IMPT: This Green Carbon Offsetting Crypto Could Fire-up 50x Gains by 2023 – Presale Starts

IMPT: This Green Carbon Offsetting Crypto Could Fire-up 50x Gains by 2023 – Presale Starts

IMPT Connecting Brands, Individuals with Eco-Friendly Projects

Carbon offsets are all the rage today in going green. These carbon credits, as they are sometimes referred to, allow companies and individuals to purchase credits to offset the greenhouse gas emissions that they’re unable to directly reduce in their own operations.

Because of the push around the globe for huge reductions in greenhouse gas emissions, the popularity — and necessity — of carbon offsets is rising by the day. The market for it, and how it’s exchanged, is very unstable, though — until now, that is.

IMPT is new green crypto that’s changing carbon offsetting forever. Through a decentralized platform, it’s bringing carbon offsets to the main market and making them completely transparent and secure. 

With the first presale for IMPT having just started, there’s never been a better time to invest in this new green carbon offsetting crypto, with forecasts predicting as much as a 50x gain by 2023. Read on below for why IMPT is making such a difference in a very hot market.

IMPT: Most Sustainable Crypto on Earth?

IMPT runs on the Ethereum network, which after the recently-completed Merge is in the process of reducing its own energy consumption by as much as 99%. The new proof-of-stake model for Ethereum is making many investors there happy — and IMPT is one of the cryptos based on it that is benefitting immensely as well.

IMPT is not just eco-friendly crypto in the same vein as many others out there, though. It’s not just reducing its own energy consumption; it’s also helping the world become a better place.

This new green crypto is doing something similar to what SolarCoin is attempting to do, only it has a much wider vision and greater potential impact. IMPT is providing a completely verifiable and secure way to exchange carbon offsets across all industries, which is something that hasn’t existed until now. 

IMPT isn’t just looking to change the reputation of cryptos that are traditional hogs on energy usage. It’s looking to help all businesses in all industries reduce their carbon footprint. Even individuals can get in on the action.

The platform is tokenizing the carbon offsets, allowing for much easier exchanges of them, as well as traceability that just wasn’t available before now. Buy IMPT on Pre-Sale here

IMPT Has Partnered with Thousands of Brands

IMPT isn’t just an idea. The project has already secured more than 10,000 partners from some of the most popular brands in the world. In fact, combined, these brands are responsible for more than 2 billion products that the world enjoys.

Some of the brands that have agreed to partner with IMPT are Levi’s, EA Sports, Laura Ashley, Tom Ford, Mac, Adidas, Apple, New Balance, Microsoft, Virgin, Hugo Boss, HP, Fendi, Bose, and DKNY. There are many others, too. Each of the brands decides how much of their sales margin they allow to green impact projects, all with the goal to work together to build a future that’s sustainable.

It works this way. Whenever someone purchases a product from one of these partner brands, the brands will dedicate a certain percentage to one of the projects that IMPT chooses. You’ll then receive rewards in the form of IMPT tokens.

IMPT will vet every project that they support, and rate them based on the potential to positively impact the environment and the potential to change people’s lives. They even have audits that run consistently to ensure the Global Certification Protocols are all followed perfectly for every product.

This allows the everyday consumer to contribute to the environment in positive ways while they’re doing their ordinary shopping.

The tokens that are earned can all be exchanged for carbon credits. These are then minted into NFTs, which can then be bought, sold, or traded on the NFT marketplace. It’s a truly amazing project.

Tamadoge: Another Great Green Meme Coin?

Aside from IMPT, there’s another great green meme coin that’s made its way onto the market. Tamadoge (TAMA) had a very successful Beta sale and a presale that ended months before expected.

The reason for its success was that investors bought into the new approach to the meme coin market, combining the NFT and Play-to-Earn (P2E) concepts into one. Users of Tamadoge can take their NFTs onto the metaverse where they can hang out with friends, as well as train, breed, and compete to climb a monthly leaderboard. This creates a built-in, real-world use case for long, sustained increases in value.

On the eco-friendly side of things, Tamadoge is pre-mined, meaning it will never require the computing power that many other cryptos do. In addition, it was designed to be deflationary. Instead of the supply increasing over time — necessitating the use of supercomputers — the supply will decrease. This contributes to its eco-friendly aspects, as well as ensures the value will continue to rise as demand will outpace supply considerably. Buy Tamadoge on OKX

Tamadoge Price Prediction

Buy IMPT on Presale Now

IMPT is completely changing the carbon offset credit market for the positive. It has impressive brand partners already that totaled into the tens of thousands. And it’s providing an incentive for not just businesses and organizations to reduce their carbon footprint, but providing a way for everyday consumers to contribute, too.

This new green carbon offsetting crypto just started its presale on October 3. The sellout is scheduled for November 25, but it could close early based on sales. Already, more than 63.8 million IMPT tokens have been purchased out of 600 million set aside for this stage in the presale.

The current Presale1 price is $0.018 (Buy Here), but it will increase during stage 2 to $0.023. So, act now if you want to become a part of a large ecosystem that connects socially-responsible brands with businesses and individuals who want to reduce their carbon footprint.

IMPT: This Green Carbon Offsetting Crypto Could Fire-up 50x Gains by 2023 – Presale Starts

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