in four stages where every stage will represent a different growth phase for Flasko’s network:

Stage 1: It includes the social media launch, organic growth, creation of the Flasko smart contract and stage one marketing.

Stage 2: This phase includes the launch of FLSK on Uniswap, and its listing on Coinmarketcap and CoinGecko, the launch of a private membership club, the development of mobile applications, stage two marketing and the development of NFT marketplace for wines, champagnes and whiskey.

Stage 3: Stage 3 includes the applications to centralized exchanges, the development of Flasko’s launchpad, and the creation of a governance smart contract.

Stage 4: It includes the audit of NFT fractionalized smart contracts and the creation of a subscription-based system for worldwide users.

Flasko tokenomics

Flasko’s native token is FLSK which has a maximum supply of 1 billion. Out of 1 billion FLSK tokens, 35% will be made available during the presale period. FLSK has the following mentioned use cases:

  • FLSK tokens can be used by traders and users to invest and trade.
  • Users can stake FLSK tokens to receive a portion of revenue from the Flasko platform.
  • FLSK holders will get access to worldwide Flasko events.

Note that the Flasko team’s tokens will be locked for 3 years, as per Flakso’s Whitepaper and later, the tokens will be vested per month for another 3 years.

Also, there is a 7% total tax on buying the FLSK tokens, out of which 2% will be distributed to the liquidity pool, 1% to burn and 4% to marketing, And, there is a 14% total tax on selling the tokens, out of which 3% will be distributed to LP, 2% to burn and 9% to marketing.

Flasko Price prediction: Benefits for Pre-sale Investors

  • There is 100% off on trading fees for a lifetime if a user invests in Flasko during the pre-sale period.
  • Users will get access to the priority mint of NFTs on any platform.
  • Pre-sale investors will get free Flasko NFTs and the governance of the platform.
  • The users will get priority while distributing the trading rewards.

Flasko Price Prediction: FAQs

Where can I buy Flasko tokens?
How many Flasko Coins are there?

The total number of Flasko Coins will be limited to 1 Billion.

Flasko Twitter

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