What Next For IMPT as Pre-sale Explodes

IMPT: IMPT pre-sale smashes records and it is on course to reach a $10 million pre-sale target.


The cryptocurrency market has been on a downtrend strangely as of late, but there are hints of a turnaround. Although most tokens have yet to return to their ATH levels, a few alternative cryptocurrencies are showing exceptional value and bucking the trend due to strong growth signs in the near term. 

Tamadoge (TAMA) and IMPT are the two tokens to be on a bullish rally. Tamadoge is a new recognized meme coin that has experienced previously unexpected bull runs. TAMA also enjoyed great success at its presale.  However, IMPT is a token working on a critically essential eco-friendly project, and its pre-sale is doing exceptionally well.


IMPT is one of the most discussed cryptos at the moment and that’s because it has surpassed Investors’ expectations. The solid roadmap and marketing of the crypto seem to be heading in the right direction.

IMPT is a crypto that’s backed by groups and investors globally that are interested in reducing the carbon emissions that are destroying the earth. So many crypto projects have been coming up in a bid to save the environment. However, IMPT is standing tallest among others. 

The IMPT crypto has witnessed a very successful presale stage and it has surpassed the $4 million mark, and this serves as the best time for investors to buy the coin at the cheapest price before it enters the second phase of pre-sale. The current price is $0.018 on the Impact Project website. The pre-sale has a decent possibility of hitting its target sooner than expected. Interested investors and crypto enthusiasts can participate in the pre-sale at the lowest possible price (before it rises to $0.023 in the second phase and $0.028 in the third and final phase). 

IMPT presale started swiftly on October 3, and in 24 hours it reached $150,000, in 48 hours it reached $550,000 and in 72 hours, it reached the $1 million mark. Currently, it has surpassed $4 million, and many crypto experts call it the best pre-sale of 2022.

TAMA’s success at presale was one of the huge reasons why investors made significant gains after the meme coin was listed on major exchanges. TAMA has also held on to significant gains it made despite retracement. IMPT is expected to make such massive returns if not more. 

This article will highlight what are the expectations for IMPT after the huge success of the pre-sale. It is seen as a potential coin worth buying and holding for significant gains when it is listed on major exchanges. 

The ongoing success of the project’s pre-sale phase 1 is a reflection of its high profile and popularity. Thus, the time to purchase IMPT and take advantage of its massive profit potential is now (You can buy ​​  Impt Now here)

What can we anticipate for IMPT in 2023? 

Predicting the future value of IMPT is not certain, but the token has shown signs of growth that suggest it could potentially reach the $0.5 threshold by 2023. This would be an enormous step forward for investors and it’s not completely out of the question. 

This is possible for TAMA because of the renewed interest in meme coins. Although DOGE has been the most talked about meme coin, recent developments like Tamadoge suggest that similar tokens are gaining popularity in the cryptocurrency world. 

TAMA is a trading pair on several major platforms, including OKX, MEXC, Bitmart, and others. In addition, Tamadoge’s value is increasing due to the most recent listing change.

However, pre-sale interest has been so high that IMPT could hit $0.5. Further, the token’s utility stems from the project’s inherent value. This initiative heralds the start of crypto being used in a way that is good for the environment by making use of cutting-edge tech to bring about a new benefit for Earth. 

Three separate presale periods have been put up by IMPT. The first round of token sales, which started in October and will end on 5 November, distributed 600,000,000 tokens for $0.018 each. There will be two presales, the second selling 660 million tokens for $0.023, and the third covering 540 million tokens for $0.028.

IMPT Will Attract More Investors 

The influence of IMPT is extremely different. To combat climate change, it is constructing a centralized platform that will accept carbon credits and unite the various groups working on the issue. Even though it was the project’s first presale, it managed to attract the attention of the crypto and non-crypto community and raise over $4 million in just under a week. 

Since it provides a tangible contribution to resolving a problem that affects everyone and will do so for decades to come, IMPT is likewise leveraging on a strong ability to attract investors.


Investors know that nothing better than getting into a sound project early. This applies to IMPT and TAMA. To purchase TAMA coins, go to any of the cryptocurrency mentioned above exchanges, and you can get IMPT.io pre-sale to join the first IMPT pre-sale phase before it gets late. It is believed that IMPT will attract more investors and experts strongly believe that IMPT will be worth $0.5 in 2023, which is a few months away. 

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