Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022 is $0.00000145

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022 is $0.00000145
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April 12th, For the next few hours, the momentum of Tectonic Crypto is Bearish. The current outlook is Negative

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: As per the Analysts, the average Mana Price Prediction for 2022 end is $0.00000145 (Revised Lower).

According to the official Tectonic platform, Tectonic is a decentralized non-custodial algorithmic money market protocol.

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Therefore, before we discuss the Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction for 2022, let us discuss the Tectonic Crypto’s performance so far in 2022:

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: Performance in 2022

Tectonic price-performance shot up until 8th February and then went down by half almost to the levels of January.

Last 24 Hours Chart of Tectonic Crypto

image 176
Last 5 Days
Last 1 Month

Latest Tectonic USD Price

Tectonic Price Prediction: Today’s Outlook

Price Trend
Market Cap Rank
Google Search Trend (24 Hours)
Trading Volume

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: Last 7 Days Interest in Tectonic Crypto

With the crypto market attempting to recover in the last few days, there has been an increase in search volume for almost all the cryptos.

In the last 24 hours, the search volume of Tectonic crypto is lower.

Latest Video on Tectonic Technical Analysis

Tectonic Prediction: Market Capitalisation and Volume data

Metric Value Trend
Market Cap Rank 3139 Lower
Current Market Cap Lower
Volume Traded in Terms of $ Value $ 1.42 M Lower

TECTONIC Price Prediction 2022: Historical Data

Tectonic’s native Tonic crypto has been able to shed one “0” from its price this year. At the start of January, that is on January 1st, 2022, Tonic was trading at $0.0000008655. However, the very next day Tectonic Crypto gained massively and was trading at $0.000001153.

Since then on a couple of occasions, Tonic has lost momentum and fallen back adding one more ‘0’ to its price. The price of Tonic has been volatile but at present despite the major fall in prices of major cryptos, Techtonic crypto has been stable. Tectonic Crypto was trading at $0.0000009934 on January 31st.

In the month of February, Tonic crypto hit $0.000001898, which is it’s monthly high, but since then there has been a decline in the price of TONIC crypto. The Russia-Ukraine conflict led to the crypto market crash, however, the crypto market is finally attempting a dramatic recovery.

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: Analysts Estimation

Average Tectonic Price Prediction April 11th, 2022 $0.00000145
TechNewsLeader April 2022 $0.00000131
PricePrediction.net April 2022 $0.00000164
Digitalcoinprice April 2022 $0.00000141

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: Some Facts

  • Tectonic crypto is the native token of the Tectonic protocol. 
  • Tectonic is a decentralized non-custodial algorithmic money market protocol. Users can deposit assets to earn passive income or borrow funds to unlock liquidity in their assets.
  • Crypto assets deposited into Tectonic earn attractive APYs based on a dynamic rate according to market demands. Earnings are available immediately with no lockup.
  • The Tectonic platform provides Instant liquidity at your fingertips.
  • TONIC is Tectonic’s protocol token with two key use cases: governance and staking into the Community Insurance Pool to secure the protocol and earn more rewards.

Tectonic Crypto Where To Buy?

Techtonic crypto is not widely available for trade. There are only a few platforms offering Tonic for buying, selling and holding. The few platforms offering Tectonic cryptos are:

  1. Coinbase
  2. Uphold
  3. VVS Finance
  4. Crypto.com

Tectonic Crypto Price Prediction 2022: Frequently Asked Questions

Does Tectonic Coin Have Value?

The value of Tectonic crypto is less than a cent. It is lower than the value of the Shiba Inu coin. The current value of the TONIC coin is slightly over $0.0000010.

How may Tectonic Coins are there?

As per the data by CoinmarketCap, the maximum supply of TONIC coins is 500,000,000,000,000. Currently, the total circulating supply of Tectonic crypto has maxed out.

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