Is Luna Classic a Good Investment?

Is Luna Classic a Good Investment?

Is Luna Classic a Good Investment? Read on for a detailed analysis of Is LUNC a Buy or Sell?

Luna Classic is currently moving in sync with the current crypto market condition. However, since its launch, that is since May 2022, LUNC is up 8%.

LUNC has delivered returns every month except July and November since its re-launch. It has outperformed all major cryptocurrencies including its Fork Luna 2.0. It has outperformed even ‘Merge’ Ethereum. It has a solid community that acts as diamond hands when the price moves lower.

Therefore, despite the crash of LUNA 1.0, can LUNC be considered a Good Investment?

Some Risk Factors Involved in Luna Classic Investment

  1. Terra Luna Classic is heavily dependent on Community to get its act together but needs other investors to move the price higher. In order for that to happen, the Terra Luna Classic blockchain should be operating at an optimal level to encourage DApps to join the ecosystem. While there are some plans of action, none of them have been implemented.
  2. LUNC is following the same patterns as it did 2 months ago when it held at a steady level close to the peak and then fell 60% lower over a 4-week period. Therefore the risk of it falling 30% lower is quite high. Particularly so given that the Community is yet to sort out the larger consumer and business purpose of the coin. Just burning is not enough.

Therefore, those who have a large portion of their investment in Terra Luna Classic are better off reallocating elsewhere. Diversifying the allocation will reduce the risk of 100% loss without eliminating the possibility of very high returns. But those with zero allocations should certainly look at allocating a small portion with the assumption that 100% loss is possible if not certain.

Is Luna Classic a Good Investment: Factors in Favor of LUNC Investment

Luna Classic is backed by a strong community. The price of LUNC has increased since its launch. The excellent performance of LUNC so far is because of a concerted effort by the community to revive the coin. The involvement of the community has gone far beyond burning (like Shiba for example).

The LUNC community and Terra Rebels executed LUNC Burn quite efficiently and against heavy odds but the other plans to help the rise of Lunc price are yet to see the light of execution. However, we answer Yes to the question, ‘Should I Invest In Luna Classic?’ The reason being:

  • The price of LUNC is lower and it can give a very good return once the price rises.
  • Macroeconomics is likely to improve and the community may further consolidate its gains.

Will Luna continue to be a good investment? It depends on what happens next.

If the community can evolve the coin beyond burn and listing to differentiated use cases, It is a great buy. We track the community on a daily basis and we know this is the likely direction. However, we need more data to confirm if indeed this is the case. This is why we moved $LUNC from Buy to Hold after Burn was implemented.

CrowdwisdomLIVE Recommendation

First Overall Rating of Luna Classic

  • Lunc: 41/70
  • Luna 2.0: 23/70
  • Best of Class is Ethereum: 48/70

Current Investment Recommendation

  • Long-term: Hold
  • Short Term: Sell

As we correctly predicted on October 14th, Luna Classic has headed lower (20% lower on October 23rd). Trading volumes too have fallen as predicted from $ 287M on October 14th to $135M on October 23rd.

  1. LUNC is likely to head even lower for now
    • Luna Community has no new initiatives at the moment and price pumps have occurred only when there has been decisive community action. In other circumstances, the price tends to gradually move lower
    • Macroeconomic conditions are likely to squeeze trading volumes further, so a pump is less likely now than it was possible 4 weeks ago
  2. LUNC is likely to move higher in a few weeks
    • The community has proven to be resourceful in coming up with new ideas. There are some ideas on Coinbase listing, and new apps to be listed, and so on. If some of these move forward, it will certainly help the coin demand to go up.

Therefore, Unless someone is looking to trade in for the short term, a sale or buy is not a good idea.

Note: Crowdwisdom360 collates Predictions and data from all over the net and has no in-house view on the likely trends in the Index or Individual Stocks. Please consult a registered investment advisor to guide you on your financial decisions. 



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