VAIOT Price Prediction: Can Vaiot reach $100?

VAIOT Price Prediction: Can Vaiot reach $100?

VAIOT price prediction: VAI is more than 95% down from its all-time high price, meaning that it has a huge scope for positive growth in the future.

Latest VAIOT Price

VAIOT Performance in the last 12 months

  • 1M: +2.45x
  • 3M: +12.7x
  • 1 Year: -16.9%

Is VAIOT A Good Investment?

VAIOT is the platform that enables its users to utilize Intelligent contracts for AI-based legal services. In simple words, it combines blockchain technology with Artificial Intelligence to help businesses to adopt a new way to access legal services.

VAI is its native token and can be used to pay for services offered by the platform and can be staked to earn rewards. Hence, VAI has its utility within the VAIOT platform.

What problems does VAIOT crypto solve?

  • VAIOT’s AI Legal Assistant reduces the risk concerned with different contract provisions and makes the process of accessing the legal contract template more convenient.
  • Users don’t really need to have specialized knowledge to access its legal assistant and thus, it removes the barrier of skills and knowledge among the consumers.
  • VAIOT platform’s instant availability at any time is what makes it most useful because traditional legal services lack instant availability.
  • This AI-based legal assistant is much more affordable when compared to traditional legal services.
  • The use of Blockchain is what makes the platform most unique and secure.

Also, VAIOT’s price has increased by 12.7 times in the last three months and by 2.45 times in the last one month. Furthermore, the VAI token is more than 95% down from its all-time high value, thus, it has a good scope of growth in the future

Competitor analysis: VAIOT vs Ethereum vs Cosmos

The Whitepaper says that VAIOT’s platform has developed a blockchain-based on Cosmos SDK with a combined AI algorithm. Let us have a brief look at how it is distinguished from Ethereum and Cosmos and how is Ether and Cosmos performing in comparison to VAI.

Ethereum is enabling the building of DApps in a rapid manner which was otherwise difficult to build previously. However, Ethereum is known to have low scalability, low throughput, and imperfect decentralization.

On the other hand, Cosmos enables easy development of DApps and allows blockchains to communicate with each other. Cosmos blockchain is scalable, interoperable, and secure.

Let us have a comparison of the price movements of VAI, ETH and ATOM:

RoleVAIOT combine AI technology with the Blockchain to create new ways to digitally access services and transactions.Ethereum is an open-source blockchain system that allows the development of decentralized applications.Cosmos is a blockchain platform that makes it easy and simple for developers to build DApps.
Performance in the last 1 year-16.9%-66.9%-66.7%
Performance in the last 3 months+12.7x-10%-28.8%
Performance in the last 1 month+2.45x-0.8%-7.5%
Performance in the last 7 days-10.0%-1.2%+4.8%

As we can see that despite the “not-so-well” condition of the crypto market this year, VAI coin has managed to outperform and show positive growth in its prices over 3 months.

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VAIOT price prediction

Before predicting whether VAI Coin is expected to go up or down in the coming future, let us first overview its price history for the past few months. Its performance in the past months can help us gain the required context for the future. Let’s discuss:

VAIOT price prediction

Image: VAIOT’s one-year graph

Above is its graph for 1 year and as we can see, the market price of the VAI coin one year ago was $0.23. Hence, there is a more than 77.4% decline in its price in one year, considering its current price of $0.052. Also, there are numerous ups and downs during the beginning of the year.

On the contrary, VAIOT’s price has hiked by more than 85.9% in three months (though the increase was not consistent again), keeping in mind that its price 3-months ago was $0.0073. However, its price reached a peak at $0.06 during this period (as depicted below).

image 700

Image: VAIOT’s 3-month graph

The all-time high value of VAI is $2.12 which it achieved in May 2021. After that, the price started to fall and is currently priced at $0.052 (again the decline wasn’t consistent during the entire period). Also, VAI’s market price a month ago was $0.0077. It means that it has increased by more than 85% since then.

Note that VAI is 97.54% down from its all-time high price, meaning that it has a huge scope for growth in the future.

VAIOT Price Prediction 2023, 2025 and 2030

VAIOT Price Prediction 2023

VAIOT is expected to reach a minimum and maximum price level of $0.15 and $0.18 by the end of 2023.

VAIOT Price Prediction 2025

By the end of 2025, VET’s price is expected to reach a maximum price level of $0.41. also, it can be expected to reach a minimum level of $0.32.

VAIOT Price Prediction 2030

As per the price prediction for 2030, VAIOT’s price can reach a maximum price of $2.60, whereas it can be expected to reach a minimum price level of $2.20.

VAIOT price prediction: Can VAI crypto reach $1?

To reach a price of $1, VAIOT crypto needs to grow by 19.23 times considering its current market price of $0.052.

Note that VAIOT reached its all-time high price of $2.12 in May 2021, where it grew by 1.22 times in just 1 month. Therefore, to reach $1, the VAI coin will require less than 16 months of time.

But, the current market situation of liquidity and inflation is definitely not in the favor of the crypto market. Therefore, it cannot reach that value within the calculated time duration. Nonetheless, VAIOT can reach $1 within a few years once the market conditions ease out for the crypto industry. 

