Lucky Block Price Prediction 2022-2025 – Will LBLOCK Pump after the recent CEX Listing? 

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2022: $0.001

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2023: $0.003

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2025: $0.005

Latest Lucky Block Price

  • Lucky Block has partnered with many boxing champions who promote the coin at the matches, and some of them are Dillian Whyte, Florian Marku, and one of the best female boxers, Savannah Marshall. This is likely to drive visibility which in turn should help interest levels and trading
  • LBLOCK the global NFT competition platform has been listed on CEX., the fifth-largest centralized exchange, announced they would list LBLOCK on the exchange in the week of 12th September, with the exact date to be announced closer to the launch. New Listings typically tend to have a positive impact on the price
  • Lucky Block launched the new version of the token LBLOCK V2 in July 2022, and this version is created for CEXs only. There are no transaction fees and no rewards from the jackpot pool in this new version of the token which is the main difference compared to the first version of the coin.The BEP20 for DEXs (V1) version of the token – the original iteration of the LBLOCK token – had 12% fees on all sale transactions. All transfers from DEX to CEX have taxes of 12% too, and token holders participating in the voting process for charities receive rewards paid in LBLOCK from the jackpot.
  • Lucky Block is about to add new features to their jackpot draws and include charity voting. With this addition, everyone taking part in the voting process will get rewards.
  • Lucky Block announced they plan to launch new NFT competitions platform where users should buy NFT from the collection created to be uniquely associated with each prize to be able to enter the draw.Some prizes should include $1 million in bitcoin, a house, a BAYC NFT, and VIP tickets to the FIFA World Cup.

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2022-2025: Price Performance

  • After the PancakeSwap listing in January 2022, Lucky Block produced quadruple-digit returns in the first few weeks of trading. The price reached its historic high on 17th February, when LBLOCK was trading at  $0.009617, giving the token the market cap of more than 750 million.
  • After this enormous uptick, the price fell to around $0.0018, and the token continued to trade around that region. 

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2022-2025

Possible HighPossible Low
  • Given the improved macroeconomic environment, updates in Lucky Block’s ecosystem, the launch of the lotto draws, and increased visibility of Lucky Block through a partnership (Dillian Whyte, Florian Marku, and one of the best female boxers, Savannah Marshall) with many boxing champions who promote the coin at the matches, the aggregated price could rise as high as $0.0039 by the end of 2022.
  • Lucky Block is expected to become fully functional and provide regular lotto draws by 2023, the aggregated price prediction in 2023 is $0.01
  • The macroeconomic environment is expected to improve further in 2022, Lucky Block is expected to develop other elements of their ecosystem listed in the roadmap like metaverse integration and crypto-education platform. The aggregated price prediction in 2025 is $0.025

LuckyBlock V1 and V2 Linkage

  • Lucky Block announced they would launch a bridge to connect the two versions of the token and manage the price parity between them. This will be the only way for V1 token owners to swap the older version with the new one seamlessly. All tokens will be fully swappable once the bridge goes live.
  • With the change, 1 BEP will be replaced with 0.94 ERC, and the amount will be able to move off-exchange. Additionally, only tokens held on LBank at the swap date will be changed from V1 to V2. 
  • All token owners that keep their LBLOCK coins in MetaMask, Trust Wallet, or similar wallets at the time of the swap will not be able to replace them for the new V2 token. They will be, however, able to sell the V1 coin and buy V2 on the CEX exchanges. 

How to buy LBLOCK?

Purchasing the LBLOCK ERC-20 V2 is the easiest way to obtain the token. Currently, the best three places for purchase are Uniswap, LBANK, and CEX.

How to buy LBLOCK on LBANK?

>>>Buy Lucky Block on Lbank<<<

  • If you want to buy the new version of Lucky Blocks’ token ERC20, you will have to go to the LBANK website. 
  • The first thing you should do is register and create an account if you don’t have one. The process is simple, and all you have to do is to enter your email address and password. After that, you will receive an authentication code on your email address. 
  • Enter the code into the authentication field in LBANK, and you are all set.
  • In case you have an account on LBANK, you should log in to be able to trade.
  • On LBANK, you can either sell or buy LBLOCK. To purchase this token, you should enter the number of coins you want to invest in. LBANK will automatically calculate the amount of USDT you will spend.
  • When you set this up, click on the button Buy LBLOCK. A new tab with the purchase details will pop up, and if you are confident about the transaction, click Confirm.
  • Keep in mind that you need to have enough funds deposited in your wallet to finish the purchase. 

How to buy LBLOCK on MEXC Global?

>>>Trade LBLOCK on MEXC here<<<

  • Similar to LBANK, you will also need an account to purchase LBLOCK on MEXC Global. To create one, you need to enter your email and password and send the authentication code to your email address.
  • After you enter the authentication code, click on the button to create an account, and that is all. You are now ready to purchase LBLOCK.
  • Then, enter the amount of LBLOCK tokens you wish to buy, and the price and MECX will automatically calculate the total of USDT you have to invest.
  • After that, click on Buy LBLOCK to finish your purchase.

How to buy LBLOCK on Uniswap?

  • #1 – Visit the Uniswap website by clicking this link that will take you directly to the page where you can buy LBLOCK. 
  • #2 – The current price is 0.0026 USDC per LBLOCK. If you own one of the tokens with whom you can buy LBLOCK (ETH, DAI, WETH, USDT, or WBTC), you can enter the amount of LBLOCKs you want to purchase. If you do not own any of these tokens, you will have to convert your coins to these using Uniswap.
  • #3 – The next step is to connect the wallet, and you have three options – MetaMask, WalletConnect, and Binance Chain Wallet.
  • #4 – When you choose your wallet, you must connect it with Uniswap to purchase LBLOCK. Simply click on the button to buy now, and that is all.

Wrapping up

Lucky Block is catching the eye of many crypto investors due to the announced upgrades in the ecosystem and the latest CEX listings. It looks like now is the perfect time to purchase the token and enjoy the many rewards it brings to its owners.

Lucky Block Price Prediction 2022-2025 – Will LBLOCK Pump after the recent CEX Listing? 

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