Stellar (XLM) News

June 13th: Luther Maday from MoneyGram, highlights that Stellar stands out among various blockchains due to its focus on cross-border payments. He emphasizes that transaction fees on Stellar are extremely low, making it cost-effective to swiftly transfer assets across the Stellar network. This feature enhances the efficiency and affordability of cross-border transactions conducted through Stellar.

June 12th: Stellar and MoneyGram have celebrated their one-year collaboration, marking a year of progress and strength. Through their partnership on the Stellar network, they have successfully bridged the gap between fiat and digital currencies on a global scale. This collaboration has paved the way for innovative solutions and advancements in the world of digital transactions.

June 10th: Stellar has announced updates to its Anchor Platform, aimed at simplifying the process of building on the Stellar network while reducing development time and costs. The updates include support for Deposit & Withdrawal services on Stellar, allowing users to offer on/off ramps on the network. Additionally, kadomoney, a Web3 onboarding and infrastructure company, has integrated with the Anchor Platform to bridge their on/off ramps to the Stellar network and enable global ramp services in over 160 countries. This development expands the capabilities of Stellar wallets and opens up new opportunities for users worldwide.

June 9th: Stellar has announced that Denelle Dixon, the CEO and Executive Director of Stellar Development Foundation, will be a speaker at their upcoming event, Meridian2023. The event, taking place in Madrid from September 26-28, aims to bring together the Stellar community, developers, and financial leaders from around the world. It presents an opportunity for attendees to connect and engage with industry experts and explore the latest developments and advancements in the Stellar ecosystem.

June 9th: Stellar (XLM) is gaining attention as a global consensus on stablecoins is being discussed. Despite some skepticism, long-term supporters believe in the potential of Stellar as a significant player in the finance industry. Stellar’s focus on real-world blockchain solutions and improving the delivery of humanitarian aid has garnered positive attention and engagement.

June 7th: Stellar Development Foundation has announced that their Chief Marketing Officer, Nicole Jackson , will be participating in a panel discussion on effective communication and building trust at the ProofofTalk event on June 14th. The panel aims to explore strategies for effective communication in the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry and how trust can be established and maintained within the community.

May 19th: During the DigitalCurrencyConference2023, Bill Bitcoin delivered an exciting onstage presentation focused on tokenizing real-world assets using the Asset Issuance Sandbox on the Stellar network. His presentation aimed to educate the audience on the process and benefits of leveraging Stellar’s infrastructure for asset tokenization.

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