Strike app accepts USDT to expand global reach, traders now have access to global markets on Tradecurve

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Strike moves to El Salvador to allow people from 65 different countries to easily send and receive bitcoin and USDT, while Tradecurve, a new project in presale, aims to bring borderless crypto and derivatives trading to the world.


What is Strike?

The Strike app is a revolutionary tool for international remittances, as it allows users to send and receive money instantly and nearly for free using the Bitcoin Lightning Network as its payment. This is significant, as traditional international payments can be slow and expensive, with fees often eating up a large portion of the transfer amount.

People don’t need a bank account to use Strike, making it accessible to those who don’t have access to traditional banking services. The app uses the Bitcoin network, but deals with local fiat currency, which means that users can easily move from Bitcoin to dollars to Bitcoin.

The platform can be used via the web or mobile apps for iOS and Android, making it a handy solution for users to access their Bitcoin from anywhere.

There is also the option to purchase Bitcoin gift cards. This is an excellent solution for users who want to spend their Bitcoin on purchases, as they can do so without having to convert their Bitcoin to fiat currency first – an important step towards mass adoption of crypto.

In an effort to avoid increasingly stringent regulatory restrictions, Strike recently moved its headquarters to El Salvador, (the country that famously integrated Bitcoin as legal tender).  Strike can now be used in 65 different countries, a huge step up from before as previously you could only use them if you were based in the U.S., El Salvador and Argentina.

As part of their expansion, Strike has integrated USDT into their payment processing app, which will allow another way for users to trade, send, receive and hold crypto within the platform.

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What is Tradecurve?

Tradecurve is an upcoming trading platform that, like Strike, aims to help the unbanked and those who do not normally have access to financial instruments such as forex, crypto, bonds, indices, stocks and more.  This makes it another game changer, not just for crypto but for TradFi and DeFi as well. 

USDT can be used within the platform and also to buy into the presale.

Tradecurve uses the blockchain for some important reasons: 

  • To avoid the regulatory pressures that prevent people from accessing brokerage accounts and centralized exchanges such as Kraken or Robinhood.
  • To enable people to trade with anonymity, since KYC is not required
  • To prove their transparency, including fee structure, and Proof of Reserves

Also of course, the aim is to enable crypto traders to have more trading and investment options than you get with a traditional decentralized exchange or a crypto-based trading platform.

That includes offering access to leverage starting at 500:1, by way of collateralizing crypto deposits, to ensure the safety of the platform.  Leveraged traders also can feel safe as Tradecurve uses a feature that protects users from negative balances.

The project is currently in the second stage of the presale, and its native token TCRV is now worth $0.012, but is forecasted to rise by around 50x in the presale alone, and then another 100x upon listing on Uniswap and some big centralized exchanges.

For more information about TCRV presale tokens: