Ways To Secure Your MetaMask?

The cryptocurrency market is booming again and Bitcoin and Altcoin Trading have taken off again in 2023. However, in last 2022 owing to the FTX crisis, numerous investors moved to Wallets (like Metamask). Your MetaMask account has all the information regarding your digital assets. Hence, there is a need to make sure that this account is safe and secure at all times. For that, there is a requirement to take some additional steps than the regular ones to ensure everything remains private. To enhance the security of the crypto coins, there are ways to keep the smart contracts away from malware and viruses.

7 Ways To Keep MetaMask Secure

Here are some ways to keep your MetaMask secure and safe while making transactions:

1.    Refrain From Using A Shared Computer

Using a shared computer for anything can be risky. Using your documents on it can cause a lot of security issues for you. Similarly, when it comes to operating the MetaMask, using a shared computer can be extremely risky and unsafe. A shared computer is a device that everyone uses. Also, most of the time, the keys and passwords get saved on it. This is why you need to make sure not to use a shared computer while operating the MetaMask wallet.

2.    Avoid Using A Mobile Wallet

To keep your MetaMask safe from all kinds of external intrusions, you must avoid using a mobile wallet. Whenever you have an option, make sure to choose the desktop version of this wallet over the mobile wallet.

The reason why you need to choose the desktop wallet over the mobile wallet is that it’s not only easy to access but stealing is also possible. This is why you need to manage the account through your laptop rather than a phone.

3.    Avoid Saving Passwords On Laptops

One basic action to make sure that your MetaMask is safe at all times is to avoid saving passwords on laptops. Though saving the password makes things easier as you don’t need to put in the phrase every time you want to log in, it makes your wallet highly insecure and vulnerable.

Rather than saving the password directly on the laptop while using the MetaMask, you should use the password manager applications. There are lots of such managers available, including KeePass and LastPass. They offer you a seed phrase, using which you can keep your MetaMask highly safe and secure, even if you use it on a laptop.

4.    Use Anti-Malware Programs

Another way to make your MetaMask wallet safe from getting hacked and keep your assets secure is by using anti-malware programs on the laptop regularly. Using these programs will help remove all the chances of a virus staying in it. Antivirus programs work as spyware that helps in managing the safety of the hot wallet.

5.    Keep The Browser Clean

One way you can keep the MetaMask safe from all kinds of intrusions is by keeping the browser clean at all times. This way, all the cookies are removed from the laptop automatically, helping you clear the chances of any virus infecting it. Cleaning the browser is one of the best ways to secure the MetaMask from any external invasion of it.

6.    Keep The Account Locked

Another great way to secure the MetaMask account is by keeping it locked. When you lock it up, no one would be able to enter it without your permission. This also helps people to manage their bitcoin trading software as well. Connecting MetaMask with the software is the best way to make your transactions fast, secure, and highly efficient. Once you lock the account, you would have to unlock it every time you want to make a new transaction through it.

Phishing is the most common way through which conmen get to enter your account and make transactions through it. It happens when you get a weird link and then click on it. Clicking on this link will take you to a fishy tab, which will actually be a way for a virus to enter your laptop. Once it enters there, it would be able to have access to all the data inside it, including the MetaMask.

This is why you need to avoid clicking on any strange link. It’s better to check out only those emails that come from your known people.

Final Thoughts on Metamask Security

Keeping your MetaMask safe and secure is required in order to make sure no one can have access to your assets. By following the tips mentioned above, you can have your assets protected.