Sonik Price Prediction: Is Sonik Legit?

Sonik Presale: Latest News

  • Sonik Coin has raised $823,955 so far during the presale.
  • The Sonik presale will end in 5 days.
  • Current Price: 1 $SONIK = $0.000014
  • Social Media Buzz: 252 (Low), Trending Lower
  • Net Social Media Sentiment (Sonik)
    • Last 7 days: +40.2%
    • Yesterday: +57.7%
    • Today: +55.2%

Sonik Price Prediction: Is Sonik a Good Investment?

Sonik the Hedgehog Crypto, commonly known as $SONIK, is a new cryptocurrency operating on the ERC20 Ethereum mainnet. With its recent pre-sale, the project aims to raise a hard cap of $2.1 million. The coin has garnered attention for its unique “STAKE 2 EARN” concept, which promises the potential for significant returns.

Staking is a cornerstone of the $SONIK project. The staking mechanism is designed to incentivize holders to keep and stake their coins, thereby potentially increasing the coin’s value.

  • Allocation: 40% of the total supply, which is around 299 billion tokens, is allocated for staking.
  • Duration: The staking rewards will be distributed over a four-year period.
  • Yield: The estimated yield for staking is an impressive APY of 143%.

Tokenomics: 50% is allocated for the presale, 40% for staking, and the remaining 10% for liquidity. The total supply is approximately 299 billion tokens.

Sonik aims to carve a niche for itself among fast-growing meme coins with a target market cap of $100 million. It offers an intriguing staking feature with high APY and a concept called “stake to speed.” However, like all investments, especially in the volatile world of meme coins, potential investors should exercise caution as they could lose all their investments overnight. Some analysts recommend investing less than $100 in tokens like these.

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Sonik Price Prediction: Token Roadmap

The Sonik roadmap is comprehensive, covering various aspects from token and staking development to meme creation, presale, marketing campaigns, and community building.

  • Phase 1:
    • Bring Sonik to life with artwork
    • Token deployment
    • Presale
    • Staking
  • Phase 2:
    • Prepare for the official launch
    • Launch on Uniswap
    • Watch the market response
    • Promote more staking
  • Phase 3:
    • Building strong community
    • Focus on pushing market cap to $100 million

As for now, $Sonik is in phase 1

Sonik Price Prediction: Is Sonik Legit?

SummaryNo high-risk, or medium-risk issues were found. Low-risk issues: unused imports, standard violation (zero amount transfer-ERC20 compliance)
SWCPassed with one irrelevant code makes ‘not passed’

Summary of Audit

  • As per the report, all technical checks have passed except, one code which is not of major significance but needs to be fixed.
  • 2 low-risk issues were found related to unused imports and ERC-20 standards on token transfers both of which are suggested to be rectified.
  • Audit done on 15-16 August, 2023

People have been questioning the legitimacy of Sonik Token for investment purposes. On Reddit, there have been questions and discussions on whether it is a legit or scam coin. There have been mixed opinions on the same.

Sonik Price Predictions

The asking price and performance of tokens like these are hard to forecast given their limited use. Based on the historical performance of such tokens, investors often try to offload them when they hit the market, driving the price down and dampening interest in the token. Many crypto companies have introduced pre-listing staking programs to counteract this, but they’ve only been somewhat effective.

However, there are a few key indicators to keep an eye on: the number of exchanges they’re listed on, social media buzz, endorsements, and the like. These can offer clearer insights during their market debut.

Given the presale price of $0.000014. Here are a range of forecasts


  • $0.000126 to $0.0005 by 2025


These forecasts will get better after listing so it is better to take them with a very big pinch of salt.

Sonik Price Prediction: How Do I Buy Sonik Coin?

The following are the two options to buy Sonik coins during its pre-sale through their official website:

  1. Transfer ETH to your wallet and participate in the presale by exchanging them for Sonik.
  2. If you have USDT (ERC-20 or BEP-20), you can also acquire Sonik tokens. Simply choose the USDT option and swap the desired amount.

Once you make a purchase, your purchase amount shows on the presale site when you connect your wallet.

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Note: The information available on pre-sale cryptocurrencies is often limited, and the above analysis is conducted using the available information gathered at the time. Therefore, it is crucial to exercise caution and be mindful of the potential risks involved.

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