Can Ravencoin reach $100, $10, $1? Ravencoin Price Prediction 2023-2030

The Latest Price of Ravencoin

Ravencoin Price Chart

Ravencoin Price Prediction: Is Ravencoin a Good Investment?

Ravencoin is the blockchain that allows the issuance of tokens on its network and RVN is its native token. Ravencoin’s infrastructure is based on the fork of Bitcoin and it aims to be the alternative to Ethereum-like blockchains. Ravencoin’s USP is its security model and its consensus mechanism which is decentralization-friendly. Ravencoin uses a Proof-of-Work algorithm to secure the network (just like Bitcoin), but, it makes use of the X16R hashing algorithm in comparison to the SHA-256 algorithm of Bitcoin. This slight change provides more decentralized mining in Ravencoin when compared to Bitcoin.

However, competing with Ethereum is certainly not an easy task for Ravencoin because the Ethereum blockchain is well-established and widely used. Moreover, Ethereum’s performance is much better in the past few months, when compared to Ravencoin. Hence, only being an alternative to the Ethereum blockchain might not work in favor of the Ravencoin blockchain.

The following are the primary use cases of RVN coins:

  • RVN coins’ tokenized version can be used for trading, borrowing, and lending in Defi applications on BSC (Binance Smart Chain).
  • RVN coins can be used for creating NFTs using Mango Farm Assets (a crypto wallet).
  • Being the official governance token of the Ravencoin blockchain, RVN token holders can participate in the governance of the platform through voting mechanisms.

But, RVN price movements in the past depict that it has a scope for slight growth if the market conditions ease out.

Ravencoin Price Prediction: Can Ravencoin Reach $100?

To Reach $100, Ravencoin must rise 5000 Times. At $100, Ravencoin’s market cap would be $1.2 Trillion. If Ravencoin price were to rise at the rate of 25% every year, it would take it 28 years to reach $100.

Practically speaking, none of these are realistic particularly due to two major reasons – The Growth required is huge and two competition is quite intense. Ravencoin will reach $100 only in 95% of the Tokens are burnt.

Ravencoin Price Prediction: Will Ravencoin Reach $1?

To reach a price of $1, RVN Coin needs to grow by nearly 50 times

Note that Ravencoin reached its all-time high price of $0.222 in April 2021, where it grew by 17.1 times in just 4 months (from the lowest value of $0.013 in December 2020). Thus, it grew by nearly 4.3 times in one month.

Thus, Ravencoin requires 9.3 months to reach $10 as per the calculations.

However, the current market situation of liquidity and inflation is definitely not in favor of the crypto market. Therefore, it cannot even reach $1 in the time calculated above. Therefore, reaching $1 is not an easy target for RVN and it will require certainly require much more time than just 9 or 10 months.

Ravencoin Price Prediction: Can Ravencoin Reach $10?

RVN crypto needs to grow by 500 times to reach $10.

As it has shown a 4.3 times growth in one month (previously calculated), it will need a minimum of 93 months (i.e., less than 8 years) to reach a price level of $10.

However, as the macro and micro economic conditions (including inflation and liquidity) are certainly not good for the entire crypto market, RVN crypto will need more than 8 years to reach a price level of $10 (once the market conditions turn out to be in its favor).

Ravencoin Price Prediction for the Next 6 Hours

UTC: Oct 2nd, 2023 06:16 PM

  • Ravencoin Price Prediction in the next 24 hours is between $0.0153 and $0.0160
  • Ravencoin Price Prediction this week is between $0.0159 and $0.0161

Ravencoin Price Prediction Today

UTC: Oct 2nd, 2023 12:51 PM
Overall OutlookBullish
1. Market's WisdomPartially Bullish
1a. Market DataNeutral
1b. Technical RecommendationBuy
2. Crowd's WisdomBullish
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentHigher

Ravencoin Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

  • Ravencoin Price Prediction 2023 is $0.0221
  • Ravencoin Price Prediction 2025 is $0.0654
  • Ravencoin Price Prediction 2030 is $0.0297

Ravencoin Price Prediction: FAQs

What is the future of Ravencoin?

Ravencoin’s future is highly dependent on macro and microeconomic factors such as liquidity, inflation and CPI Index. As the CPI Index has increased to a lesser extent compared to the previous months, the cryptocurrencies like Ravencoin can expect some positive growth in the future.

How much does Ravencoin worth?

As per the coinmarketcap data, one RVN crypto is currently priced at $0.025.

Will Ravencoin go up?

RVN’s market price is 88.7% down from its all-time high price, meaning that it has huge scope to go up once the market conditions of liquidity and inflation ease up in favor of the cryptocurrency.

What is Ravencoin used for?

Ravencoin (RVN) crypto can be used for trading, borrowing, and lending in Defi applications on BSC, for creating NFTs using Mango Farm Assets, and for governance purposes.

Is Ravencoin’s supply limited?

Yes, Ravencoin’s total supply is capped at 21 million RVN tokens and hence, no more than 21 million RVN tokens can be mined.

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How to Buy Ravencoin?

The steps to buying almost all cryptocurrencies are similar.

  • The 1st step is to find the right crypto exchange.
  • The 2nd step is to create an account in that particular exchange. In order to do that you need to verify your identity.
  • After the verification is complete, the 3rd step is to fund the wallet. After this, you will be able to buy Ravencoin easily.

Where to Buy Ravencoin (RVN)?

The majority of exchanges are offering to list Ravencoin Crypto for trading. Here are some options to choose from:

  1. Coinbase, 2. Huobi, 3. Binance, 4. Official Ravencoin Website

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