Kaspa Price Prediction 2023-2030: Will Kaspa Reach 1?

Latest Kaspa Price

MetricLast 24 HoursTrend
Net Social Media Sentiment40.2%Steady

Exchange Domination – MEXC: 34.4% [Low Risk]

Latest Kaspa News

Kaspa announced that their mobile wallet, Kaspium, is now available for download on both iOS and Android app stores. This development allows users to effortlessly spend and send $Kas directly from their mobile devices, perfectly aligning with the core purpose of $KAS.

Community Marketing Fund Refresh Proposal, Fall 2023

The Kaspa team is seeking to extend their Community Marketing Fund (CMF) due to the increased value of their currency, KAS. They initially planned for a 3-month CMF but have managed to stretch it to 7 months by converting it to the equivalent value in USD. They now aim to replenish the CMF to sustain their marketing efforts into 2024 and expand their network of ambassadors and merchants.

  • They are requesting 80,000 KAS per month, which is equivalent to $4,000 USD per month, for the next three months. Afterward, they plan to review their budget for the new year.
  • They plan to allocate 50% of the funds to content creation, communications, Ambassador and Merchant support, and resource development. The remaining 50% will cover Ambassador launches, Merchant support, article research and writing, and other related costs.
  • The total budget they are looking at is 240,000 KAS.

Kaspa, Buy or Sell, Crowd Poll

Net Buy Rating = Buy% – Sell%

  • July 7th: +58.5%
  • August 2nd: +45.2%
  • September 2nd: +43.6%
  • September 29th: +42.4%
  • September 30th:+42.6%

Kaspa Price Prediction: Is Kaspa a Good Investment?

Kaspa is a community-driven blockchain designed to address the speed, scalability, and efficiency issues that have limited the adoption of popular networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum. It uses a novel “blockDAG” approach that creates multiple blocks per second, allowing for instant transaction entry and quick confirmation times. This structure also enables Kaspa to handle large volumes of transactions simultaneously without compromising speed or confirmation times.

Kaspa is a decentralized proof-of-work network that uses the energy-efficient kHeavyHash algorithm. It ensures that no blocks are wasted, contributing to network security and conserving energy. The platform employs robust security measures, using kHeavyHash as a modification of the SHA-256 hashing algorithm and relying on a network of decentralized miners to validate and sign transactions.

Key features

Kaspa uses the GHOSTDAG protocol, allowing for fast block rates and security. Its blockchain structure, known as blockDAG, handles multiple transactions simultaneously. Currently, the main net processes one block every second, with plans to increase this significantly in the future. The blockchain includes features like reachability, block data pruning, SPV proofs, and subnetwork support.

Kaspa’s monetary strategy is based on the 12-note scale, leading to decreasing emissions over time. It’s a community-driven project, operating without centralized governance, and is entirely open-source.

Kas Token

KAS token is the native cryptocurrency of the Kaspa network. The token has a unique monetary policy based on the 12-note scale of music, which decreases emissions geometrically over time. It is an essential component of the Kaspa ecosystem and the following are its major use cases:

  • KAS tokens can be used to pay for transaction fees on the Kaspa network
  • Users can stake their KAS tokens to earn passive rewards.
  • Developers are incentivized with KAS tokens to contribute to the development and improvement of the Kaspa ecosystem.

The Kaspa platform champions community-driven governance, where all members have a voice in decision-making through collective discussions and voting. Its ecosystem boasts diverse roles, including developers and moderators, coordinated in harmony. Crowdfunding initiatives further their progress. The core message emphasizes inclusivity and the collective shaping of the digital future.

Performance so far (source: Coinmarketcap):

  • Year to date: +798.8%
  • Last 1 year: +1596.9%
  • Since launch: +25816.4%

Considering its use cases, key features, and past performance, KAS is a moderate case for investment.

Kaspa Price Predictions

Kaspa Price Prediction: Will Kaspa Reach 1?

To reach $1, The Kaspa token needs to grow by almost 40 times. At $1, Kaspa’s Market cap would be $19 Billion. If Kaspa were to rise at the rate of 25% every year, it would take 18 years to reach $1. Given that Kaspa is a moderate case for investment, let us evaluate the possibility of $1.

  • Growth required to reach $1- Moderate Possibility
  • Market Cap at $1 – Moderate Possibility
  • Time required to reach $1 if Kaspa were to grow at 25% – Low Possibility

Overall, there is a moderate to low possibility to reach $1. However, if 50% of the coins were burnt, this could become much easier.

Kaspa Price Prediction Today

UTC: Oct 2nd, 2023 12:46 PM
Overall OutlookNeutral
1. Market's WisdomNeutral
1a. Market DataNeutral
1b. Technical RecommendationNeutral
2. Crowd's WisdomPartially Bullish
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentSteady

Kaspa Price Prediction 2023-2030, Aggregated

  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2023 is $0.0624
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2024 is $0.0860
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2025 is $0.110
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2026 is $0.152
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2027 is $0.182
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2028 is $0.230
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2029 is $0.326
  • Kaspa Price Prediction 2030 is $0.396

“How to Solve the Blockchain Trilemma: A BlockDAG and Nakamoto Consensus Friendship” by Nicholas Sismil provides a comprehensive overview of the evolution of BlockDAG theory and its potential to solve the blockchain trilemma. Here are some key insights

  1. BlockDAG technology is presented as a solution to scale Nakamoto Consensus, the consensus mechanism used by Bitcoin. The author discusses the limitations of the Nakamoto Consensus in terms of scalability and how BlockDAG can enhance this.
  2. The GHOST (Greedy Heaviest-Observed Sub-Tree) protocol is highlighted as a significant advancement in BlockDAG theory. It resolves forking conflicts by using forks to the protocol’s advantage, thereby increasing throughput and security. GHOSTDAG, a practical variant of PHANTOM, allows a practical approach for adoption by approximating K incrementally and recursively. It also implements total ordering, allowing the ability to develop smart contracts atop the protocol.
  3. SPECTRE leverages a full BlockDAG to solve the orphan rate problem and provides greater scalability than GHOST or basic Nakamoto Consensus by implementing weak liveness. PHANTOM, although theoretically constructed without real-world efficiency in mind, aims to order honest blocks in a well-connected manner.
  4. Kaspa was built according to GHOSTDAG, which achieves 10 blocks per second, or roughly 3,000 transactions per second. This is an example of the high scalability that BlockDAG theory can achieve.
  5. BlockDAG theory, as a generalization of the Nakamoto Consensus, achieves high scalability while increasing the security of the original Nakamoto Consensus and maintaining its decentralization. This suggests that the blockchain trilemma – the challenge of achieving scalability, security, and decentralization all at once – can be solved.

Where Can I Buy KAS Tokens?

KAS Tokens can be purchased in numerous CEXs, the top 5 in terms of trading volumes are –

  • MEXC
  • Txbit
  • KuCoin
  • Gate.io
  • XT.COM

Other Exchanges include

  • Bitget
  • ZT
  • CoinEx
  • LBank
  • DigiFinex
  • Tapbit

~Charu Taneja

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