Tamadoge listing: Tamadoge Sees a Huge Price Rise Following OKX Listing

Tamadoge listing: Everything looks positive for Tamadoge and its investors for the foreseeable future. The Tamadoge team has also created an incredible roadmap for this digital asset.

“When it comes to profit-making in crypto, speed and finesse are the names of the game!” – Anonymous.

On just the first day of its official listing on the OKX exchange, early investors saw close to 500% profit. Some experts are predicting more profits to be made in the following days. As a matter of fact, the market capitalization of this nascent cryptocurrency currently sits at over $90 million.

Well, this is not the first time a crypto asset blew up and made investors an unprecedented profit. Although it didn’t gain much buzz during its release, the first quarter of 2021 saw Dogecoin gain value after comments from Elon Musk and Snoop Dogg. Following the comments of these celebrities, the asset gained much value, and initial investors made a considerable profit.

Tamadoge listing: The Tamadoge Story

While TAMA is a meme coin like Dogecoin, this crypto asset has more utilities. The creators of Tamadoge have created this coin as a doorway to the Tamaverse. 

In simple terms, the Tamaverse is a visual reality created by the Tamadoge team where users can own NFTs as pets. They can raise these pets by upgrading their NFTs and competing with other participants. Whoever wins this contest gets Dogepoints which can be converted to Tamadoge coins; this makes TAMA a play-to-earn (P2E) crypto asset. Additionally, TAMA can be used to mint more NFTs in the Tamaverse. Also, as a growing crypto asset, it is an excellent store of value. 

The Tamadoge roadmap outlines the growth pattern of this coin in the coming months. More elements in the Tamaverse are set to launch later in 2023. The Augmented Reality app that will help participants of Tamaverse enjoy a whole experience is also set to be released. All things being equal, Tamadoge certainly has a bright future ahead.

Tamadoge listing: OKX Listing

OKX is one of the biggest crypto exchange platforms and is used by about 20 million investors. Due to this popularity and usage, many crypto assets listed on the platform have become successful. Tamadoge is the latest to enjoy such success. In just a day after listing on OKX, more than 200 million TAMA tokens have changed hands and are being circulated.

During its pre-sale, early investors got Tamadoge at $0.01 per token. After listing on OKX and being made available for sale on the exchange, it now sells at a little over $0.08 per token.

There are more than 600 assets traded on the OKX exchange. The platform operates with low transaction fees and a user-friendly policy, making it attractive to investors. Another interesting feature of the OKX platform is that it offers a relatively high annual percentage yield (APY) for the assets on its list.

Thus, it is safe to say that listing Tamadoge on the OKX exchange platform has contributed to its growth and appreciating value. Crypto investors who have access to the OKX platform can now buy, sell, and keep Tamadoge.

The Future of Tamadoge

A common and undeniable feature of many crypto assets is their volatile nature. A simple comment on social media or breaking news can change the trajectory of a crypto asset. Also, as we have seen in recent times, the behavior of fiat currencies, especially the U.S. dollar, can affect the value of most cryptocurrencies. So, what does this mean for TAMA?

Like every other digital asset, Tamadoge (Click here to buy now) may be subject to an unprecedented change that can affect its value. The Tamadoge team has also created a solid roadmap for the asset. Moreover, with the reality of a virtual world coming sooner than later, things are looking really good.

Myths about Tamadoge

  • Tamadoge is Just Another Shitcoin

Unlike traditional Meme Coins, Tamadoge has been launched with an in-built utility. This is a necessary condition in this challenging environment.

Tamadoge creators created a solid foundation for this asset in terms of a viable roadmap and utility for it to follow. It is the key to its Tamaverse – virtual reality for NFT collectors and enthusiasts. With such a foundation, Tamadoge has been designed to sustain for a long time. This is one reason why it has consistently attracted value since its official launch. Tamadoge was released in July 2022. since then, it has been steadily amassing value and fame in the crypto space. Its latest exploit – being listed on OKX has added to its prowess.

  • Tamadoge Cannot be Exchanged

At the time of release, the total supply of Tamadoge tokens was 2 billion. After its listing on OKX exchange, more than 200 million tokens exchanged hands among buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is safe to say that Tamadoge is very much available to anyone interested.

When it was released in July 2022, Tamadoge wasn’t available on major exchange platforms. However, today it is accessible to everyone using the OKX platform. With time, it will also be available on more decentralized and centralized exchanges. Of course, the Tamadoge team aims to burn 5% of every token spent. It’s important to note that the burn mechanism cannot affect the exchange of TAMA tokens. Rather, it will only limit its supply and drive its value higher.

Tamadoge listing: How to Buy Tamadoge          

TAMA tokens are available on the OKX platform. Here are quick steps one can follow to buy TAMA on OKX.

  1. Create an Account on OKX:  One can create an account by signing up on the OKX platform. You will be asked to supply a mobile number, email address, and a strong password to secure your account.
  2. Next, you’ll be required to supply e-payment details, such as credit card details, through which you can buy assets on the platform. Your fiat currency would be used to exchange USDT. The acquired USDT will help you purchase Tamadoge tokens since OKX pairs TAMA and USDT together (TAMA/USDT).
  3. To buy TAMA, swap your USDT with the equivalent value and amount of TAMA tokens.  

Final Note

Tamadoge has risen nearly 200% since listing. Given more listings ahead, it could rise even higher. Unlike Doge and Shib, $Tama’s Use cases have been built from the very beginning and hence are more sustainable.

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