Serum Price Prediction 2023-2030: Can Serum Reach $10?

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Serum Price Prediction: Is Serum (SRM) a Good Investment?

At its core, Serum is a DEX. Unlike other exchanges, Serum is built on a unique system that operates entirely online, allowing partners to easily connect and share resources. This is important because other similar systems, especially on Ethereum, are slow and expensive. Serum addresses these issues and more, making it more efficient and user-friendly.

One of Serum’s standout features is its on-chain central limit order book and matching engine. This means all trading activities and order matching happen directly on the blockchain. This design ensures transparency and trustworthiness.

Serum allows other projects or exchanges to tap into its on-chain order book. This interoperability means more liquidity and better trading features for both big institutions and everyday traders.

Beyond just speed and cost, Serum also aims to resolve issues of too much central control, inefficient use of funds, and isolated pools of liquidity in the DeFi space.

SRM is Serum’s native token, serving multiple purposes:

  • Discounts on Fees: Holders can get reduced fees on the platform.
  • Governance: SRM holders can have a say in the direction of the platform through voting.
  • Revenue Sharing: Unlike some platforms where revenue goes to a few, Serum ensures all exchange earnings benefit SRM holders. This is done through methods like buying and burning SRM (reducing its supply, potentially increasing its value), staking rewards, and funding other projects in the ecosystem.

Why Serum?

  • Serum DEX Features:
    • Uses an on-chain system to match and order trades.
    • Gives traders and projects plenty of available assets to trade.
    • Lets traders pick the details of their trades, like price and size.
  • Benefits for Users:
    • Choose the specifics of your trade, like how much and at what price.
  • Advantages for Partner Projects:
    • Use Serum’s existing system for easier setup.
    • Access to an already busy trading environment.
    • Get matched with traders using Serum’s service.
  • Speed and Costs with Solana:
    • Super fast trades.
    • Costs only $0.00001 for each transaction.

Considering these features, Serum appears to be a moderate case for investment.

Serum Price Prediction: Can Serum Reach $10?

In order for Serum to reach $10, it would need to increase by a factor of 112. At $10, SRM’s Market Cap will be $2.63 Billion. If Serum were to grow at a rate of 25% each year, it would take about 21 years to reach $10. Let us evaluate this data

  • Quality of Investment- Moderate
  • Growth required to reach $10- Feasible (Example: Bitcoin was priced at $0.1 in October 2010. 12 years later, It is 22000 times higher)
  • Market Cap at $10- Not Feasible
  • Time required to reach $10 if it were to rise at 25% per annum- Not Feasible

Considering the criteria Quality of Investment, growth required, and time required, Serum cannot reach a price as high as $10 within the calculated timeframe.  

Serum Price Prediction Today, Tomorrow, Week

UTC: Oct 2nd, 2023 06:30 PM

  • Serum Price Prediction in the next 24 hours is between $0.236 and $0.255
  • Serum Price Prediction this week is between $0.236 and $0.255

UTC: Oct 2nd, 2023 01:04 PM
Overall OutlookNeutral
1. Market's WisdomNeutral
1a. Market DataPartially Bullish
1b. Technical RecommendationSell
2. Crowd's WisdomPartially Bullish
2a. Social Media BuzzSteady
2b. Social Media SentimentHigher

Serum Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

  • Serum price prediction for 2023 is $0.16
  • Serum price prediction for 2025 is $0.29
  • Serum price prediction for 2030 is $1.2

Where Can I Buy Serum Tokens?

  • Uniswap
  • Binance
  • KuCoin
  • Kraken
  • Raydium

~Charu Taneja

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