T2 Biosystems Technology Helps Sepsis Diagnosis

Butler Memorial Hospital is using innovative techniques and technology to diagnose sepsis early, which is crucial for improving treatment outcomes. Sepsis, a potentially life-threatening condition often caused by bacterial bloodstream infections, requires prompt detection and treatment to save lives. Dr. Robert Patterson, the hospital’s pathology director, and his team have introduced a groundbreaking approach.

Butler Memorial Hospital has obtained advanced technology, the Beckman Coulter automation line, capable of identifying changes in a person’s blood cells that might indicate the development of sepsis. Previously, this technology was only used in Europe. Butler Memorial Hospital is the first in the United States and one of the few hospitals worldwide to adopt it.

Butler Memorial Hospital has found a faster way to diagnose sepsis, a condition that usually takes 36 hours to confirm with regular blood tests. Instead, they’re using T2 Biosystems panels, which can detect sepsis in just three to five hours. This means that patients can receive treatment much more quickly. The hospital employs a unique two-step process: first, they use a machine from Beckman Coulter to examine a specific aspect of blood cells, and then they use the T2 panels to check for potential sepsis. This innovative approach holds significant promise for improving sepsis diagnosis and enhancing patient care.


The introduction of the T2 Biosystems panels at Butler Memorial Hospital represents a significant step forward in sepsis diagnosis, setting a precedent for more efficient and effective healthcare practices. This approach holds promise for improving patient care not only in the US but also around the world.

T2 Biosystems faces a critical challenge in 2023 as it grapples with the risk of delisting from NASDAQ due to its stock price falling below $1. While some analysts predict the stock could reach $0.35 or even as high as $0.50 per share, the $1 mark seems unlikely without resorting to a reverse stock split. The company’s performance and ability to maintain a competitive edge in the rapid diagnostics market will be key factors influencing its stock price in the coming year.

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