Mooky Coin Price Prediction: Mooky is Hacked on Day 1

Mooky Coin Update

  • Mooky coin was hacked a bit ago, and now they’ve wiped all info about it and kicked off a pinksale. Check out this tweet that breaks it all down.
  • Mooky coin has provided the link to their official telegram group at Twitter.
  • The majority of Reddit users are expressing concern that they are unable to claim their MOOKY coins yet.
  • The MOOKY token has been officially listed on Uniswap.
  • The MOOKY token has experienced a significant security incident.
    • An unknown hacker has reportedly infiltrated the token claim portal and drained all tokens, causing a temporary suspension of the Claim functionality
    • The MOOKY team is currently investigating the situation to understand the specifics of the security breach. They have committed to updating the community about their findings and the next steps as soon as they have more information.
    • Community Reaction: The announcement has drawn a mix of reactions from the Twitter community. Some users are interested in discussing potential partnerships and project growth, while others express frustration or concern about the impact of the hack on the token’s value. A few users compare the situation with MOOKY to other projects that have experienced similar issues. There were also concerns about the status of claimed tokens not showing up in user wallets, and some users questioned why the token’s value was dropping sharply.
  • Mooky Coin had raised $9,37,940 till its eighth stage of the pre-sale.

Mooky Coin Price Prediction: Is Mooky a Good Investment?

What is Mooky Coin?

MOOKY is a community-focused decentralized finance (DeFi) token that aims to protect the environment while also redistributing wealth within its internal ecosystem. MOOKY intends to establish its foundation on the blockchain and extend its positive impact beyond its immediate community.

Features of Mooky Coin

  • MOOKY is a community token with 95% ownership by the community at launch.
  • It is a tax-free token with no carbon footprint, promoting a clean and organic environment.
  • A portion of the token’s supply (5%) is dedicated to a visible charity wallet, contributing to tree planting worldwide.
  • MOOKY offers value-backed NFTs that provide beneficial wealth utility, including access to exclusive ventures, token burning, and governance participation.

Mooky Coin’s Goals

  • MOOKY’s plan is to gather support from the community, including media, influencers, ads, and word of mouth, to make MOOKY the most talked-about meme coin of 2023.
  • The focus is on protecting the ecosystem both internally and externally by daily tree planting and investing in the betterment of the planet.
  • Following a tight schedule and roadmap, MOOKY aims to gain long-term traction with community governance.

Mooky’s Tokenomics

  • 70% of the tokens are sold during the presale.
  • 20% is reserved for exchange listings.
  • 5% is allocated for staking in the dApp.
  • 3% goes towards a visible charity wallet.
  • Lastly, 2% is kept in reserves.

Mooky Coin- Some facts

  • Mooky is a 0% tax token, eliminating slippage requirements when buying or selling.
  • The liquidity of Mooky will be locked for a duration of 2 years.
  • There are no team tokens or VC/private sale associated with Mooky.

Furthermore, as a community-owned token, MOOKY gives power to the community through governance. Through DAO voting, the community decides how the platform is operated. The token holders are the true owners of the platform, shaping its direction and future.

At its core, Mooky is a memecoin and a community token. Mooky Coin is expected to offer 1,000 unique NFTs for trading and future utility. These NFTs will have different tiers, ranging from common to legendary. So far, Mooky coin doesn’t have significant use cases that make it a compelling investment. Therefore, it seem to be a moderate investment opportunity at the moment.

Mooky Coin Price Prediction: Roadmap of Mooky Coin

Stage 1: This stage involves the development of the website, social media platforms, token deployment, pre-sale website, pre-sale dApp, and the initiation of a marketing campaign.

Stage 2: The second stage of the roadmap includes the completion of website development, booking listings on centralized exchanges (CEX), verification of social media accounts, making the first donation to charity, and executing an influencer marketing campaign.

Stage 3: Stage 3 encompasses the launch of Mooky on Uniswap and CEX platforms, the release of NFTs, the token launch, a major influencer campaign, and the formation of partnerships with other projects.

Stage 4: This stage focuses on obtaining a tier 1 CEX listing, increasing investments in charity, releasing more NFTs, launching Mooky’s governance portal, and establishing a venture club.

Stage 5: The fifth stage includes the Mooky Car giveaway, hosting community events, forming partnerships in the DeFi space, implementing meme marketing strategies, conducting charity campaigns, and actively participating in tree planting initiatives.

Mooky Coin Price Prediction: How to Buy Mooky Coins?

The following are the steps to buy Mooky Coins during its pre-sale:

  • Step 1: Ensure you have your preferred wallet provider (MetaMask or Trust Wallet) ready to use. (Note that for desktop browser, it’s recommended to use MetaMask for a smoother purchasing experience. For mobile users, Trust Wallet with the built-in browser is recommended.)
  • Step 2: Click on “Connect Wallet” and select the appropriate option. For mobile wallet apps, choose “Wallet Connect.” There will be three options:
  • Step 3: Users can buy Mooky Coins using ETH, BNB or USDT.
    • It’s recommended to buy at least $20 worth of ETH or $5 worth of BNB to cover the minimum MOOKY purchase.
    • Make sure you have at least $20 of USDT in your wallet if you are purchasing Mooky Coins with USDT.
  • Step 4: Once you have sufficient ETH or BNB in your wallet, enter the amount of MOOKY you want to purchase (minimum $15) and click “Buy with ETH” or “Buy with BNB” or “Buy with USDT”.
  • Step 5: Once the presale is over, users can claim their tokens.

How to Claim Mooky Coins?

The following are the easy steps to have the tokens from the presale sent directly to your decentralized wallet:

  1. the first step is to check your claimable balance, which will display the amount of MOOKY tokens you can claim.
  2. Click on the “CLAIM” button to initiate the claiming process.
  3. To add MOOKY to your wallet, you can use the “Add MOOKY to wallet” button provided or follow these instructions:
    • In your chosen wallet, locate the option to “import token”.
    • Paste the MOOKY wallet address into the designated field.
    • Confirm the import by selecting “Add Custom Token”.
    • Once completed, you will be able to see the MOOKY tokens you claimed in your wallet.

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