Pikamoon News

June 15th: Pikamoon has sold 10524963344 $PIKA and raised $3,314,978 in phase 3rd of its pre-sale.

June 14th: Pikamoon recently shared a sneak peek of their first official Pikamoon Battle Arena, suggests that the arena will play a role in the winning and losing of the PIKA token. Interested individuals can participate in Phase 3 by visiting the website provided for purchasing. Additionally announces a $100 giveaway, encouraging users to participate by retweeting, liking the tweet, and tagging two other users.

June 12th: Pikamoon has now sold 10367082128 PIKA tokena and raised $3,220,249.

June 10th:

  • Overall Sentiments for Pikamoon are quite positive
    • Reddit: +40%
    • Twitter: +67%
  • On Reddit, There’s a mix of anticipation and excitement, with many people bullish on Pikamoon and viewing it as a promising project. However, there are also concerns about its legitimacy and ability to succeed in a crowded market. Some people are choosing to withhold judgment until more information becomes available

May 31st: Pikamoon has raised $2,000,000 in the pre-sale.

May 25th: Pikamoon has raised $1,600,000 in the pre-sale.

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