LIT Price Prediction: Will LITENTRY Breach $1?

LIT Price Prediction: Will LITENTRY Breach $1?

LIT Price Prediction: The Litentry Price Prediction 2022 is $2.02 provided the price rises 30% a month from now.

If LIT gains only 50% a month, by the end of December 2022 Cake price is predicted to be $3.10.

The current momentum of LIT is Bullish.

Litentry Price Prediction: Performance Comparison

Last 5 Days+50.6%
Last 5 Days-5.3%
Last 5 Days+1.7%

LIT Short term Price Prediction


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What is Litentry?

Litentry is a decentralized identity aggregator which helps to aggregate and manage several user identities on the decentralized network. It aims to provide liquidity, interoperability, and consistency to data querying. 

What is LIT and What is the use of LIT?

LIT is the native token of the Litentry network. Here are the functions of LIT Token:

The LIT token is used for staking on the Litentry network and it is also used to pay several fees on the Litentry network.

Litentry Crypto Tokenomics

The maximum supply of LIT is 100,000,000. Of this, 38% is in circulation as of now. Here is how the rest of the coins are distributed:

  • 15% for the Litentry team
  • 8% for seed investors
  • 12% for private sales and further sales
  • 17% reserved for the foundation to be used as grants
  • 3% to Binance launch pool
  • 5% to remain as network incentives in para chain auction system.

Litentry Long-Term Price Prediction

LIT Price Prediction 2023

For 2023, LIT is predicted to reach $1.38 provided the price of Litentry crypto rises 50% from now.

LIT Prediction 2025

By 2025 LIT is predicted to reach $3.10 provided the price rises 50% a year from now.

LIT Price Prediction 2030

The momentum of Litentry crypto in 2030 is predicted to be bullish. LIT’s price could be over $20 if LIT rises 50% a year from now.

Litentry Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Overall OutlookPositive
Market WisdomPositive
Market DataHigher
Technical RecommendationBuy
Crowd’s WisdomPositive
Social Media Net SentimentHigher

LIT Price Prediction: Latest tweets

The Current Technical Recommendation for Litentry coin is Buy

Litentry Price Prediction: Market Cap and Volume Trends

Market Cap Rank447th
Total Market Cap$34.6 M
Total Trading Volume$248 M

LIT Price Prediction: Technical Analysis Video

YouTube video

Litentry Price Prediction: How to Buy?

Steps to buy LIT Crypto:

Step 1: Locate a particular cryptocurrency exchange that is offering Litentry or LIT for trading.

Step 2: Create your account with that particular exchange.

Step 3: After the verification of your identity you will be able to access the account. The next thing to do would be to fund your crypto wallet. And after that, you are all set to buy LIT coins.

Where can one buy LIT Coin?

Some major exchanges that tend to offer the services of trading CAKE coins such as:

Binance, MEXC, Bybit, Phemex, and BingX

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LIT Price Prediction

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