Quick Crypto Price Predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum Solana, Cardano and Shiba Inu

Quick Crypto Price Predictions: Bitcoin, Ethereum Solana, Cardano and Shiba Inu

Here are our Quick Crypto Price Predictions for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, Cardano and Shiba Inu.

Quick Crypto Price Prediction for Bitcoin, June 6th

The Current Outlook is Positive and likely to sustain until the markets open in a few hours.

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Quick Crypto Price Prediction for Ethereum, June 8th

After losing over 6.5% yesterday, ETH is gradually trying to improve. ETH price is up by 1.96% in the last few hours, trading slightly above the $1,790 level. The overall crypto market is up by almost 2%, pushing the cumulative market cap to 1.24T. ETH has also maintained its market cap rank, which is 2nd. As the ETH price slowly increases with higher trading volumes and social media sentiment, the overall outlook remains marginally positive.

On the YTD chart, ETH  has not done well to date. Compared to BTC, it is almost down by -52.45%. At the same time, ETH has also underperformed in comparison to BTC in five days. As per the current market scenario, Ethereum is slowly recovering, and the coin’s trajectory is expected to turn bullish if there is a clear move above the $1,850 resistance zone.

We continue to keep Ethereum in our list of 10 Best Cryptos to buy now in 2022 given its dominant position amongst Blockchain coins (Market Cap and Price Performance)

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Quick Crypto Price Prediction for Solana, June 8th

SOL, the native token of the Solana Blockchain, is slowly gaining momentum and changing hands slightly above $39. The overall crypto market has also improved by 2% and the cumulative market cap stands at 1.24T. Despite yesterday’s price drop, Solana has maintained its market cap rank, i.e. 9th position. According to CoinCodex, the Fear & Greed Index shows Extreme Fear sentiment. The overall outlook remains Negative.

As per the YTD chart, SOL has underperformed by 78% compared to BTC, ETH and ADA. In 2021, SOL witnessed a meteoric rise of over 6,000%, posting an all-time high of $260 in November 2021. Since then, the price has highly retreated due to back-to-back network outages. 

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Quick Crypto Price Prediction for Cardano, June 8th

Cardano, the sixth-largest Cryptocurrency by market cap, has soared in value over the last 24 hours. Currently, the token is trading on a bullish note, with an almost 10% price spike. Its overall trading volume has also increased by 54%. This huge price spike comes as traders continue to exhibit interest in the token as the cryptocurrency market begins to improve. It is worth noting that, Cardano ranked as #1 in a poll titled ‘which crypto are you holding the most in a bear market?’ by London Real.

ADA reached an ATH of $3.10 on 2 September 2021, after which the price was between the range of $3.01- $1.38 for the rest of the year. Since 2022, ADA has been quite volatile. It reached $1.63 on 18 January and fell to $0.75 in February. However, it showed some signs of recovery in March, tapping $1.23, but couldn’t hold for long, before falling to 0.98 on 12 April. At the time of writing, ADA is changing hands slightly above $0.64, nearly 80% down from its September 2021 peak of $3.16.

In the last 5 days, ADA has gained nearly 15%, which is much higher than BTC and ETH. On the YTD Chart, ADA remains one of the worst-performing Cryptocurrencies. As compared to BTC and ETH, ADA has underperformed the Crypto market by over 53%. The overall outlook remains positive.

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Quick Crypto Price Prediction for Shiba Inu, June 6th

What is working for SHIB today?

The overall crypto market has improved in the last 24 hours. The overall market cap is up nearly 5% but it still remains below $1.3T. Shiba Inu has gained 3% in its market cap in the last 24 hours. Here is what is working for SHIB:

  1. The trading volume of SHIB has surged over 20% in the last 24 hours.
  2. The technical signal for SHIB for the next 24 hours is BUY.
  3. The Google search volume is higher compared to 24 hours level.
  4. The net sentiment for SHIB is positive.
  5. The Whales are once again buying more SHIB tokens than selling them.

What is not working for SHIB today?

  1. The social media buzz remains negative for SHIB.

On the 7 days chart, Shiba Inu’s momentum has been bullish initially but in the last few days. Shib remains one of the worst-performing cryptocurrencies on the YTD chart. Shiba has lost nearly 70% of its value since January 2022. The all-time high of Shiba Inu was $0.00008845 and currently, Shiba Inu is nearly 90% down since then.

The overall momentum of SHIB is Bullish.

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