TMS Network Price Prediction: Trading volumes crash

Latest TMS Network News

  • Today: The current price of TMSN still stands at $0.000221, showing a -0.91% change over the last 24 hours. Additionally, the trading volume for TMSN is presently at $70.52.
  • TMS Network faced difficulties during its launch, which they attributed to a developer from Fiverr. This resulted in a scenario where $300,000 was staked and wallets were full before an airdrop. While the company recognized the problem, some members of the community responded with doubt.

TMS Network Price Prediction: Is TMS Network Legit?

The Interfi audit report found the following problems

  1. The contract owner has exclusive rights to transfer ownership, mint new tokens, and burn existing tokens. The report suggests securing the private keys of privileged roles and fixing visibility identifiers for mint() and burn() functions.
  2. All initially minted assets are sent to the project owner, allowing them to distribute tokens without community input. The report advises obtaining community consensus for asset distribution.
  3. The contract is vulnerable to front-running or sandwich attacks, where an attacker manipulates the exchange rate to make profits. The report recommends setting reasonable minimum output amounts for swap and transfer functions.

Solidproof mostly had concerns about lack of transparency regarding the owner of this cryptocurrency.

Coinsult, a firm that provides smart contract audits states that the project passed Coinsult’s KYC verification, which means the owner has been identified and vetted. If TMS Network were to engage in a scam or rug-pull, Coinsult’s policy is to reveal the owner’s identity and file a criminal complaint in their home country.​

A very Reddit discussion covered this in detail. While there are apprehensions, there was no clear evidence presented beyond allegations. One user accused TMS of being connected with the Uniglo scam but no evidence was presented to link it to Uniglo.

Another video alludes to the fact that TMS Network team details are not available, the Roadmap is quite hazy and contact details are not available. The Pre-sale cannot be purchased using your bank account which is another red flag.

TMS Network Price Prediction: Is TMS a Good Investment?

TMS is a decentralized trading platform which is based on Ethereum. The purpose of the platform is to revolutionize the traditional trading industry and it aims to solve the current issues in trading including transaction delays, lack of trading education, and price manipulation. The intends to operate in 3 segments – Cryptocurrencies, Equity, and Forex/CFDs

The following are the key features of the TMS network:

  • A portfolio management application for traders to manage their portfolios from a single platform, with real-time monitoring and management tools.
  • Price aggregation allows traders to place a single order for similar instruments in multiple exchanges and get the best price available.
  • Arbitrage trading signals provide real-time information about trading opportunities in different markets and assets to generate profits from price differences.
  • It offers non-custodial portfolio management for complete control and greater security.
  • Personalized trading recommendations based on their goals, risk tolerance, and market conditions.
  • Third-party trading research and analytics providers are integrated into the platform, offering traders access to the latest market insights, news, and analysis.
  • TMS Network provides comprehensive cryptocurrency analytics, including real-time market data and insights into price movements, market trends, and trading volumes.
  • With the help of its TMS social trading club, the network provides more opportunities for traders to improve their trading performances.
  • Users can simply connect their wallet to trade, without requiring any bank account.

TMS is the native token of the TMS Network, which has the below-mentioned use cases:

  • TMS token holders will get access to TMS trader courses to learn and trade like professionals.
  • TMS holders can earn a portion of the revenue generated on the platform.
  • Token holders can participate in governance decisions on the platform, including voting on proposals for new features, services, and improvements.

TMS Network implements a token burn mechanism where a portion of the trading commission revenue is used to buy back and burn TMS Tokens, reducing the overall supply of TMS Tokens, and increasing their scarcity and value.

Lastly, the TMS network is audited by Solidproof and has passed the security audit with zero major vulnerabilities.

While TMS is a good use case, competition is quite strong in this market.

TMSN Price Prediction: Competitor Analysis

The following are the most popular crypto trading platforms existing in the market:

Robinhood- It is one of the most popular crypto trading platforms that doesn’t charge any commission fee.

Binance- Binance is another popular trading platform that allows its users to buy and trade over 350 cryptocurrencies.

Cronos Chain– It is another platform that is focused on providing utility in terms of crypto payments and crypto trading.

TMSN Price Prediction: Current Market Scenario For The Crypto To be Launched

As per the report, the global crypto market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 12.5% by the end of 2030. It means that with the increase in crypto trading, the demand for crypto trading platforms will certainly increase.

However, numerous existing crypto trading platforms have established themselves quite well in the market. Therefore, it leaves slightly less scope for a new platform to enter and grow.

Nonetheless, the TMS network offers good functionalities and some good use cases for TMS token holders i.e., the network allows its users to earn passive income by just holding TMS tokens in their account. Therefore, it might grow in the future if the market conditions become more favorable for crypto.

TMS Roadmap

The roadmap of the network is described in the following mentioned stages:

Q3 2022: It includes the development of the business plan and market research.

Q4 2022: This stage includes the project planning including technical scope study, prototype building, team development, branding and whitepaper release.

Q1 2023: This includes website development, pre-sale phase 1 & phase 2 and community building.

Q2 2023: It includes the presale and public sale, preparation for launch and listing ion Uniswap, AI development & testing and Pre-sale phase 3 & phase 4.

Q3 2023: This stage includes token listing, TMS network mainnet launch, token listing on DEX, smart contract audits and token listing on centralized exchanges.

Q4 2023: It includes industry partnerships, trading and investment exhibitions, AI development and AI testing & integration.

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TMS Network Price Prediction: Conclusion

No doubt that the TMS network has some good features to offer, but the market is already highly saturated with similar trading platforms. Therefore, the existing competition will also impact the future performance of TMS.

~Charu Taneja

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