Icon Price Prediction 2023-2030: Will ICX Reach $10?

Latest ICON Price

Icon Past Performance

  • Last 5 days: +107.2%
  • Last 1 month: +112.9%
  • Last 6 months: +96.2%
  • Last 1 year: -50.6%

South Korean traders are betting on Solar (SXP) and Icon (ICX) tokens, with both rallying in the past 48 hours and seeing hundreds of millions of dollars in trading volumes on local crypto exchanges.

Tech Upgrades: BTP contracts have been deployed on testnets for different blockchains and the development teams are working to improve the technology. Other teams are also invited to explore and use BTP’s xCall to enhance their own applications. The goal is to create a BTP 2.0 testnet, and the teams are working towards it.

Icon Price Prediction: Is ICX a Good Investment?

ICON Network is a layer-one blockchain that aims to create a scalable, secure, and chain-agnostic multichain bridging solution. It achieves this through its Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP), which supports cross-chain token swaps and smart contract calls.

The ICON ecosystem connects partner blockchains with other blockchains integrated via BTP, such as Binance Smart Chain, Near, Harmony, Moonriver, Polkadot, ICE/SNOW, Ethereum, and more. Additionally, the ICON network features a variety of dApps, including deFi protocols, NFT platforms, games, and others.

Key Features

  • ICON Network offers an interoperability solution that is not limited by blockchain technology or existing connections
  • The network serves as a hub that instantly connects all blockchains integrated with the ICON ecosystem, whether built using ICON’s Goloop, Cosmos SDK, or Substrate
  • ICON’s mission is to build a multichain future by integrating with existing networks and facilitating the creation of new networks and connections via its interoperability solution, BTP
  • It uses a delegated proof-of-stake (DPoS) consensus mechanism to secure its network, where a majority of stakeholders entrust their share of the network to registered validators
  • On ICON, ICX holders can stake and delegate ICX to P-Reps, which are entities that participate in governing the ICON blockchain
  • P-Reps are selected through an on-chain registration process, which includes paying a 2,000 ICX registration fee and can receive delegation in the form of staked ICX.
  • ICON’s Blockchain Transmission Protocol (BTP) enables cross-chain communication between smart contract-enabled blockchains.
  • ICON is advocating for broader adoption of ICON interoperability standards in the industry by supporting other interoperability protocols such as IBC, Optimistic Rollups, and Zero-Knowledge Proofs.

ICON is a general-purpose blockchain ecosystem that aims to connect different blockchains. However, several alternative blockchain projects are similar to ICON in their goal of providing a platform for building decentralized applications and interoperability between different blockchains. Some of these alternatives include Polkadot, Cosmos, Wanchain, Aion, and Ark.

ICX is the currency used to power the ICON blockchain and ecosystem. The following are the primary use cases of ICX token:

  • ICX tokens can be staked to earn passive rewards.
  • ICX holders can participate in network governance via voting processes.
  • ICX tokens can also be used for collateralization on DeFi platforms.

Therefore, considering its use cases, key features, and highly competitive market, Icon is a moderate case for investment.

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Icon Price Prediction: Will ICX Reach $10?

To reach $10, the ICX token needs to grow by nearly 38.5 times of its current market price.

Moreover, the ICX token reached its all-time high price of $7.8 in January 2018 where it grew by nearly 7.8 times in just two months (i.e., from the lowest price of $1 in November 2017).

Therefore, considering its 3.9 times growth in one month, we can say that the Icon token needs roughly 9.9 months (less than 1 year) to reach a price level of $10. However, it might take slightly more time depending on the market conditions of the economic factors.

Nonetheless, reaching $10 is a feasible target for ICX. But we cannot expect it to reach that value sooner.

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Icon Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

  • Icon Price Prediction 2023 is $0.75
  • Icon Price Prediction 2025 is $1.40
  • Icon Price Prediction 2030 is $5.75

Where can I Buy ICX Crypto?

ICX tokens can be bought from various centralized crypto exchanges such as Binance, KuCoin, Bithumb, Kraken, Huobi, Gate.io, Crypto.com Exchange, Bitvavo, BKEX, OKX, Probit Global, and WazirX.

~Charu Taneja

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