Top 5 Reasons Why Tamadoge is One of the Best Memecoins of 2022

There are many reasons why Tamadoge could be called the best Memecoin of 2022

As the world of mainstream cryptos is experiencing a continuous slump, the infamous crypto winter seems to have arrived already. But even under such difficult circumstances, a few notable projects are making progress. After recording the most unstable and unpredictable year, the market has produced a bunch of promising crypto projects, which turn a grim outlook into a confident one.

Tamadoge (TAMA) – the potential best memecoin of 2022 

Of all the emerging Memecoins, Tamadoge has made a grand entrance into the list of potential winners quite recently. Tamadoge, an exemplary meme coin with its particular Tamaverse, is not a new name for crypto enthusiasts and investors who have been keeping an eye out for a worthwhile crypto investment option. From an investor’s standpoint, Tamadoge is doing remarkably well.

An overview of Tamadoge

Tamadoge first made headlines when it successfully completed its most-awaited public presale and raised over $18.4 million. The unique play-to-earn (P2E) project Tamadoge set a record by completing its presale in a matter of 6 weeks. The reason why crypto investors call TAMA the best meme coin is that it takes meme coins to a new level by incorporating them into its P2E system.

While it has been around the market for a short while, Tamadoge has made quite an impact. This P2E game revolves around virtual pets that resemble the highly popular Japanese-origin Tamagotchi pets. Users can mingle with these pets, take care of them, and also train them by competing with others. Winning battles gives users dogepoints that can be redeemed for TAMA tokens.

But what is the main reason behind this performance? Let us take a look at five main reasons that help us ascertain Tamadoge’s place as the best memecoin of 2022

Tamadoge Price Prediction

  1. The Potential Utility of TAMA Tokens

Many crypto investors and long-time market participants agree on the fact that the utility of tokens often decides the future of any crypto project. The same goes for even one of the best memecoin of the year, Tamadoge, and its native cryptocurrency, i.e., TAMA.

When we take a closer look at the token utility of Memecoins, we have mostly been disappointed as these projects are rarely created to achieve a long-term goal of any kind. This is also why experts choose to avoid investing in Memecoins to avoid losses.

But that is not the case with TAMA tokens as they function uniquely, unlike most other Memecoins of their kind. The most important role that TAMA tokens play is to facilitate all transactions happening in the Tamaverse. Buying Tamadoge also requires TAMA, and a percentage of it is split between marketing and in-game rewards as well.

To boost trading, all users receive TAMA tokens as their reward. The Tamadoge team expects the trading volume to boost with new users. It would also drive up the value of TAMA in the future.

  1. Trending gameplan with impressive NFT features

Analysts suggest that in the next couple of years, every industry will find a potential use case for NFT projects, causing a boost in NFT crypto projects in the meantime. According to Statistica, the current year-on-year growth of NFT market capitalization is close to 140%. All of this points to the imminent boost of NFT-based crypto projects such as Tamadoge itself.

Tamadoge is not only offering another NFT and Metaverse platform but also launching its P2E games with TAMA tokens as rewards. That is not all. Tamadoge has virtual pets that are essentially a type of virtual avatar created as non-fungible tokens to be used in the game for competing and winning battles.

The first batch of NFTs is expected to be released on October 6, with approximately 21,100 digital collectibles included in this limited edition NFT batch. As per the plan, the Tamadoge team is ready to unveil the long-awaited NFTs that function as in-game assets in the world of Tamaverse.

  1. The Success of Tamadoge Presale

As mentioned earlier, Tamadoge appeared on crypto investors’ radar after wrapping up its impressive public presale. The dynamic Metaverse of Tamadoge gives users an opportunity to purchase unique and Tamagotchi-resembling virtual Tamadoge pets that they can feed, take care of, and train by leading them in combat against other users. The appeal of Tamaverse and its NFT in-game assets attracted several new and experienced crypto investors, who made the public presale an impressive success.

In mid-September, the official announcement said that around $19 million had been raised in the presale within just 6 weeks. This achievement allowed Tamadoge to be recognized as one of the most popular and in-demand ICOs of the year 2022. Given that the presale is just the first step of entering the highly competitive market consisting of numerous Memecoins, Tamadoge has definitely made its mark. (Buy Tamadoge on OKX)

  1. The concept behind the Tamaverse launch

Now that the presale is out of the way, Tamadoge has another huge event lined up for potential investors and those who have already joined the bandwagon. The launch of Tamaverse, Tamadoge’s own Metaverse, is going as planned, according to their schedule. The team of Tamadoge is making consistent progress as depicted on the official roadmap.

The launch of Tamaverse would be huge for this project as it would turn Tamadoge towards its Metaverse use case. While the original plan for the Tamaverse launch is scheduled for Q1 of 2023, the current level of support could make it happen by the end of 2022. If that happens, then there would be nothing stopping Tamadoge from becoming the best memecoin of 2022.

  1. Carefully created smart tokenomics

Memecoins are usually considered to have no real value or careful planning to support their market performance as well as the future. But Tamadoge is just the opposite in this matter, because this is a highly ambitious crypto project with smart tokenomics to support it. Instead of carelessly flooding the market with near-zero valued tokens, Tamadoge is on a different level.

The total supply of TAMA tokens is set at 2 billion, and around 1 billion (half of the total supply) have already been created in a token generation event (TGE). 20% of the remaining 1 billion TAMA tokens are saved for use in exchange pools, and up to 30% is expected to be released for minting over the next 10 years.

All of this secures Tamadoge’s future in the best possible way and makes every crypto enthusiast who is fed up with Memecoins with ridiculous tokenomics become a TAMA holder.

  1. Increasing market presence via new listings

In the mainstream financial market, whether it concerns crypto or non-crypto projects, we know that exposure can change the course of any asset. It seems like Tamadoge and its team have taken expansion and new listings seriously to grow consistently. As the successful presale of TAMA tokens came to an end, the project made waves with a new goal, which is to increase the number of exchange listings.

Tamadoge’s current aggressive listing campaigns have resulted in securing a listing on the OKX platform. Right after getting listed, TAMA recorded $200 million in trading volume as an official announcement hinted at the next listing on LBank on the 5th of October. Both OKX and LBank are famous and reliable exchanges where millions of users will get to dabble in TAMA.


For the aforementioned reasons, it is evident that Tamadoge is making impressive progress to become the best Memecoin of 2022. In contrast with other Memecoins, Tamadoge seems like a sensible investment right now.

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