How High Can Shiba Inu Go: Price Prediction Shiba Inu

How High Can Shiba Inu Go:  Price Prediction Shiba Inu
How High Can Shiba Inu Go: Price Prediction Shiba Inu: A detailed Analysis About Future of Shiba Inu

Shiba Inu’s all-time high was back in October 2021 when SHIB breached $0.000080 and was almost on the verge of breaching $0.000090. But since then SHIB’s price has retreated and now SHIB is almost on the verge of going below $0.000010. Shiba Inu is down nearly 90% since its all-time high.

Future Price Prediction Shiba Inu

TodayNegative Support at $0.0000109
Shiba Inu Price Prediction this weekNegative Support at $0.0000081
Next MonthNegative Support at $0.0000012
Max Shiba Forecast for 2022Positive $0.0000183
Shiba Inu 1 Dollar29 Years from Now If SHIB were to rise 20% a year
Shiba Inu 50 CentsShiba Needs to Rise 50,000 Times From Current Price
Shiba Inu 1 CentShiba Needs to Rise 700 Times From the Current Price

How High Can Shiba Inu Go In 2022: Analysts’ Prediction

  • sees SHIB hitting $0.00001501 by the end of 2022. By 2030, the platform predicts the price of Shib to hit a maximum of $0.000356.
  • Wallet Investor believes SHIB may rise to a maximum of $0.0000192 in 2022. It is admittedly optimistic about the price of SHIB in 2030. The platform predicts the price of SHIB to reach $0.0000340 in 2025.
  • CoinPrice Forecast is not very optimistic regarding the rise of Shiba Inu in 2022. As per them, the maximum price that SHIB could attain in 2022 is $0.0000115 while in 2030 as per the platform, the maximum price of SHIB could be $0.0000313.

How High Can Shiba Inu Go: Price Prediction Shiba Inu: Factors That Could Influence the Rise of Shiba Inu

  1. Massive Rise In Price Of Shib: Shiba Inu lost its momentum after it hit its all-time high in October 2021. Shiba investors need to back the token the way they had back in October 2021. If so happens, there will be a quick rise in the price of Shiba Inu.
  2. Role of Whales: In most of the cryptos, price rise has been influenced by the market condition. But in the case of Shib, it has been noticed that Whales have played a key role in determining the price of Shib. The Shib Whales need to once again help in determining the positive momentum of Shib as they had done in the past.
  3. Increase in the Long Term Holders: Shiba Inu holders have massively short-term holders. In the case of Bitcoin, over 60% of the holders have been in possession of BTC for over 1 year. But the scenario for Shib is completely different. Less than 20% of the holders are 1 year or more than a year old.
  4. Shib Burn: The supply of Shib tokens has been the main concern. There are 589,735,030,408,323 circulating supplies of Shib as of now. We estimated that 99.9999% of Shib token needs to be burnt to reach $1. Therefore, for SHIB to reach $0.50, a minimum of 50% of the SHIB token needs to burn.

How High Can Shiba Inu Go: Video Analysis

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