Jasmy Use cases, Differentiators, and Competitors

Jasmy Use cases, Differentiators, and Competitors

What are the Jasmy Use Cases, Differentiators, and competitors? Read on

Jasmy is a native token of the Jasmy ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token. It was first introduced in the Japanese crypto exchange, BITPoint Japan. Jasmy was founded by Kazumasa Sato, a former Sony employee in 2021.

The main purpose of Jasmy is to focus on data security and provide data owners with a platform for data owners to store, access, and exchange their data. Jasmy uses the Internet of Things (IoT) to perform all these tasks.

Jasmy Use Cases

Jasmy is a blockchain platform focused on providing data security and sharing services in the IoT era. As an organization, Jasmy develops decentralized IoT platforms using a decentralized storage network.

Jasmy platform is used to create and maintain the infrastructure necessary for storing, accessing, and exchanging data by the data owners.

What are the uses and Use Cases of Jasmy?

Jasmy’s blockchain platform is used to recover and protect individual data. The Jasmy platform provides the infrastructure necessary for data owners to store, access, exchange, and otherwise use their own data securely and safely.

The metaverse applications built on the Jasmy network can exchange data between themselves using the Jasmy technology.

  • Jasmy Coin, the ERC-20 coin plays an important role in powering the platform. It is the native token of the Jasmy ecosystem and therefore it is used as governance as well as a gaming token on Jasmy games.
  • Jasmy coin is used for buying in-game assets in Jasmy games.
  • Jasmy is also used for Staking and as well as rewards on the Jasmy platform.
  • Since Jasmy is concerned with data security, Jasmy coin is used to access data available in Jasmy’s data lockers.
  • Jasmy coin is also used for voting on the Jasmy platform.

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How is Jasmy Different from Others?

Jasmy is designed for IoT, the Internet of Things. Now, what is the Internet of Things? IoT or the Internet of Things is the connection between devices through the internet enabling the sharing and receiving of data between these devices. The devices could be computers, cars, phones, etc.

As a blockchain, Jasmy is concerned with metaverse data security and exchange. With the world of metaverse expanding, one significant problem within the metaverse and blockchain worlds is the lack of an effective, decentralized data storage system.

Jasmy comes into play in this field and thereby differentiated itself from the rest of the blockchains. With metaverse applications built on the network can establish direct bridges for data exchange between themselves. Jasmy offers a safe, user-oriented environment in which data can be stored, saved, or exchanged.

To achieve this, Jasmy follows four steps, the steps are:

Metadata storage
Creating an ID
Immersive games worlds
IoT devices and equipment

Who are the Competitors of Jasmy?

Jasmy has a few competitors but not directly in its field. The competitors of Jasmy are:

MXC: MXC is used to publish, sell, and trade data on an NFT marketplace. It uses a crowdsourced IoT Network.

VeChain: Vechain is usually used in supply chain management. It is also used to publish, sell, and trade data on an NFT marketplace.

Helium: Helium is used to manage low-volume data to the internet at a low cost.

Jasmy Competitors

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