Is Terra Luna Classic a Buy or a Sell?

Is Terra Luna Classic a Buy or a Sell?

Is Terra Luna Classic a Buy or a Sell? With Terra Luna Classic crashing over the last couple of days, is it time to buy or sell?

Terra Luna Classic has crashed nearly 80% over the last couple of weeks. However, it has recovered over the last 48 hours. Therefore is it a buy?

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Is Terra Luna Classic a Buy or a Sell? Our Analysis, it is not a BUY

  1. A lot of Terra’s effort will be focused on $LUNA 2.0 and that would not make the cryptocurrency very valuable. For example, let us look at Ethereum and Ethereum Classic. Ethereum is a hard fork from Ethereum Classic and is managed by the Ethereum Foundation. Ethereum classic is now developed through open-source software development. The difference in performance between the two is stark. ETH has outperformed ETC by a wide margin
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2. $LUNA 2.0 has a market cap that is twice that of $LUNC. $LUNC is therefore likely to be more volatile than LUNA 2.0 making it a riskier asset.

3. While Terra Classic has performed quite well during the initial few days, it has since deteriorated in performance and has underperformed numerous cryptocurrencies over the last 5 days.

4. There are a lot of good options in the market today. We have identified 10 Cryptocurrencies that have not only performed well but are also from different categories making them an interesting portfolio

Is Terra Luna Classic a Buy or a Sell? Our Analysis is a Sell if you have too much locked in

As we outlined above, Luna Classic is unlikely to match the performance of other cryptocurrencies. Even if we did, the risks are far higher than many good-quality cryptocurrencies. However, if you are someone who has a very small part of your portfolio in Terra Luna Classic, it may be worth waiting as the risk-return reward could be compelling. Of course, you could lose it all and you should be aware of that.

It is true that prices have increased over the last 48 hours and support has been created at 0.000069. However, it is too early to make the call that the current run is sustainable given it is very early days for the repriced and rechristened cryptocurrency.

Those who have a large portion of their investment in Terra Luna Classic are better off reallocating elsewhere. Diversifying the allocation will reduce the risk of 100% loss without eliminating the possibility of very high returns.

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