VAIOT price prediction: Will VAIOT reach $10?

Considering VAI’s current market price of $0.12, VAI needs to grow by 83.33 times to reach a price level of $10.

As VAI grew by 1.22 times in one month to reach its all-time high price of $2.12 (in May 2021), it will need a minimum of 68 months (less than 6 years) to reach $10.

However, it is not the only consideration. Macroeconomic conditions including inflation and liquidity factors also play important role in determining the future price of crypto and currently, these aren’t in the favor of the crypto market.

Hence, VAI will certainly need more than 6 years to reach that value.

VAIOT price prediction: Can VAI crypto reach $100?

To reach a level of $100, the VAI crypto needs to grow by 1,923 times, keeping in view its current market price of $0.052.

As it took 1 month to grow by 1.22 times till May 2021, the VAI coin requires more than 1576 months (nearly 131 years) to reach a price of $100.

Therefore, reaching $100 is not an easy target for VAIOT crypto because 131 years is too much to wait for. Again, it is only possible once the liquidity and other macroeconomic factors turn out to be in the favour of the crypto market.

Hence, VAIOT crypto is certainly not going to reach $100, unless some miracle happens.

VAIOT Price Prediction Today

Overall OutlookPartially Positive
1. Market's WisdomPartially Negative
1a. Market DataPartially Negative
1b. Technical RecommendationNeutral
2. Crowd's WisdomPositive
2a. Social Media BuzzHigher
2b. Social Media SentimentHigher

VAIOT Tokenomics

The native digital currency of the VAIOT platform is the VAI token and it is a crucial part of the proper functioning of the network. Following mentioned are the major use cases of VAI tokens:

  • VAI tokens can be used to pay for the services offered by the VAIOT platform.
  • VAI crypto coins can be used for staking for the purpose to gain rewards by securing the network.
  • VAIOT crypto tokens will be used to pay the bonuses once the purchase is completed.

Note that the VAIOT crypto has a maximum supply of 400,000,000 VAI tokens.

What is the revenue model of the VAIOT platform?

VAIOT platform is consisting of three technological elements i.e., Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and Intelligent Virtual Assistant. Hence, the company has decided to offer the different configurations of these technologies in two models:

  • B2B model- Here, the VIAOT offers services to various companies.
  • B2C model- Here, the VIAOT platform offers open applications for direct consumers.

The product range that is offered by the platform is divided into three categories (as discussed in the later section):

  • Virtual AI Sale Assistant
  • Virtual AI Aggregator & Broker
  • Virtual AI Legal Assistant

About VAIOT platform

VAIOT is a platform that has combined AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology with the Blockchain to create new ways to digitally access services and transactions. The platform allows consumers and businesses to use a set of technologies termed “Intelligent Contracts”.

Following are the three major use cases of the VAIOT platform:

  • Virtual AI Legal Assistant- With the VAIOT platform, users get faster and more affordable legal services where the VAIOT’s AI legal assistant automates the basic legal process and thus, reduces the cost and increases efficiency.
  • AI-backed Digital Service Distribution Channel- VAIOT platform provides a channel for sales, marketing, communication and distribution. Thus, it reduces the operational costs for businesses by implementing automation in the businesses.  
  • VAIOT’s AI Assistant can be used to make a digital channel for intelligent shopping and conducting instant & faster transactions. Here, the users can purchase services and products through an automated service distribution channel.


What will VAIOT be worth in 2023?

As per the VAIOT price prediction, VAI is expected to reach a minimum and maximum price level of $0.05 and $0.06 respectively, by the end of 2023.

What will VAI be worth in 2025?

VAI is expected to reach a minimum price level of $0.12 and a maximum price level of $.14 by the end of 2025 and can reach an average price level of $0.08 during the year.

How high can VAIOT can go?

As per the predictions, VAIOT’s price can go as high as $0.9 by the end of 2030. However, the market conditions of liquidity and inflation will again play a role in determining its price during that time.

Where can I buy VAI cryptocurrency?

VAIOT cryptocurrency is listed on centralized and decentralized crypto exchanges; hence, users can buy VAI tokens from KuCoin,, and Uniswap.

VAIOT price prediction: Conclusion:

VAIOT is an AI-based platform that provides affordable legal services and distribution channels by integrating technology with blockchain. As per the reports, the global AI market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 20.1% by the end of 2029, which means that the use cases of AI technology will increase in our day-to-day lives.

Therefore, VAI crypto can be seen to have the potential for future growth. Furthermore, it aims to provide services for both, consumers and businesses, which ultimately provides it with a wide range of audiences.

As we have seen that blockchain technology is already linked with many of the services in our daily lives, and its integration with AI technology is also not new. Previously many blockchain platforms (such as Numerai, Matrix, AICoin etc) are integrated with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to provide various services. Therefore, it can be slightly challenging for VAI to grow in the competitive market.

Nonetheless, VAI crypto is 97.54% down from its all-time high price and is also showing positive growth in the past three months. Therefore, VAI’s price can be expected to rise further as the market conditions turn out to be in its favor.

~Charu Taneja

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